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Senior School

July 26, 2019

Welcome back to Term 3 at Senior School. On Monday 15 July all our staff took part in a number of Professional Development sessions including updating First Aid qualifications and training. At the start of every term, Rev Helen Creed leads us for a time of prayer and reflection and it really helps set the tone for the coming weeks. Thank you Rev Creed!

This past week we had the pleasure of welcoming three new families to CGGS and all our students have returned refreshed and ready for their learning and all the activities on offer to them this term.

House Public Speaking has been taking place in and around the production rehearsals. I take this opportunity to remind parents to book their tickets for either the Thursday 1, Friday 2 or Saturday 3 of August as seats are selling fast! The spectacular set that has been created for “The Secret In The Wings” means there are limited seats available, so get in quick. Once again this year’s production will be an amazing achievement and we are all excited to see the fruits of the efforts of the students and the staff involved.

Last Thursday we held our 2020 Year 8 – 10 Subject Information Evening for parents and students. On this night we also had Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath also present to the families on his work in the Cognizance Project – A Tour through the Teenage Brain. CGGS was recently offered the opportunity to work with Jared and partner with Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to present the following 4 sessions to our Year 9 students and staff:

> Get Your Mind Right (Stories and Errors)

> Master The Hardware (Plasticity)

> Gaming The System (Memory)

> Owning Your Learning (Metacognition)

The number of parents and students who commented about Jared’s session is a reflection of how important and informative his presentation was for our school community. I thank Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Curriculum & Programs) for inviting Jared to speak on the night. This was followed by an information session run by Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching & Learning and also all the Heads of Department who spoke to the students and their parents about the subjects and electives on offer to them in 2020. Thank you to Kate for her organisation of this informative evening.

It seems hard to believe that we are already at the stage again of students applying for School and House Leadership roles for 2020. However, we are at that time of the year, and it is truly inspiring to have so many of our students aspiring to roles of leadership for the future.

This week many parents availed the opportunity to come to the Year 10 – 12 Learning Conversations and in conjunction with their daughter and teachers discuss the learning outcomes, progress made and means of extra growth in each subject. Such sessions are invaluable and rather than calling them Parent Teacher Interviews, we deliberately call them Learning Conversations, because essentially that’s what they are. We believe that this 3 way communication provides the best outcomes for the student.


Oh sleep, oh gentle sleep… and digital wellbeing

Term 3 is well underway with students returning to their school routines. For many students coming back to school requires a reset of sleeping patterns to accommodate school, rather than holiday hours. It is recommended that children aged between five and eight years have ten to eleven hours of sleep a night, with teenagers needing nine to ten hours to function at their best (Raising Children, 2019; Treyvaud, Vowles, 2018).

Whilst each family’s schedule is different, our nightly routines often include at least some time either watching TV or using a computer or mobile device, all of which emit blue light. It is widely recognised that this blue light suppresses melatonin levels. Lower melatonin levels disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms, i.e. the body’s biological clock, which in turn delays sleep and has a negative impact on your sleep quality.

One simple step is to make use of Apple’s Night Shift or the Night Mode function for Android devices as these both reduce blue light exposure. An even more important strategy is to turn off mobile devices, computers and the TV at least one hour before bedtime. You may already be doing this, but if this isn’t the case, a conversation with your children / teenagers about the merits of quality sleep on wellbeing, and how to manage their night-time device usage, could be worthwhile. Refer to the Raising Children website for more advice on good sleep hygiene from newborns through to teenage years.

The previous article in this Digital Wellbeing series mentioned our intention to survey the CGGS community as part of our digital wellbeing initiative. This work has begun with all Senior and Junior teachers completing individual and team surveys. We will be asking for your assistance in upcoming weeks as we conduct surveys of our families and students. Survey trends will be shared with the community in future articles. The focus of our next article in this series, is the digital wellbeing of primary aged children, so make sure you look out for it in the next CamNews.

Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator) and Cathy Poyser (Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School)


> (2019). Understanding sleep. Retrieved from

> Treyvaud, R.,& Vowles, C. (2018) The parents’ survival guide to children, technology and the internet.Wangle Technologies Ltd.


LinkedIn for Students

Students in Year 12 attended a presentation on ‘LinkedIn for Students’ by Mrs Sue Ellson, an independent LinkedIn specialist. Sue gave an overview of the recognition by employers of social media sites such as LinkedIn as part of the overall recruitment process. She citing research that indicated 90% of employers use LinkedIn as part of their selection process. She reminded students about their current digital footprint and asked them what it may say to their future employers.

The presentation was followed by a workshop for the Year 12s where they had the opportunity to create their own profile. Ably guided by Sue, she led students through the setting up of their own excellent LinkedIn profile and explained the intricacies of privacy settings. She enlightened students about taking control of their own brand, making connections, building influence and knowing their industry as they move into tertiary study and the world of work. The girls LinkedIn profile will enable them to network and connect to school alumni, to chat about potential career paths, or source information about career opportunities, and also connect with users and groups in unique and strategic ways.

Sue gave an energetic, enthusiastic and thought provoking presentation to our students. She has an impressive array of presentations, podcasts and publications

Trish Dolan
Careers Councellor

Anne Harvey-Nagl – International Violinist Masterclasses

On Friday the Music Department was honoured to host Melbourne-born internationally-renowned violinist, Anne Harvey-Nagl, for a day of workshops and masterclasses at CGGS. Anne is currently based in Vienna and has achieved much success as a performer in Europe. She has played with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Concert-Verein, Klangforum, Music On Line, and the Kammerphilharmonie. From 1999 – 2011 Anne was Principal 1st violin of the Vienna Volksoper and was appointed Concertmaster in 2011.

Many students had the opportunity to work with Anne, including Senior Chamber Strings, Russell Strings and two chamber ensembles. The Year 9 Piano Quintet of Isabelle Viney, Angie D’Leong, Teagan Diep, Emily Wu and Teresa Guo enjoyed a fantastic session with Anne:

“Our masterclass with Anne Harvey-Nagl was very insightful to hear her wide knowledge and experience from the field of music. We all really enjoyed hearing her interesting suggestions to add to our piece which helped us grow as individual musicians, and also helped our ensemble become more united and musical”

“I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt from Anne in one day, in the strings workshops and the quintet session. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and my time on the Strings Day”

“My experience with Ann Harvey-Nagl was extremely inspiring, educational and insightful. We all took a lot away from it, which allowed us to further improve and grow as musicians. Hearing her expert insights and suggestions to improve our playing helped us all immensely”

Students and staff were treated to an inspiring and extremely engaging lunchtime recital from Anne where she talked about her musical experiences and both violin and musical performance technique, as well as playing many pieces, from Kreisler to Mozart. Many Music staff members were involved in the day’s sessions and special thanks goes to Nichole Adams and Rohan Mack who was instrumental in securing this opportunity for our students to work with Anne. Anne visits Australia regularly and always performs when she is here. Families may wish to attend one of Anne’s performances this weekend!

Australian World Orchestra
Friday 26 July, 7.30pm
Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne
Performing Westlake ‘Flying Dream’, Janáček ‘Taras Bulba’ Rhapsody for Orchestra, Sibelius Symphony No. 2, Op. 43.
Tickets available online

Anne Harvey-Nagl & John O’Donnell
Sunday 28 July, 3.00pm
All Saints Anglican Church, East St Kilda
Performing Beethoven Sonata No. 4, Op. 23 & Brahms Sonata No. 3, Op. 108
Free entry for students with valid student card, Adults $25

Rohan Mack & Kate Savige
Directors of Music


Saturday Netball

Saturday Netball has recommenced for Term 3, with many CGGS teams having wins in round 11.

Year 7 Quartz had a fantastic win against Ruyton Roulettes, the CGGS team have had tough games this season but all girls played their best netball last Saturday. Year 7 Pearl versed the top team and CGGS were up for the challenge, although the team was defeated, the girls gave it their all and made the opposition work hard.

Year 8 Jade had a close game against Ruyton Renegades, Jade were strong all over the court and won 12-11. Year 8 Jade are sitting in 3rd place comfortably on the ladder.

The Year 9 teams had close games last Saturday, Amber drew to Genazzano Gooden 16-16, Aquamarines went down by 5 goals but had a good game, and Diamonds were defeated 16-8.

Year 10 Turquoise were unstoppable against Genazzano Molik, the CGGS team were strong down the whole court and scored 17 goals.

The Year 11 Tanzanites were determined to beat Genazzano Layton, their hard work paid off and defeated them 13-10.

Year 12 Crystals played a fantastic game last Saturday, are yet to lose a game for the season and have taken the lead on the ladder. Year 12 Moonstones were too good for MLC Coral, scoring 29 goals and kept the opposition at 4 goals. Moonstones are now comfortably in 3rd place on the ladder and are excited to play finals in few weeks.

Best of luck to all Saturday Netball teams competing this weekend!

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coordinator


I wish you all a restful weekend.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School