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Senior School

October 22, 2020

Years 10 –12 Presentation Night

Tonight, we are thrilled to be sharing our 2020 Years 10 – 12 Presentation Night with students and their families. As has been our focus this year, we have adapted, pivoted, re-created and re-imagined so many events and tonight’s Presentation Night is no exception.

Each year we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of all our Year Levels and it is with great pride that we share the many highlights of Years 10 – 12 in 2020. Congratulations to each of the students for their outstanding academic endeavours and citizenship during the pandemic. We also celebrate the co-curricular pursuits of our students in School and House activities this year. The number of students being recognised tonight is testament to their level of commitment and we applaud them all for maintaining such positivity throughout the year.

Many staff have also worked alongside the students throughout the year to ensure our programs continued and while I have thanked these teachers and the leaders of the various events throughout the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Kim Perkins, Head of Media Technology and Mrs Victoria Hargreaves, Senior School Administration Coordinator for their tireless work to ensure this Presentation Night is a fitting tribute to our remarkable students.


2020 School and House Leaders

As mentioned, when referencing Presentation Night above, in our centenary year we had so many plans to celebrate as a school community and an integral part of those events were our student body and also our 2020 School and House Leaders.

To our 2020 School Captains, Felicia Spiridonos, Laurya Dang-Nyugen and Loren Palma, affectionately known as FL2, you have set the tone for the entire student community. They have led all the School and House leaders with respect, graciousness and kindness and this in turn has been felt throughout the year levels. Thank you for your leadership.

As a final acknowledgement and thank you to all our School and House leaders please see the link below. Thank you all.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Kind regards,

Cathy Poyser 
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

CGGS Student Leadership Assembly

It was really fitting that our first live streamed assembly for Term 4, and indeed for quite some time, was one that focused on student leadership. It was fitting, because this year we have seen just how important leadership is and what it means to be a great leader, not just here at CGGS but also in the wider community, including our own politicians and those globally.

One of our greatest assets at CGGS is the collective strength of our student leaders and this year, we have been able to witness some truly courageous acts of leadership from our 2020 Student Leadership team. We have seen powerful and impactful communication, the transformation of events and activities into new virtual platforms, and most importantly, we have seen the loyalty, the teamwork and the collaboration between and within our community. I am incredibly proud of what our 2020 student leaders have been able to achieve and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank them.

Over the past few years we have worked with students and staff to develop and design and well-structured and well supported distributive leadership model, where no captain or leader works alone and where all students have the opportunity to contribute whether that be in a formal leadership position or through involvement at a program or committee level.  

We have also ensured that the appointment of leaders is transparent and rigorous, taking into account a clear set of eligibility and desirability criteria based on past involvement, coupled with individual and collaborative group interviews, written applications and student votes. It is a lengthy and thorough process and one that could not happen without the dedication of the teachers in-charge of leadership positions, and in particular the Heads of House.

It is also important to acknowledge and congratulate all of the Year 10 and 11 students who put themselves forward to be considered for a leadership position in 2021. It is not easy to be vulnerable in this way, it shows determination, it shows courage and it shows leadership. Whether appointed into a formal leadership position or not, we hope that all students know they are valued and I look forward to working with them in a range of capacities going forward.

Congratulations to our 2021 Student Leadership Team.

Ms Kath Woolcock
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing

Plan Your Own Enterprise – CGGS are National Winners!

Open to all Australian secondary school students, this national competition, run by Business Educators Australasia, the Plan Your Own Enterprise competition encourages students to look at the connections in business operations.

Each year a number of our students enter the competition by submitting a creative idea for a small business, including preparation of a business plan and working through all aspects of their proposal including business name, services, location, staffing etc.

While we are always impressed by the creative proposals our students put forward, this year Madeleine Giagoudakis, Leonie Trimbos and Frida Andreasen received national recognition for their ‘What’s Poppin’ business proposal.  What’s Poppin’  delivers delicious popcorn in a range of unique and delicious flavours, including the option for customers to customize their flavour via a website and have their orders delivered to their door.

The students were acknowledged as Victorian winners, but also went on to be recognize as joint national winners. The students have received a cash prize and the school will have their award recognised with a plaque.

Congratulations to Maddie, Leonie and Frida, and their thanks to Ms Annie Wilson for her encouragement and support.

Outstanding Science Talent Search Results

This year’s Science Talent Search results are truly remarkable and we are thrilled to share them with you today.

The Science Talent Search is a very prestigious competition open every year to ALL Victorian primary and secondary aged students. If you wish to find more information, please click here.


We are overjoyed to announce that the following students and groups have received MAJOR BURSARIES (The 2020 amount to be advised to be advised soon)

> Bethany Orme (Intermediate – Experimental Research)

> Bethany Orme (Intermediate – Creative Writing)

> Katrina Tong and Laura Tong (Junior – Computer Programs)

> Violet Chong (Junior – Posters)

> Joanna Sun (Junior – Videos)

> Sofia Sanfilippo and Joanne Tu (Junior – Creative Writing)

> Emily Price and Katherine Mason (Junior – Creative Writing)

> Hannah Balkin (Junior – Creative Writing)

The following students also received MINOR BURSARIES (The 2020 amount to be advised soon)

> Baoyi Zhu (Junior – Posters)

> Sofia Pandeli (Junior – Posters)

> Madeline McDonald (Junior – Videos)

> Isabella Wood and Zoe Viney (Junior – Creative Writing)

All our other Senior School entries received either a Distinction or Merit Certificates. This is an outstanding achievement.


As a direct result of these results, we are pleased to be able to share with our CGGS families that  our Senior School was one of only FOUR schools to receive the Hugh McKnight Encouragement Award


Book Club

This week in Book Club, for the first time in a long time we were able to have some of our members back onsite! Whilst the years 8-10 girls joined us remotely, it was so exciting for Renee and I to see the year 7 and year 11 girls face to face again. We discussed all of the books that we had been reading over the past two weeks and shared our ideas and interpretations with each other. We then went on to continue our planning of the short story that we are writing together! The girls have some really amazing ideas and without giving too much away this this story has something for everyone, a little romance, some mystery and some fantasy. Book Club cannot wait to share this with you all.

Ella Barmby and Renee Fong
Literature Captains


Victorian Secondary Girls Chess Grand Final

On Tuesday 13 October Emily Lin, Bethany Orme and Kelly Ta from year 10, Sophie Chang (year 8) and Lucy Ciro (year 7) completed online in the Victorian State Finals of School Girl chess. Qualification had been held previously on the 11thof September and the girls had to negotiate a new online platform and way of competing. The qualification process was highly challenging, with competition against a large and diverse field of Independent and coeducational schools from across the state.

This is the 3rd year that the School has fielded a team in the finals and once again they played competitively, placed third overall in the State, narrowly missing out on second place.

Feedback from the students:

The chess finals yesterday were quite intense and it was definitely a very fun experience considering it was our first time playing finals online. We were all extremely proud the results we achieved as an individual and team, however it was somewhat disappointing as we could have made it to the Grand Finals playoff if not for the difference of 0.5 points. Overall, the competition was quite tough with many good players but we managed to win third overall and hopefully, we can do better next year!


2020 Interschool Snowsports Honour Roll

Snow Australia would like to acknowledge the students who will be finishing their schooling this year and who would have participated in our 2020 Interschool Snowsports events. An Interschools Honour Roll filled with the names of Australian Year 12 students who have missed the opportunity to compete in the Snowsports events this year due to COVID cancellations will be published on the Snow Australia website and communications.

CGGS would like to congratulate Claire Tremewen and Grace Razewski for their contributions to the CGGS Snowsports team throughout their time at our School. These girls have participated in both the Alpine Giant Slalom and Alpine Skier Cross events since they were in year 7 and they have been a great support to our younger Snowsport competitors. Claire and Grace have been excited to see our team grow from 6 students in 2015 to 22 students in 2019 and have also been proud to introduce the CGGS Snowsports long sleeve tops and neck warmers.