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Senior School

At the end of an 11-week Term, the teachers and students are all looking forward to the break.  We would encourage all to be sure to take time to recharge, relax with friends and family and for students in Years 7 – 9 no homework will have been set for this break.  Students in Year 10 are encouraged to complete some revision of their subjects while our VCE students will need to continue to balance the extra relaxation time, whilst keeping on top of their studies and revision ahead of a full Term 3.

On behalf of the Senior School I wish you all a happy and safe holiday. We look forward to welcoming the students back on Tuesday 12 July.


Semester One Reports

Semester One Reports are now available online via SEQTA engage from 3.30pm this afternoon.  Instructions on how to access the portal and your daughter’s records were emailed this morning from the School’s Camgram email account. In summary, please follow the steps below to access your login screen:

  1. Go to the My CGGS page of the School website and click through to SETQA engage
  1. Enter your Username and Password

Username:     Your numeric family code (as per your Fee statement and Parent Lounge code)

Password:      Your numeric family code (same again – unless you have previously changed it)

  1. You will now be at the Welcome splash page of SEQTA engage


Information Evenings, 2017 Year Levels

Ahead of receiving your End of Term communication next week, important to note are the Information Evenings for 2017 year levels being held at the start of Term 3.  Please diarise the following dates in your diaries we will communicate further on this before the commencement of term.

2017              Year 10 students                           Thursday 14 July at 7:00pm                                    Robinson Hall

2017              Year 11 & 12 students                  Monday 18 July at 7:00pm                                      Robinson Hall

2017              Year 8 & 9 students                      Tuesday 2 August at 6:45pm                                  Barbara Sutton Hall


Year 10 Work Experience

In the past fortnight all our Year 10 students have participated in school work experience, arranged with support from our School Careers Counsellor Mrs Trish Dolan.  The girls joined a very diverse range of workplaces and next term I am looking forward to sharing some of their insights about their working environments and whether their perspectives have changed regarding their potential careers.

A range of positions were secured in retail roles, administrative roles within PR firms, Health Care and Teaching, some students worked in design houses as well as a number within Veterinary Practices.  We had a large contingent of students doing placements at private law firms, as well as at the Children’s Court.  A number of students were placed with general medical practices, as well as specialists from Osteopaths, Optometrists, Dentists and within larger hospitals such as The Austin and the Alfred.


Parent Education Session – Let’s Chat About It

On Tuesday evening we held the fifth of our Parent Education Sessions for 2016.

A strong turnout of over 70 parents gathered to hear speaker Linette Etheridge deliver her “Lets Chat about It” presentation. Linette’s presentation focused on researched current behaviour of teenagers and young adults with regard to pornography and accessing of sexual information in a digital age. Facilitated by Linette, parents were informed about current statistics relating to our young adults and the information they are accessing and how this is impacting on their impressions and ideas relating to sexual activities and body expectations. Parents discussed their own experiences and responses to scenarios facing our children.

Linette was thanked and I reaffirmed the commitment of our School to assisting in educating our students about not only the biology and physicality of becoming sexual beings, but the emotional expectations they should have of themselves and others.  The support of our YLC’s, Form Teachers and School Counsellors was reiterated, but Linette and I affirmed that as parents, we must engage in discussion on this issue and encourage an open and safe dialogue with our young adults. Promoting an environment of understanding and acceptance, withholding judgement or shame is a positive foundation in encouraging them to have strong sense of self worth and healthy open and loving relationships.

Due to the nature of the presentation, it was not possible to record the discussion or to circulate a copy of the presentation, but she has provided us with a list of reference materials which is attached here for your information.  We are looking to further our relationship with Linette Etheridge and believe there may be an opportunity to have her speak again at the school next year in our Parent Education calendar.

Our next Parent Education Session is being held on Tuesday 2 August in Barbara Sutton Hall.  Craig Hassed will be speaking to parents about Mindful Learning.



Year 7 Gratitude Journal

On Monday 9 May, Year 7 students embarked on a Gratitude Journey. Mr Hayden Gyles, Deputy Head of Senior School, presented to the students before they began and spoke to them about defining ‘’Gratitude” and what it feels like to be grateful.

Science shows us that gratitude can positively influence our health, happiness, energy levels and longevity. A growing number of studies indicate that gratitude is a muscle that can be exercised and built up. Simply writing down what you are grateful for can have a wonderful impact on your outlook on life. Sharing gratitude for everyday experiences can revitalize our commitment to living life in a sensational way.

For 21 days students wrote down the things they were grateful for.  Topics included: family, friendships, nature, books, landscapes, flowers, quotes, perspective, health and knowledge – just to name a few!

The Gratitude Journal helped me to stop and think about the things I was truly thankful for. Once I started to work through this process every day, I realised how lucky I was. I feel more aware of what being ‘’grateful’’ means and I look out for things in my life that inspire me and make me feel connected to my family and friends. ~ Holly Williams 7T


Project Rockit

On Wednesday 15 June, Year 7 students participated in a workshop run by Project Rockit. Project Rockit is an anti-bullying organisation that empowers young people to stand up and lead change in school and beyond. They are run by young people, for young people.  Their aim is to create a world where respect thrives over bullying, hate and prejudice and all young people are free to realise their potential.

The presenters were charismatic and engaged all the students.  They had the ability to connect to what they were saying because it was relevant to some of the things that are happening in their lives. The role plays generated a lot of discussion about what strategies could be used in a bullying situation but most importantly they learnt about believing in themselves and standing up for others.


Swinburne University 2016 Fiction Writing Competition

Year 10 student Samantha Wong was recently advised that she was the winner of the short story section of the Swinburne University 2016 Fiction Writing Competition for Schools. Her piece 1971, is attached here for your reading.  It is always pleasing to see our student’s achievements in areas of passion outside of the school environment.  Congratulations Samantha.


Year 10 German Student

This Semester we were joined by Ariane Janssen in Dr Reid’s Year 10 form. Whilst not an exchange student, as Ariane was enrolled and staying with her family during her time here at Camberwell Girls, her experience of and perspectives will be different to those of someone joining from another Australian school. It’s been a pleasure having you at our School and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. You can read about Ariane’s experience here.


Year 9 Dance Classes

During Term 2, approximately 25 Year 9 girls participated in the After School Year 9 Dance Classes held every Thursday evening in Robinson Hall along with Year 10 boys from Trinity Grammar and Scotch College. Run by Lisa Henry from the Taejari School of Dancing for 9 weeks, the classes teach the girls social dancing and culminates in a special Final Performance Evening for parents and friends to present their new found skills. The girls had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as highlighted below by Year 9 Student Shivani Gupta.

“For a socially awkward teenager with a nervous disposition and two left feet, dancing classes would be perhaps the most confronting co-curricular activity to be in, or so I thought. As it turns out, it was a very enjoyable experience, even though we had to dance with Year 10 boys. Honestly, when I first found out about that, I was reluctant whether to do it or not, but the boys were extremely friendly and all of the people who participated looked forward to it each week. All of us learnt a variety of different dances and it was an after-school activity that I would recommend to all of the future Year 9s, as it taught me more about dancing, to become more confident, develop more friendships and relax.” ~ Shivani Gupta 9C


Making Smart Financial Decisions

This year all students have been participating in Financial Education sessions during our Period 4 life skills program. The lessons take a practical approach for students to learn about making personal financial decisions. Exploring various fundamental financial concepts, the lessons help give students the knowledge and skills that will enable them to competently manage their personal financial decisions now and in the future.

Recently we welcomed Start Smart (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) to deliver financial education workshops to our Year 7, 11 and 12 students. The workshops specifically focussed on three areas relevant to each year level

  1. entrepreneurial thinking;
  2. financial decision making; and
  3. taxation and superannuation.

These sessions helped further equip our students with the confidence and competence they need to make smart decisions about money.

Our school has also proudly joined the Commonwealth Bank’s Start Smart Program in its mission to improve the financial literacy of Australia’s young people. Overall, the Financial Education lessons and workshops so far have proven to be a highly beneficial experience for students and we look forward to continuing them in the future.


USA Trip 2017

Our next Science and History Tour of the United States is in 2017. Please find more information here.


Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing break and I look forward to seeing you in Term 3.


With best wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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