Zara Kadhani

My Journey

Zara Kadhani

Commenced her journey in 2012 / ELC4

Born in Manchester, England, Zara and her family immigrated to Melbourne 4 years ago / With a father from Zimbabwe and mother from Northern Ireland, Zara embraces cultural diversity / She is currently learning Chinese at school / Her father is teaching her Shona, a native language of Zimbabwe and her mother is teaching her French / A keen musician, she has been learning to play the piano and is also a member of the Middle Years Choir / A natural creative, Zara enjoys art and drama and joined our after-school clubs to pursue these interests further / She has created pieces of work for exhibition every year in the Junior Art Show / She stays active through netball, swimming and gymnastics / Is super-excited about going on her first school camp later this year and is especially looking forward to trying new outdoor adventure challenges / Loves our multicultural school and describes the environment as “such a happy place” / To honour her heritage, Zara enjoys celebrating African Independence Day and St Patrick’s Day with her family every year / Her all time favourite food is Irish Stew but she does love Sadza, a traditional South African dish / Since arriving at Ormiston she has made many special friendships / A digital native, Zara’s favourite way to learn is through video conferences. Why? “Because I get to meet people from all around the world and learn about different cultures and interesting facts”.

My Dream

When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help people in need. I’d like to work in poor countries where there are lots of sick people. Making people feel better will make them live a happier life. To be a doctor I’ll need really good school results, so this will challenge me to push myself.

Last Words

I love this school because everyone is so different. Everybody is so kind and caring and we ensure that everybody is included. Through Positive Education I’ve learnt that we all have different character strengths that make us each unique. My friends say I mostly have kindness and bravery which I think is true.


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