Senior School


Senior School

September 6, 2019

Being the final CamNews for Term 3, I take this opportunity to wish all our Senior School families a safe and relaxing holiday. There have been many highlights this Term and many of them culminating in performances this past fortnight. Later in this edition of CamNews the recent GSV Track and Field Championships, the Interschool Snow Sports, Festival of Music and the Debater’s Association of Victoria Competition will be elaborated on, however I take this opportunity to thank all of the students and staff who have enthusiastically embraced each of these offerings. I would also like to acknowledge the students who were Baptised and Confirmed at the recent service with regional Bishop, the Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell and School Chaplain, Reverend Helen Creed who together conducted this service.

At our School Tours yesterday, School Vice Captain, Ellie Zhou reflected on her journey through Senior School as a student who commenced in Year 7 in 2014. Ellie spoke about having an abundance of friends and a feeling of warmth that she experienced from the her first days. Having taken up opportunities in music, sport and drama, Ellie has thoroughly enjoyed working with her peers, but for me her most poignant comment was that she loves the sense of community at CGGS. That the students and staff have great passion, they love learning and truly respect each other.

In Senior School Assembly this week the School Captains for 2020 were announced after a long selection process. This process includes speeches to the entire Senior School, the preparation of their own biography displayed in Senior School, a voting process and interviews. I am pleased to announce our School Captain for 2020 is Felicia Spiridonos and Vice Captains, Laurya Dang-Nguyen and Loren Palma. Congratulations to these girls! Their duties will start soon as the 2019 School Captains prepare for their VCE exams.

What can you do in ten minutes?

Over the past few weeks through our Digital Wellbeing articles, we have brought you, the parents CGGS, on a journey with ourselves and the students. This journey is to help understand how digital technology is being and can be used in our school community to facilitate optimum learning for all. Recently, we promoted our Digital Wellbeing survey and we are grateful to those families who have been able to complete this already. We ask, if you are yet to take this survey, that you spend ten minutes to share information about your own and your daughters’ technology use.

Your participation is encouraged, as it will help us to develop a deeper understanding of our current community trends, concerns and needs. We are also surveying teachers and students after which point, we will conduct focus groups to help guide future CGGS Digital Wellbeing initiatives. It is our intention to work together as a community to support and encourage the discerning and positive use of technology.

The survey should only take approximately ten minutes to complete and is accessible for all CGGS parents via this link.It will remain open until Friday 13 September.

We look forward to sharing the survey findings and our Digital Wellbeing strategies with our community in a number of forums, including CamNews in the coming weeks and months.

Cathy Poyser and Felicity Carroll


House Drama

We wish all the students and their Drama Captains, Hannah Shillington (Lawrence), Chelsey Catena and Alecia Scott (Schofield), Ruby Dawe and Angelique Zhou (Singleton) and Emily Hoyle and Crystal So (Taylor) all the best for the performances tonight. On behalf of all the students involved, I take this opportunity to thank Jenine Caruso and Sally Oliver from the Drama Department for guiding and supporting all the students in their preparations for tonight. Also to Kim Perkins and Keira Lyons for their work enabling the Technical Captains, Victoria Xiao and Annalise Yap (Lawrence), Phoebe Hwong and Ally Quan (Schofield), Amy Li and Saara Sarayana (Singleton) and Joie Lu (Taylor) to learn the vital skills required to ensure the performances are correctly lit and that the voices of all are audible. All in all it has been wonderful to witness the students as they have honed their developing transferable skills of communication, teamwork and creativity.


House Public Speaking Competition

The House Public Speaking Awards were presented to Ananaya Mittal (Singleton) in the Junior Section, Annaliese Cossenas (Singleton) in the Intermediate Section and Rochelle Scheid (Taylor) in the Senior Section. Congratulations to each of these students on their outstanding Public speaking performances.  The poise and polish shown by all participants in delivering their speeches, throughout the competition, is to be commended. To have such confident young speakers in our midst is fantastic to see.


Festival of Music

The Festival of Music Concert, hosted by School Music Captains Maryanne Li and Elizabeth Gong on Friday 23 August, was an entertaining evening of music performances. The many and varied talents of our senior school students were showcased through an extensive range of co-curricular ensembles and choirs. The power of music was celebrated throughout the evening, as students shared their passion for performance with an appreciative audience. It was evident from the high standard of performances that the many hours of rehearsals, together with their ensemble directors, enabled all students to take to the stage with confidence and enthusiasm. We congratulate all performers who participated in this significant school event.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Celebration of Sport Dinner

The 2019 Celebration of Sport dinner was a wonderful opportunity to bring together many Senior School families and recognise the fantastic sporting achievements recorded over the past twelve months. We were privileged to have Olympic diver Anabelle Smith as our guest speaker. It was inspiring to hear about her journey to becoming an elite diver and the girls were very excited to take photos with Anabelle and her Olympic medal.

There were many awards presented on the night, however we would like to acknowledge some of the major award winners. The year level champion award was presented to the student in each year level who contributed the most to sport at CGGS. This award took into consideration the number of sports each student has participated in, as well as their attitude, commitment to training, performance, leadership and level of improvement throughout the year. The award winners are as follows:

Year 7
1st– Liana Robinson
2nd– Imogen Morriss
3rd– Sofia Pandeli

Year 8
1st– Jessica Lim
2nd– Isabella Tremewen
3rd– Clara Kim, Frida Andreasen and Tara Rastogi

Year 9
1st– Ella Robinson
2nd– Annabel Plummer
3rd– Emma Peak

Year 10
1st– Emily Arvidsson
2nd– Eloise Webster
3rd– Ashley Olsen and Chelsea Ellingworth

Year 11
1st– Michaela Robinson
2nd– Tilly Dunn
3rd– Laney Kriketos and Lauren Palma

Year 12
1st– Lucy Bartram
2nd– Samreen Kaur
3rd– Bianca Phan

The most prestigious award for the night was the Sportwoman of the Year Award which recognised the student who had contributed the most to sport at CGGS across all year levels. The winner of the Sportswoman of the Year Award was Jessica Lim.

The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program has replaced the Pierre de Coubertin Award in 2019. This exciting new opportunity celebrates and brings together young leaders in sport who are ‘making a difference’ in their school or local community. The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program recognises and rewards students who are demonstrating the Olympic spirit through leadership and driving positive change in their communities.

As part of their nomination, every student is invited to participate in a State Forum – an opportunity to connect with Olympians as well as likeminded Olympic Change-Makers. The Olympic Forums will provide students the unique opportunity to share ideas and be immersed in a unique Olympic experience as well as learning first hand from Olympians.

There were over 1000 applicants for this forum and we are very proud that two of our Year 12 students are recipients of the Olympic Changemaker Award, Lucy Bartram and Samreen Kaur were in the 200 students selected to attend this forum last Wednesday at Victoria University. Congratulations Lucy and Samreen.

Thanks to our 2019 Sport Captain, Lucy Bartram for her support in planning and hosting the evening and to the House Sports Captains for their assistance with presenting awards.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport


Transition 2 Tertiary Breakfast

On Friday morning in Robinson Hall the Year 12 girls enjoyed a breakfast organised by Mrs Trish Dolan CGGS Careers Counsellor and Mrs Nareen Robinson, the Year 12 Coordinator. Under the banner of ‘T2T’ (Transition to Tertiary), Mrs Dolan provided the girls with a summary of what factors enable a successful transition from secondary to tertiary education. Two past students, Nina D’Souza and Maggie Robinson (Class of 2018) spoke of their own post CGGS experiences and offered insights into how to make the transition a really successful one.

Nina is enjoying studying the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. She spoke about the opportunity to study vastly different subjects such as Anthropology and Gender Studies and how important it was to maintain friendship groups. She spoke of the need to stay focused on studies as the teaching and learning at a tertiary institution is so different from secondary school.

Maggie always wanted to have a gap year after working so hard in Year 12 and she gave an entertaining and humorous account of her time. After exploring a number of gap year organisations, Maggie headed off to Poland to teach English for five months. Along the way she met other young people from different countries, and from many different backgrounds and stated this was one of the highlights of her experience. She continued travelling and met up with another CGGS student who was overseas at that time (also enjoying a gap year!). She believes the gap year was an extremely positive experience and she is well ready to begin her studies at Deakin University studying the double degree of Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations. I am sure her own ‘international experience’ will be a huge benefit to her future studies!

Both girls’ great advice, and their ‘tips and tricks’ on how to make this transition a really happy and successful move, will enable our Year 12 graduates in 2019 to feel well prepared for this next chapter. We thank Mrs Dolan and Mrs Robinson for organising this ‘T2T’ Breakfast.


Baptism, Confirmation and Reception Service

Our school Chapel was full to overflowing on Tuesday 27 August. Family and friends gathered to support and encourage nine members of our school community who had chosen to be baptised, confirmed and received into the Anglican Church. Our regional Bishop, the Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell presided and preached, as well as confirming and received the candidates. The School Chaplain, the Reverend Helen Creed baptised six children and young people, and our service was blessed by the singing of a number of Senior School girls, who formed a choir for the occasion, directed by Mrs Cathy Georgiev.

Our warmest congratulations to: Eva Leahy-Baulch (baptised), Meg Chaffey (baptised and confirmed), Bethany Orme (confirmed), Lauren Bernabe (confirmed), Annaliese Le (baptised), Jennifer Le (baptised), Peyton Rhee (baptised) & Ethan Rhee (baptised). Our school principal, Mrs Debbie Dunwoody, after many years as an “Honorary Anglican”, was officially received into the Anglican Communion. It was an evening of warmth, love, community & joy.

DAV Debating

Once again, CGGS participated in DAV debating this year, with six teams competing across four divisions. For the first time, Year 8 students were invited to participate, competing alongside Year 9s. It has been fantastic to see so many students eager to take on the challenge of preparing and presenting an argument in front of an audience in a competitive environment.

This year our teams won 16 debates, with A Grade team 1 (Charlotte, Chloe, Sabrina, Madeline, Kiana, Maryanne, Katia) and C Grade team 1 (Emma, Maggie, Catherine, Esther, Amy) winning four of their five debates.

I would like to congratulate everyone who debated this year and I commend you on your efforts. I strongly encourage you all to continue debating next year and, in the future, to further develop your persuasive and public speaking skills.

Finally, thank you to all of the debating support teachers- Mr Lyell, Ms Gordon, Ms Drentin and Ms Ewens – for your help in organising this competition. Your expertise and guidance has been invaluable.

I look forward to seeing you all debate again next year!

Charlotte Abbott
School Debating and Literary Captain


Skyline Foundation Charity Concert at Scotch College

A group of our senior school musicians on Saturday 24 August,  volunteered to become members of a combined school orchestra, led by Scotch College students. The orchestra of combined schools presented a concert to raise funds for the Skyline Foundation, a charity which provides intensive support for academically gifted students who are at risk of not completing Year 11 or 12 due to adverse circumstances.

Our students rehearsed for a term and a half alongside students from Scotch College, MLC, PLC and Lauriston, preparing their selected repertoire for the concert. The student-directed orchestra presented a varied program of orchestral works and well-known vocal pieces, and the quality of performances was exceptionally high. Our musicians were well represented across a range of orchestral families, two of whom were in leadership roles – Kathy Han (Concert Master) and Chloe Law (Cello Principal). It is particularly pleasing to acknowledge and appreciate that service was at the forefront of all of the students involved, raising funds for the Skyline Foundation – Utilis In Ministerium was in abundance at the concert. We congratulate the following students for volunteering their time and talents for this worthy charity:

Violin 1/Concert Master
Kathy Han

Violin 1
Shirly Chen
Zara Mammone

Violin 2
Isabelle Brisk
Nicole Chang
Angie D’Leong
Megan Kuo

Chloe Law

Victoria Xiao

Lucia Chen

Angelique Zhou

The Chinese High School Debate

Xin Wei Cup has been the largest Chinese high school debating competition in Victoria for over four years. This year, more than 200 debaters from 27 schools participated in the competition. This is the third year in which CGGS has joined the debate with six students coming from Years 9, 10 and 11. The debate runs for over two months and we have successfully progressed through five rounds to reach the semi-final. With tremendous preparation, training and research, along with the huge amount of help from Edward Wu – our team coach from the RMIT Chinese debating team, we have achieved third place this year. We were also honoured to have been invited to compete in the Chinese Debating World Championship, held in Malaysia this coming December.

I have also received a prestigious personal award as the best speaker for 2019 Xin Wei Cup. As the Chinese debating captain of CGGS, I would like to thank our talented debaters Helena Liu, Suzy Zhu, Selina Wang, Lydia Wang and Angela Zhang for their enthusiasm and dedication. We are looking forward to welcoming more students to participate in this wonderful activity next year. Thank you.

Christine Guan
CGGS Chinese Debating Captain

Ladder Walk-a-thon

On the 3rd of September we had our annual LADDER Walk-a-thon in conjunction with Camberwell Grammar School after school at Shenley Reserve. It was a lovely day to walk laps around the park with warm weather which made the event much more enjoyable! This year we also had a bake sale, as well as prizes for the student who did the most laps around the park. Afterwards we heard from Brittany Bonnici, who is a player for the Collingwood AFWL, and also a project manager for LADDER.

She spoke about where the money we raised would go, and about the independent not-for-profit organisation helps young people aged 16 – 25 break the cycle of homelessness. LADDER gives young people the tools to take control of their lives, transition to independence and achieve their potential. LADDER supports young people exiting out- of-home care, and developing self-confidence and helping young people to identify and achieve their life goals. The event was very rewarding to know that what we were doing went towards a great and worthy cause, and all the students who participated enjoyed it very much.

Josie La
Service Learning Captain

German Excursion

On Friday 30 August, as part of the German Enterprise Project, the Year 10 German class went on an excursion into the city. The German Enterprise Project is an initiative set up by the Goethe Institute for German students to learn about businesses with close ties to Germany in our region, and to develop enterprise skills. Students work in groups and select a partner company with the goal to design and pitch a product or service for them.

Our first stop was Melbourne Design Studios in Collingwood, where we learnt about sustainable housing and the company’s architecture projects. Then we took the train to Flinders Street where we stopped for a Lindt hot drink before heading to our second partner company, Leica. We were given a very informative presentation about the company and their history, and were shown some of their products from the early 20th century until today. During both visits, we interviewed a representative of the company regarding their connection to Germany, their company processes, their products, their customers, and their vision. We then had a German lunch at the Hofbrauhaus, where all students had to order their meals in German.

2019 Victorian Age Short Course Championships

We’ve had a lot of Swimming success over the past fortnight. Overall, CGGS Aquatic had 14 swimmers compete over a full 3 days of competition; achieving 23 PB’s from 32 individual events (75% PB result which is sensational).

The Club was also involved in some Medley and Freestyle relays where further PB‘s were achieved.

Standout CGG student results were as follows;

Emily Price (Year 7) competed in 8 races and in 3 of those races she has qualified for the Vic Open Championships on 14 – 15 September.

Scarlett Giang (Year 8) competed in 2 races and she has qualified in one race for the Vic Open Championships on 14 – 15 September.

Sophie Chang (Year 7) also completed and achieved a 1.69sec PB and a State Qualifying time.

Ella Robertson Brown (Year 8) had 4 top 10 finishes on the day, ranking her in the top 10 for her age in Victoria. Other achievements for Ella included:

> 5PBs

> 4x50m freestyle relay- bronze medalists

> 4x50m medley relay- silver medalists

> 4x50m mixed freestyle relay- bronze medalists

Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships 

From 19 to 23 August, students from CGGS went up to Mt Buller to compete in the Victorian Interschool’s Snowsports Championships. CGGS was one of 230 schools participating with our team of nine girls, we competed across Division 1, 2 and 3 as well as Giant Slalom and Alpine SkierX. This year saw our biggest CGGS presence on Mt Buller and with 13 Ormiston students also competing in the Junior School events earlier in the week, the future of the CGGS SnowSports team is looking bright.

It was an extremely fun week filled with skiing. Well done to all the competitors and thank you to Ms Stevens and Miss Winkler who were there to offer their support and a great deal of encouragement to all the girls, watching us cross the finish line with much cheering and encouragement.

Division 3 Competitors (Years 7 & 8)
Charlotte Luke, Sara Rowland, Emma Daffy, Jessica Lim, Xara Anderson & Isabella Tremewen

Saturday Netball Finals 

The CGGS Saturday Netball Club had eleven teams compete in the semi-finals last Saturday, the level of the competition was high but our CGGS teams were up for the challenge. Highlights included, Year 8 Silver go into overtime against Koonung Firebirds, and CGGS Silver played a great defensive game and were able to convert many turnovers into goals. Unfortunately, Koonung defeated CGGS Silver by only one goal.

Year 9 Diamonds gave it their all for all four quarters of the game, although Ruyton Ravens barely missed a goal.

Year 9 Amber were up against the top team Strathcona Sharks, CGGS Amber fought hard, trying defensive set ups and set plays. Going into the fourth quarter, CGGS were down by one goal, but Strathcona came out very strong and were unstoppable in the fourth, taking the win.

The Year 12 Crystals versed Genazzano Lenton in a very competitive game, Genazzano got off to a strong start but CGGS came back in the second quarter to level the scores. CGGS Crystals tried many combinations but could not get over the line, going down to Genazzano by three goals.

The Year 12 Moonstones had a tough game against Genazzano Pitman, CGGS Moonstones played a great second half but it was not enough. Both Year 12 teams played their final game for CGGS last Saturday, the spirits were high and all girls should be congratulated on their dedication to the CGGS Saturday Netball Program.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator 

A Video Conference with Ancient Rome!

As part of their upcoming study of Ancient Rome, in Week 7 our Year 7 students were engaged in a video conference with Dr Alan Cadwallader, a New Testament scholar from Charles Sturt University. Dr Cadwallader was able to share with us his experiences on the archaeological excavation of Collosae, in modern Turkey. This site is relevant to his study of the New Testament, and he was able to bring life to this ancient place through his discussion of inscriptions and coins discovered there. Amongst these coins were some minted with the text ‘Claudia Eugenetoriane’, a rare instance of a woman with apparently independent wealth and power from the ancient world.

A question and answer session gave students the opportunity to gain insights from someone working on an archaeological site. They were interested in the difficulties and rewards of such work, as well as wanting to know more about the ancient past. In answer to a question “Would you have like to live in ancient Collosae?” Dr Cadwallader answered that it would all depend on one’s status in the social hierarchy. Life as a slave would not be enviable, but as a member of the wealthy class, he thought it would have been quite comfortable.

Izzy Wood in 7W concluded, “The video conference was an interesting experience that taught us all a lot. There was a great amount of information that Dr Cadwallader gave us. He has very extensive knowledge on Collosae and you can tell he is very passionate about his work. I’m sure we all learnt a lot and found the experience memorable.”