Pastoral Care
& Wellbeing

Fostering Interpersonal Relationships.

Our Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Team manage all aspects of student welfare and aim to foster strong interpersonal relationships, trust and collaboration between students, parents and the School.

This team have specifically developed a unique series of programs to ensure that every Camberwell girl can establish her own identity, meet challenges confidently and find purpose and joy in all that she does. This ultimately leads to the building of quality relationships which in turn creates an extremely inclusive, connected and respectful community.

By developing strong bonds we build:

A connected and respectful community
Strong school / family partnerships
Positive self esteem
Self discipline
Effective learning

Our student support team includes:

Principal, Deputy, Principal, Head of Senior School, Head of Junior School, School Chaplain, School Counsellors, Senior School Year Level Coordinators, Deputy Head of Junior School, Form Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Learning Support, Teachers

Key Programs

Student Mentor Program

This hugely successful program is based on the strong belief that fostering cross-age relationships enhances student connectedness and commitment.

The Mentor Program sees younger students linked with senior student mentors. Fortnightly sessions are dedicated to the Mentor Program and the senior girls run lessons and lead constructive discussions on topics such as organisation, persistence and resilience.

House Program

Run for the girls, entirely for the girls, the House Program builds spirit and maintains tradition.

A variety of House competitions are held annually including:
Athletics Cross Country Dance Debating Drama Music Swimming

Every fortnight, the House Captains devise activities for the girls to complete in smaller groups. It is a great opportunity for students to form relationships with girls from different year levels and to foster House Spirit.

SHINE Program

This program aims to teach the girls life skills, a strong understanding of the School culture and how everybody can contribute to keeping it alive and, the attributes of being a true Camberwell girl.

The SHINE Award aims to encourage girls to set goals and chart their achievements in the 4 areas of Academic Approach, Service & Citizenship, Participation and Leadership.

These programs are all supported by the School’s Positive Education Program.

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