Senior School


Senior School

February 28, 2020

Last week during the Chaplains Assemblies Rev Helen Creed introduced the new 2020 School Anthem. With the musical choral expertise of Choir specialist Cathy Georgiev all students and staff started to learn the Anthem so that we are all confident in singing it at the many formal events this year.

The new Anthem was commissioned by the school and in conjunction with the CGGS Music Department, composer Dan Walker wrote the piece as part of our Centenary celebrations.

Helen’s introduction to the anthem and the history of the significance of the School Anthem, along with Cathy’s enthusiasm certainly ensured that our first attempt at learning this Anthem was most successful.

Last week we also conducted two Parent Information Nights. The Year 8 and 9 evening enabled parents to hear from our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody on the Centenary events for 2020 as well as tutoring. I spoke about how parents can be involved in the lives of their daughter and encouraged all parents to attend as many school events as possible, as these form many of the shared experiences their daughters will remember from their time at school. Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning, spoke about the core curriculum and elective offerings as well as reminding parents of how they can be using SEQTA engage. Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Curriculum and Programs) spoke about our Healthy Minds – Year 8 and Cognizance – Year 9, CGGS specific programs aimed at proactive and preventative wellbeing. Shane Maycock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-curricular Programs, spoke about the up-coming 2020 camps and all the House and School offerings as well as all the clubs and activities girls can opt into. Some of these being student led and organised. Parents then had the opportunity to meet with their daughter’s Year Level Coordinator and Tutor teacher. Thank you to Liesa Winkler, Year 8 and Kim Hepworth, Year 9 and their teams of tutor teachers for providing parents with an informal opportunity to introduce themselves.

The Year 10 – 12 Information night also provided the parents of students in these levels with information specific to the older levels. Mark Corrie, VCE Coordinator and Kate Manners outlined the vital aspects of VCE and the 2020 VCE Handbook was made available to all Year 11 and 12 families. Thank you to James Henderson, Year 10 Level Coordinator, Nareen Robinson, Year 11 Coordinator and Andrew Burnell, Year 12 Coordinator, plus all the Heads of the various Departments for providing the parents with this invaluable chance to speak about the VCE journey ahead for their daughters.

After much planning and anticipation, the Year 12 students are looking forward to their 2020 Year 12 Formal at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. It is sure to be a lovely evening and the staff too are keen to dance up a storm tomorrow night. Best wishes for the night and many thanks to the organising committee, including Andrew Burnell and School Captains, Felicia Spiridonos, Lauyra Dang-Nguyen and Loren Palma.

At our Class of 2019 Celebration Assembly we acknowledged all the students who completed their VCE studies at CGGS in 2019. We also congratulated the following students on their outstanding achievements and special Principal’s awards which are detailed in this edition of CamNews.

Please enjoy this edition of CamNews. Have a lovely weekend.


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


CGGS Anthem

Last week at Chaplain’s Assemblies we were excited to introduce a new school Anthem, specially commissioned for our centenary year, from Australian composer Dan Walker. As well as composing, Dan is an in-demand conductor and performer. A choral specialist, he has had works commissioned by Sydney Symphony and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, amongst others.

An Anthem is a song based on words from the Bible, and our new anthem uses words from a reading that has long been important to CGGS – Micah 6:6-8, which includes the words:

He has told you, Omortal, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?

The CCGS Anthem has been composed with a beautiful single line melody, additional harmonised SSA vocal parts, along with piano accompaniment and full orchestral options. A flowing triple time signature and the key of E Flat Major has been chosen to support the text from Micah. The words are sung through twice, concluding a with a glorious three part Amen.

In 1928, British composer Martin Shaw wrote an anthem based on this passage. It made its way to Australia at some point, and during the 1940s it was introduced at CGGS. Over the next decades it was sung at Speech Nights and other key school events. The newly commissioned Anthem will sit alongside the Martin Shaw version and will be sung at special school assemblies, services and ceremonies.

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity by the school to create an Anthem which we can truly call our own, and are looking forward to singing it at the Founders’ Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on 22 April this year. We are particularly pleased to share this musical gift with the school community in our centenary year and we thank Helen Creed and Duncan Reid for their contributions.

We hope that this will become a much-loved Anthem that will remind us of what is at the heart of our humanity: doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with God.

Kate Savige, Rohan Mack, Rev Helen Creed and Cathy Georgiev


BYOD and Building a Culture of Trust

It is important to have the conversation with the young people we live and work with about when and why they could or should be using their devices and how best to use them to facilitate their learning.

With the decision to allow your children, and our students, to use their devices for their learning, there comes the necessity for the community (i.e. home and school) to create a ‘culture of trust’.  Its presence or absence can make a world of difference. When we see a child/student using a device many of our initial thoughts and concerns may be framed by our own perceptions and experiences of how we personally use technology. This may affect how, why and when your child uses technology at home or school.

Situations such as the one in the photo raise questions of trust, respect and responsibility. We need to ask ourselves: what are my initial perceptions?  Why are they using their devices?  Do I trust them (student, child) to take responsibility?  When students are using their devices for learning at home and at school, some of the things they could be using them for include:

> collaborating
> researching
> texting
> creating
> reading
> writing

So, how do we build a culture of trust between students, teachers and parents?  How do our perceptions affect the way technology is used in our homes and classes?  How do we ensure that technological applications can improve our lives, while protecting ourselves from abuses of trust?  Next time you see your child using a device for their learning, ask them about it.  Start the conversation and work towards establishing a community of trust.

Micah Wilkins
Head of Digital Learning & Innovation

House Athletics

On Tuesday morning hundreds of excited CGGS girls flooded Doncaster Athletics track to compete in the House Athletics Carnival. The girls displayed great enthusiasm and team spirit as they showcased their skills in track, field and novelty events. Well done to Schofield who finished the day as champions of House Athletics for the first time since 2002 and congratulations to Lawrence who won the House Spirit Stick for their support and cheering throughout the day.

Overall Results

1st– Schofield

2nd– Lawrence

3rd– Taylor

4th– Singleton

There were some outstanding performances both on the track and in the field and we look forward to hearing the announcement of the Year Level Champion Awards next week.

Thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly, particularly the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all races were filled and to the School Sport Captain, Michaela Robinson and School House Captain, Rochelle Scheid for their assistance throughout the event.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

Inspirational Parent Education Seminar – James Shone

On Wednesday 26 February parents from CGGS together with parents from CGS joined in the Anne Feehan Building for a presentation by James Shone “Inflating Balloons of Self Belief”.

Following a 16 year teaching career in the United Kingdom and having worked towards being offered a position he had long sought as a Headmaster in 2012, James Shone was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The resulting treatment and surgery left him with very limited sight.

As he recovered and adjusted to his new much altered circumstances James sought to turn his setbacks into springboards and move forward with a new focus and ability to facilitate change in a different way.

Prior to his diagnosis and at the core of his teaching philosophy was always the message “I Can & I Am”. As he sought new direction he realised that the pastoral care message he had always stood by was all the more true in times of extreme challenge. Put simply, his belief and the heart of the charity is to inspire confidence in every individual to enable them to know who they are and what they are able to do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

This is the message that his charity, an organisation which seeks to raise money enable James’s messages to be spread to as many school children, staff and parents as possible across the UK and beyond, now lives and operates by.

James now travels to hundreds of schools a year presenting to young people and adults and we were very fortunate to have him present as part of our Parent Seminar 2020 Series. If you are interested in more about James’ organisation please go to his website.


GSV Leaders Breakfast

On Thursday 13 February Laney Kriketos, Tilly Dunn, Lauren Bignold and Michaela Robinson went to Our Lady of Sion College for the annual GSV Sport Leaders Breakfast. Along with leaders from the other 24 GSV schools , our students were privileged to hear from Carol Fox who is President of Women Sport Australia and an Executive Coach, Conference Speaker and Masterclass Facilitator.

Carol’s message revolved around confident communication for leaders. Her three main pieces of advice were to keep it real, focus on body language and word play. Students learned that our reality and self-talk determines the way that we communicate, she also spoke about the importance of reframing our minds to see the positives rather than focusing on the negatives. A particular focus was the importance of body language and how a very powerful tool, such as our stance, can portray strength and confidence or weakness.

As leaders of CGGS  in 2020, the girls were really looking forward to having an opportunity to put these lessons into action in their various roles and sharing their thoughts and ideas with others.


Top Level Netballers here at CGGS!

In 2020 we look set to have over 200 students playing in teams representing CGGS in the Boroondara Netball Association (BNA). CGGS are one of approximately 14 clubs who field teams in the BNA fixtures.

A number of our students also have ongoing associations and commitments to their own local netball clubs and this season we would like to acknowledge and congratulate students who have been selected for Representative Netball Teams within their leagues. Players who play “Rep Netball” play for one of their Association’s member teams and have been selected as one of the top players in their age group across all teams in that Association.

Grace Killington, Year 7 – Boroondara Power

Sarah May, Year 7 – Richmond NA

Meghan Chaffey, Year 8 – Whitehorse Diamonds

Tyra Dawson, Year 8 – Waverley District Netball Association

Elena Ronaldson, Year 9 – Richmond Netball Association

Bianca Coles, Year 10 – Boroondara Power

2019 Celebration Assembly

Last Tuesday we held our annual Celebration Assembly, acknowledging both the Academic Results and the extensive contributions of the Class of 2019.

Mrs Dunwoody shared her address titled “A reflection on what is success”, encouraging all students to remember that success is about doing your best and contributing to something bigger than yourself and not a singular academic result. Mrs Dunwoody also noted that having a balance of work and other interests, a commitment to working hard and a growth mindset are all factors that enable us to enjoy success.

We are so proud that all our students have embraced the opportunities presented to grow and develop as individuals, and have worked incredibly hard to achieve their personal best whilst here at CGGS.

The presentation of awards were then made to the following students;

Dux of School – Louisa Taylor Memorial Award
Amy Miao

Dux Secondus – GD Lawrence Award
Tracy Chen, Yvonne Jin and Jessica Lu

RM Westcott Award
Maddi Li

Otto Yuncken Award
Nikki Chen and Sherry Gan

2019 students Maddy Georges, Zoe Giagoudakis and Ellie Zhou shared reflections of their 2019 year. All three spoke fondly of their time at CGGS, expressed gratitude for the caring community they were part of and for the commitment and expertise of their teachers. They had so many worthwhile tips and pieces of advice for our current Year 12 students and we thank them for their honesty, insight and willingness to come and share their journeys with us.

To conclude the assembly, Mrs Nareen Robinson, the Year 12 Coordinator, spoke fondly of the class of 2019 and the many and varied contributions they had made to CGGS throughout their schooling. To read the full transcript, click here

Book Club is Back!

On Tuesday 18 February, Book Club commenced for 2020. As your 2020 Literature Captains, it was the first time Ella Barmby and Renee Fong had facilitated the club meeting and they commenced the year with a record-breaking number of 30 girls participating.

The first meeting focused on students’ favourite books, genres and authors, as well as books that had been read over the holidays. During the meeting students also discussed activities they would like to have at future Book Club gatherings. Besides discussing favourite books, students plan to watch book related movies and hold special themed meetings concentrating on one author, topic or area of interest, such as Harry Potter.

The girls were all very enthusiastic which made for a very enjoyable and lively lunchtime. Ella and Renee are really looking forward to bonding with all the Book Club girls and a fantastic 2020 of books.

Service Learning BBQ – Days for Girls

On Wednesday, the Service Learning team held a BBQ to raise money for Days for Girls.

Days for Girls (DFG) is a global organisation who work to empower and support millions of girls by “turning periods into pathways,”. They do this by educating them about their health and menstrual cycle, as well as providing them with a DFG kit (also known as a Portable Object of Dignity). Each kit includes reusable cloth menstrual pads made up of colourful shields and liners, underwear, a washcloth and soap, zip-closure plastic bags and other small items.The organisation then seeks to extend the program by offering individual training so that they can produce their own DFG kits and support the hygiene needs of their communities.

All of the money raised from Wednesday’s BBQ will go towards purchasing these DFG kits, and next week Year 10 students will have the opportunity to help DFG volunteers assemble the kits. The completed kits will then be taken with the students who are participating in the two service trips to Cambodia later this year. These kits will help empower and maintain the dignity of many Cambodian girls and women who, as a result, will be able to feel comfortable to go where they want, when they want, without their period holding them back.

Emily Hoyle
Service Learning Captain


Centenary Festival: Choral Workshop

A number of our choral students and I, along with former CGGS Director of Music, Mrs Barbara Russell, had the good fortune of participating in a choral workshop with Mr. Philip Nicholls, Director of Music at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne. The workshop (which took place in our Junior School Chapel) was to assist us with the preparations for our Evensong Services at the Centenary Creative Arts Festival in March. Our School Chaplain, Helen Creed and Head of RE, Duncan Reid were also able to attend the workshop and participate in the learning that took place.

We sang in the round, adding a number of finishing touches to the liturgical music. It was a joy to work with such a fine and generous fellow musician and for the students and myself, a fresh set of ears and ideas. The workshop illuminated the fact that learning truly never ends. Our students worked with focus and their inimitable sense of enthusiasm. Philip Nicholls and the Dean of the Cathedral have invited us in to St. Paul’s to sing our Evensong Service in the near future; this will be a thrill for all involved. Our thanks again to Philip for all his generous giving of his time and talents.

Cathy Georgiev
Music Teacher

We had the privilege of working with Mr Nicholls, the Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, in an insightful choral workshop. This immersive session gave all choir members the opportunity to broaden and enhance our vocal technique, whilst sharing a love of music. His humorous approach, and particular passion for choral music helped us refine our pieces. After having this time to focus on the different sections in a range of pieces, we look forward to sharing our Evensong with the community at ‘The Shape of Us’ Centenary Creative Arts Festival.

Jennifer Le
Year 12

From the beginning to the end of the workshop with Mr Nicholls, I was able to learn many diverse skills including new warm-ups and singing techniques. We worked through each piece we will sing for Evensong in the Centenary Creative Arts Festival and were able to improve our singing individually and as a choral ensemble. His fun way of teaching had everyone laughing and enjoying the workshop, as we developed our tone and sight-reading skills. I had a very enriching experience!

Annaliese Le