Senior School

The Enterprise and Life Skills program is an experiential sequence of skill-based courses designed to help our students to be better prepared for life and work in the rapidly changing world of the 21st Century. Comprising theoretical and experiential learning activities relevant to their future, the Enterprise and Life Skills subjects are taught by specialist teachers in the fields of Finance, Digital Technology, Social Justice, and Careers. The Life skills curriculum also includes the pastoral care and well being learning provided by the Form Group teachers, Year Level Coordinator, Counselors and the Chaplain.

Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy courses provide interactive and practical learning experiences designed to engage and empower girls to make confident financial choices. Exploring various fundamental financial concepts such as saving, budgeting and spending, students will develop knowledge and skills enabling them to competently manage their personal financial decisions now and in the future. As they encounter greater financial responsibility in their lives, our curriculum shifts to suit their needs by incorporating important learning topics such as banking, taxation and employee rights and responsibilities.

Digital Literacy & Cyber Safety

The Digital Literacy and Cyber Safety courses develop skills and understandings crucial to life, work and digital citizenship in the 21st Century. Students learn basic applications of data coding and programming in digital systems; consider their behaviours in the cyber world and apply digital safety measures in such social contexts. They also identify and decompose real world digital problems to create sustainable solutions for improving the user interface.

Service Learning

Service Learning has always been at the heart of our School. Our motto Utilis in Ministerium (Useful in Service) is brought to life with structured classes in Service Learning occurring weekly for all girls across Years 8-10. Exploring themes ranging from local affairs such as youth homelessness, indigenous rights and freedoms and global poverty to women’s equality and health, Service Learning at Camberwell Girls is also complimented by an active and prominent co-curricular program led by our passionate students.


Camberwell Girls Grammar School offers a range of Career Services to ensure students are well prepared for the transition from secondary school to post school education and beyond. Career planning needs to be seen as an ongoing process where students are constantly building a series of stepping stones from one stage of their life to the next.

The services are available through two key areas:
> The Careers Office / offers generalised support and advice
> Individual year levels where students will find assistance specific to Yrs 9 – 12

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