Senior School


Senior School

November 20, 2020

This past fortnight has seen many highlights across the year levels in Senior School. The articles in this week’s CamNews are a perfect example of how our students and staff have made the most of all the challenges and also the opportunities. We continue to hold School Assemblies and Chaplains Assemblies virtually, with only the participants in the Barbara Sutton Hall at the time and all other members of our Senior School community joining through live streams to their classrooms. 

Next week our Year 10 and 11 students commence their school-based examinations, with most of our Year 11 cohort having also joined their Year 12 peers in completing a VCE examination. The Year 10 and 11 school-based assessments are important to set the right expectations for future VCE examinations and in order for us to provide vital feedback to our students on their learning. 

Many students, parents and staff will no doubt be relieved to close the book on the 2020 school year in just over two weeks’ timeIn the meantime, though we still have much to accomplish in our classes and to celebrate, including our VCE HeadStart program for those students moving into Years 11 and 12 in 2021, our Years 7 – 9 Presentation Night and our Christmas Service. 

Have a restful weekend. 

Warm regards, 

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School 


VCE Art & Design Show 

The Annual VCE Art and Design exhibition officially opened to much digital fanfare. It was not quite the exhibition we had anticipated opening at the commencement of the academic year; however, the students of Year 11 and 12 Studio Art and Visual Communication Design, have taken adversity head on and created an amazing show of skill and conceptual depth. Throughout their studies this year, the students have engaged in a genuinely personal exploration of ideas and progressively developed their application of skill. At times they needed to reframe, change direction and pivot alongside the rest of the world, with the resulting show an absolute testament to their tenacity and resilience.  

This exhibition marks the culmination of many years of Art education for our Year 12 students. From the very early beginnings at home with their parents, through the primary years and now the end of secondary; they have problem solved, experimented, played, refined, analysed, debated and presented a myriad of artworks. All providing lifelong skills. We congratulate them on their many successes. 

On behalf of the Art Department, we thank all those involved and look forward to another fabulously creative year in 2021.  

Rachael Miller
Head of Art & Design 

CGGS Election 2020 

On Tuesday this week, our Year 9 students battled it out for victory in our annual CGGS mock Election. 

Students participated in one of the eight Political Parties they had formed over the course of the study of ‘Power and Influence’ in Year 9 Commerce. Policies were developed, advertisements created, websites built and campaign speeches made by Party Leaders, all of which can be seen via this link: CGGS Election 2020 

The Righteous Party, The Egalitarian Party, The Power Party, The Pink Party, The O2 Global Party, The Environmentalist Party, The One World Party and The Edison Party are each congratulated on the outcomes of their collaborative efforts – not only did they present their Party’s in effective visual form but they lobbied hard on Election Day as they ‘worked the queues to inform voters about the choices they could make at the Ballot Box. 

While the Pink Party was ‘First Past the Post’ in the Primary Vote count, after the distribution of preferences it was a race to the finish. As with all elections, there can only be one winner (please take note Mr Trump!) and this year our collective congratulations go to The Edison Party who took the honour with an absolute majority of 134 out of a possible 262 votes. 

The Election is always a fabulous hands-on way for students to experience the pressures, the dramas and the logistics of ‘running for office’ on a small scale – we have loved working with this year’s Year 9 students and look forward to doing in it all again in 2021!  

The Commerce Team
Ms Wilson, Ms Anton and Mrs Larkey 

Beyond Design (Girls Invent) 

Pollen monitoring watches, pain-free band aids, an alarming clock and a medical game app – were just a few of the creative ideas to emerge from our Year 7s during this year’s Beyond Design challenge with Girls Invent. 

Curated and designed by Ms El Wood, Head of Science, with the support of Dr Charlotte Forwood, Director of Learning Design and Development, and working alongside Dr Mark Glazebrook from Girls Invent, all Year 7 students have spent the week engaged in a design process which included problem finding, market research, ideation, prototyping and testing. This year’s challenge had a somewhat different look and harnessed the power of technology to ensure the experience would still be a rich one. The Year 7s have kept a record of their learning in an online log, pitched their ideas to Dr Glazebrook via Zoom for some initial feedback and communicated their ideas with confidence and flair.  

Friday was a buzz of energy as students made last minute adjustments to their poster boards, pitch preparations and multimedia presentations in readiness for participation in an online Expo with parents, teachers and students. Aside from generating innovative ideas, the Year 7s also had the opportunity to develop key transferable skills including teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. 

Thank you to all of the teachers who supported the program during its different stages, in particular Ms Alma Tooke in the MakerSpace who organised mini-MakerSpace tubs for all the groups, Mat Duniam and the Year 7 Science teachers. The online components of the program were very well supported by Stefi from the IT Department and Mr Micah Wilkins, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation. 

Who knows, in the future we might be seeing our students’ designs on the market! 

Dr Charlotte Forwood (Director of Learning Design and Development) and Ms Eleanor Wood (Head of Science)

House Music Captain Handover 

The ever-changing landscape of 2020 has provided our House Music Captains with the opportunity to reinvent, reimagine and collaborate in a variety of ways. All Houses successfully achieved their common objectives to deliver cohesive, meaningful and entertaining items for the House Celebration Day at the end of Term 3. We congratulate all participants on their enthusiastic involvement and look forward to what the House Music Competition will deliver in 2021.  

A handover to the 2021 Music Captains took place this week, where valuable advice, creative ideas, tips and suggestions were exchanged. We were pleased to be able to present the traditional House Music Batons and hope that this symbol provides fond memories for all involved. The conductor’s baton serves as a timely reminder that music can enhance your life, provide direction, unite communities and establish clarity in challenging moments. We would particularly like to thank the Parents and Friends Association for their support of the Performing Arts events throughout this year. 

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music 

House Soccer and Netball   

Once more the sports fields were filled with action, colour and cheering and all the students were very excited to have House Sport return for 2020. On what was meant to be our House Swimming Carnival, we were very excited to host our first House Netball and Soccer competition. It was great to see so many students involved and we were so proud of the skill and teamwork on display throughout the day. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather as the girls competed at CGGS, earning points for their house and enthusiastically cheering on their peers. Congratulations to Taylor House for winning the House Soccer and Schofield for winning House Netball. There overall results were as follows: 


House Netball  

1st – Schofield 

2nd – Taylor 

3rd – Lawrence 

4th – Singleton 


House Soccer 

1st – Taylor 

2nd – Lawrence 

3rd – Schofield 

4th – Singleton 


Thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly. A special thank you to the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all teams were organised and to the 2021 School Sport Captain, Cathy Gu and 2021 School House Captain, Chloe Langley for their assistance throughout the day.   

For this event the spirit stick was not awarded to a house but instead to a year level. After much deliberation, it was too close to make the call on which house had the most spirit throughout the day, however the year level that displayed the most spirit and were wearing the most House Tshirts were the Year 7s! Well done girls! 

Lauren Law
Head of Sport