Wellbeing For The
Whole Girl

Wellbeing For The
Whole Girl

Wellbeing is characterised by a sense of resilience, purpose, engagement and optimism about the future.

At CGGS, wellbeing is visible and purposeful. It is underpinned by current research and is characterised by a sense of resilience, purpose, engagement and optimism about the future.

It is where students are connected with their community and the environment, demonstrate academic tenacity and are able to cultivate positive feelings, cognitions, behaviours and respectful relationships which are nurtured by Anglican teachings and traditions.

Why Wellbeing?

Wellbeing at CGGS is based on the understanding the modern schooling is about more than academic outcomes, but rather, that high levels of wellbeing act as a catalyst for academic achievement and ultimately life satisfaction and success.

Wellbeing at CGGS serves to provide our students with a sense of resilience, direction, engagement and optimism for the future, whilst giving our girls an opportunity to discover and learn about themselves and others.

High levels of wellbeing act as a catalyst for academic achievement

Central to this is ensuring that all of our students are able to navigate their way through a gamete of social, personal and environmental factors, and providing them with the skills and resources to ensure they are able to reach their life potential.

Ultimately, it is about developing our girls’ sense of purpose and passion and helping them to leave Camberwell as strong, independent and self-aware young women.

Student Mentor Program

This hugely successful program is based on the strong belief that fostering cross-age relationships enhances student connectedness and commitment.

The Mentor Program sees younger students linked with senior student mentors. Fortnightly sessions are dedicated to the Mentor Program and the senior girls run lessons and lead constructive discussions on topics such as organisation, persistence and resilience.

Student Wellbeing Action Group

The Student Wellbeing Action Group is a student run committee that aims to unite the school community and ensure that every girl feels safe, valued and respected. The committee meets on a fortnightly basis, collaborating on school wellbeing activities and initiatives such as CamberWELL Week, Diversity Week, the Diversity Forum, National Day Against Bullying and International Women’s Day celebrations.

High Quality Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Programs are purposefully designed and form part of a holistic wellbeing framework across Foundation to Year 12, which focuses on achieving wellbeing across all health dimensions.

This is achieved through integrating evidenced based wellbeing practices into a dedicated, planned and coordinated series of Pastoral, Curricular, Co-Curricular and student led programs.

Our Wellbeing Programs are student-centered and student-driven, incorporating a focus on mental fitness training, explicit wellbeing curriculum and life skills.

Year LevelWellbeing Theme
EL - Year 2Understanding me
Year 3 - 4Building connections
Year 5 - 6Committing to Challenge
7Connected Community
9Personal Growth
10Purpose and Passion
11Forward Thinking
12Future Thinking

Student Wellbeing Team

All staff at CGGS are actively involved and invested in student wellbeing. In addition to our educators, we have a Wellbeing Team, who together manage all aspects of student wellbeing and student welfare. We use a collaborative approach, working closely with parents, students and the Wellbeing Team to proactively manage all student wellbeing matters.

Our Wellbeing Team

Debbie Dunwoody / Principal
Cathy Poyser / Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School
Paul Donohue / Head of Junior School
Kath Woolcock / Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing
Emma Hinchliffe / Deputy Head of Junior School
Reverend Helen Creed / School Chaplain
Paula Kolivas & Beth Sarlos / School Counsellors
Melinda de Haan / Learning Enrichment Coordinator – Senior School 
Lisa White / Learning Enrichment Coordinator – Junior School 
Jacquie Little & Kylie MacDonald / School Nurses
Year Level Coordinators
Form / Tutor Teachers
Teaching Staff

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