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Senior School

October 9, 2020

Welcome back to Term 4. This week it has been uplifting to have a number of our students back onsite. All the VCE students which included two students from Year 10 studying VCE Dance and Punjabi, arrived on time and ready for the GAT on Wednesday. Having completed and received feedback on their trial GAT’s, all our students felt reassured in completing this task. The school-based assessments for all Year 11 and 12 students have also been very successful and the feedback from the students again has been very positive.

Well done and thank you to all for following our new protocols at the temperature checks, these have also been very smooth.

Next week we are very excited to be welcoming back all our Year 7 students and as noted in the “Return to Face to Face Learning” document in the Senior School Weekly this past Tuesday, the entry point for Year 7 students is the Woodstock Street gate between 8.15am and 8.25am. Any student arriving late to school after 8:25am will be required to enter from the Torrington Street gate and complete their temperature check and sign in at Student Services Reception. It is important to us that we maintain our staggered arrivals and entry points to maximise physical distancing.

This week the Year 9’s have enjoyed two days of remote Seasonal Learning on the topic of, The World of Work. This has been another highly successful event and on behalf of the students I would like to thank Mrs Trish Dolan, Careers Counsellor, Ms Summer Howarth, Strategic Assistant, Ms Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning and Dr Charlotte Forwood, Director of Learning Design and Development for all their preparations.

As we near the time for celebrating the current Year 12 cohort the Class of 2020 and acknowledging their outstanding leadership. I encourage anyone who has not yet listened to the Two Cents podcast, created by our School Captains, Felicia Sprindonos, Laurya Dang-Nyugen and Loren Palma, to do so! These are posted on the Year 12 Instagram page @wearecggs, but can also be found on Spotify, just search “Camberwell Girls Grammar School”.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

House Celebration Day

Term 3 was like no other. Remote learning has taken the skills of our students and staff to a whole new level promoting collaborative learning. Microphones picking up strange background noises like lawn mowers, pets snoring or little siblings screaming, and those same siblings (or in some teacher’s cases their children) doing their best to photo bomb video conferences made all the more scary when using virtual backgrounds.

However, the show must go on.

Beyond the extraordinary way in which students continued their learning, adapting to the ‘new normal’ way of group discussion and interactive documents, the House program continued with Drama, Dance and Music adapting to the virtual preparation, rehearsal, and delivery method. To continue ensuring our connected community through the House system, the House Celebration Day at the conclusion of Term 3 was more than just those three events.

From an insightful webinar with School House Captain, the eight House Captains and their mentor Heads of Houses talking about the challenges and rewards of leadership from a student’s perspective during 2020, to interactive online excel pixel art, creating dabbing unicorns and house themed art and House Captain led activities. Some of the highlights and reflections from some of our students and staff are below.

Throughout Celebration Day, it was such a beautiful feeling seeing all the enthusiastic, smiling faces over ZOOM. Although this year has been faced with many tough challenges, Camberwell Girls has stood our ground and faced these obstacles with a brave face. I thoroughly enjoyed House Celebration Day, learning how to work around varying plans and ‘going with the flow’. The most amazing section of House Celebration Day was the ability for each of the respective Performing Arts Captains to create a vision although faced with difficult circumstances.

Ashley Tang- Chong
Lawrence House Captain

I was surprised at the level of participation and interaction on the day, there were so many positive vibes, comments and compliments floating around, it was a joy to participate in the day and see the CGGS community in action.

Community means coming together. During remote-learning, I feel that the CGGS community has become even stronger. We have all come together, to laugh, share ideas and offer help when required. The difficulties we have faced and overcome during remote learning shows the strength of the CGGS community.

I learnt that a laugh, help and ideas are only a click away. The students showed great resilience, knowledge and problem-solving skills to ensure the day run smoothly and was the best it could be! It was a fantastic event!

Mr Tom Clark
Head of Singleton

It was amazing to see all of the energy and house spirit from the girls on House Celebration day. It was great to showcase all of the hard work that the Performing Arts Captains and girls have put in throughout the term while adapting to online learning. House Celebration day was definitely a highlight of the remote learning period and I had heaps of fun with all of the activities and loved seeing all the girls’ smiling faces!

Tilly Dunn
Taylor House Captain

If you want to relive the fun, the inspiration and creativity of the CGGS students check out the link below and keep an eye out for the special ‘Extended version’ to come soon that includes additional students interviews and outtakes!

Click below to watch the House Creative Arts Festival again and click through some photos.

Shane Maycock 
Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-Curricular Programs

GAT and Trial Exams

As Term 4 commences, so too does the final stages of the Year 12 journey. This week, all students completing a Units 3 and 4 subject completed the General Achievement Test (GAT) which is a test of general knowledge and skills in written communication, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Humanities, the Arts and Social Sciences.

As the test is over three hours long, it was not surprising to see that the students were exhausted and relieved as they exited the examination rooms. With all the uncertainty and disruption that COVID-19 has caused this year, the GAT is potentially even more important this year for our Year 12 students and we feel confident that they have given their best.

Our VCE students are certainly in examination mode as they have now turned their attention to trial exams. Students have the opportunity to complete a trial exam for each of their Units 3 & 4 subjects which will be assessed and provide them with valuable feedback on how they are progressing with their revision in preparation for the end-of-year exams. These trial exams will enable students to have a targeted approach to their revision over the coming weeks.

We wish all students well for their end-of-year exams!

Dot Georgiou
VCE Coordinator

World of Work Online Conference

Over two days at the Year 9 World of Work Online Conference, students were introduced to the CGGS #myfuture Careers Program and what the world of work in the 21st Century is and could be. The conference entailed a blend of synchronous and asynchronous activities and opportunities, both individual and collaborative, and had students working across a range of digital platforms. In true conference style, students were received an invitation to this event and received a gift bag of a linen bound journal. A beautiful keepsake, the journal was equally a place for the students to think about their dreams, aspirations, contacts as they started to explore the world of work now and into the coming years.

Students were apprenticed into the Careers program at Camberwell Girls on Day 1 led by Careers Counsellor Ms Trish Dolan, with skill identification and development of a core focus. They also completed the MyCareerMatch Profile, a powerful assessment that matches your personality style to careers you would love. Superfast and precise, it delivers custom reports in under 15 minutes – and is a great first step in self-discovery and career exploration. This was followed by an exploration of the 8 transferrable skills that students will continue to develop throughout their time at Camberwell Girls and beyond. Additionally, resumes and the art of the job interview were on the agenda for the day.

Day 2 began with a Q&A with Anna Clancy, one of the creative forces behind an amazing homegrown small business called Write to Me who were commissioned to design a range of journals to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of The Oprah Magazine, one of 20 businesses worldwide to be asked to do so. Students also learned the art of the collaborative job interview, had a morning tea with ‘colleagues’ and explored some of their own areas of interest and skills through a curated set of learnings and activities, including email etiquette, gig economies & entrepreneurs, empathy and referential communication and many more. We’re thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity for the students online but can’t wait to have them back in person.

Kate Manners
Deputy Head of Senior School ‑ Teaching & Learning


International Day of The Girl – 11 October

In 1995, the World Conference of Woman developed and established The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Actionto address gender inequality and demanding the elimination of all forms of discrimination against girls.

The International Day of the Girl, this Sunday the 11thof October, celebrates the anniversary and achievements of this declaration and tries to increase our awareness of the issues and what still needs to be done.

Its focus is to, eliminate discrimination against girls regarding:

> Education and skills development

> Exploitation of child labour and girls at work

> Negative cultural attitudes and practices

> Health and nutrition

> Eradicate violence against girls and promote girls’ rights and their awareness to participate in social, economic and political life.

We know that 130 million girls worldwide are out of school and that 12 million girls worldwide are married before their 18 birthdays. For example, in Central Africa, 29% of girls are married before the age of 15. Child marriage violates human rights, it interrupts schooling, limits opportunities, creates early pregnancies, increasing the risk of violence against girls and their risk of poor health.

So, what can we do?

> appreciate our opportunities

> use our awareness to promote the rights of others

> voice our concerns

> engage in action to promote girls’ human rights

> share stories of inspiring adolescent girls or girl-led movements

> engage with the 2020 theme “My voice, our equal future”.

For more information and inspiring stories go to:

Paula Kolivas
School Counsellor


PYOE Competition 2020

CGGS is thrilled to announce that three of our Year 9 Students, Madeleine Giagoudakis, Leonie Trimbos and Frida Andreasen, have won the Victorian (group division) of the National Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition 2020. The competition requires students to present a creative idea for a small business as a business plan. The student’s entry What’s Poppin’, an online business providing customised popcorn, was judged the best group entry in Victoria. The students now complete in the National Final in late October.

Annie Wilson
Commerce Teacher

Virtual Chess

On Friday September 11, 5 students from CGGS represented the school at the Chess Australia Secondary Open Zone competition run remotely. Assisted by Mrs Helen Pappas the students performed outstandingly through the competing in 7 rounds of games and qualifying as a team for the Victorian Secondary Girls Schools 2020 State Final to be held on October 13. Emily Lin, Year 10, performed superbly on the day finishing just outside the top 10 players, and in the Top 3 Girls on the day. We wish Emily, Bethany Orme (Year 10), Kelly Ta (Year 10), Sophie Chang (Year 8) and Lucy Ciro (Year 7) all the best for the remote finals on Tuesday.