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Senior School

This past fortnight in Senior School we have conducted our Year 7 – 10 Learning Conversations and these have provided a great opportunity for the students, their parents and their teachers to discuss areas of achievement and those for individual growth. House Music rehearsals have continued with the performance on Friday 31 May fast approaching. The mass singing choirs are really starting to sound harmonious and we have a wonderful program of music to look forward to. Please make sure you book your free tickets and purchase dinner via Pinwheel & Co if this would assist your family on the night.

The Mother’s Day Breakfast was a beautiful way to celebrate our Mother’s and those special to us. Past staff member Jill Bales spoke about the organisation she works with, Dream Stitches and the huge assistance our students are each Friday to ensure the children of the ladies learning to sew are attended to with great kindness.

Last Friday evening was a highlight for me in particular as we welcomed back to CGGS our Class of 2009, to their 10 Year Reunion. When they were in Year 10 and year 11 at CGGS, I had the privilege of being their Year Level Coordinator. The young women were also thrilled to have their Year 12 Coordinator, Mrs Louise Carroll join them at this function. The sophistication and poise and the breadth of experiences of these young women really struck both Debbie and myself. They were delighted to come back to CGGS and share the stories of what they have been studying and are currently undertaking in their workplaces.

Debbie and I excused ourselves from the reunion and headed to the Cabaret Night in Barbara Sutton Hall. This was a magnificent night of music making where the Senior School ensembles and choirs perform in an informal setting to their admiring parents and friends. The standard of the repertoire seems to increase with every year. Well done to all the performers and to all the Music staff for their efforts to make this such an enjoyable evening.

On Saturday morning I went to the netball to watch and cheer on our Year 7 and 8 players and was thrilled to be there for one of the most exciting games of the past few years! Our Year 8 Jade team played against a mixed team called The Dynamites. While the first three quarters were closely contested, Coach and past student Laura King, provided great motivation and strategic direction such that in the last quarter the Dynamites were held scoreless. Well done Jade, I look forward to seeing many more of your games in the upcoming years.

That evening the Year 11 students painted their nails and put on their party dresses for the Year 11 Soiree. This year the event was held at Royal South Yarra Tennis Club as our previous and favoured venue The Boulevard no longer hosts functions. The students and their partners had a wonderful evening dancing and chatting. They certainly enjoyed their very formal night of the year. Thank you to Year 11 Coordinator, Mr Andrew Burnell, and his Soiree Committee members for organising their special night.

Hopefully Sunday – Mother’s Day provided a sleep in for some as it had been a busy week of engagements.

This week CGGS has celebrated Diversity Week and we thank School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot for her efforts in putting together the activities for this week. At the end of each day an email to the students and teachers was circulated and we share more about these messages later in Camnews.

Diversity Week began with our Founder’s Day Service at St. Mark’s Church. The Service was conducted by Rev Helen Creed with help from many students, in particular School Faith and Service Captain, Isabella Lincke. A highlight was most definitely Year 12 student Genevieve Alexie’s solo singing the first verses of “Beauty for Brokenness.”

Finally the Year 7 and 9 students have completed the paper version of the NAPLAN this week. Well done to all.


Cabaret Night

On Friday 10 May, the CGGS community came together in the Barbara Sutton Hall to celebrate and enjoy the 2019 Cabaret Night Concert. School Music Captains, Maryanne Li and Elizabeth Gong were very entertaining hosts, sharing their passion for performance with fellow student musicians and the audience. Parents and friends had the opportunity to mingle and chat with others throughout the evening and were delighted by performances from a diverse range of Senior School ensembles.

Many thanks to ensemble directors, Cathy Georgiev, Mat Duniam, Stephanie Leslie, Marianne Rigby-Black, Joseph Yu, Margaret Butcher and Chloe Lewis, who had prepared repertoire throughout Term 1 and at the recent Music Camp for this much loved event. An additional thank you to our Music Administrator, Jane Scott, for her coordination of ticketing, the program and many components in the set-up of the hall.

We would like to acknowledge all of the students who contributed to making the evening such a huge success. Their hard work and dedication to our co-curricular music program is much appreciated. Many thanks also to Michael Lawrence and the Maintenance team, Mark Major, Kim Perkins and Keira Lyons for their technical assistance and The PFA for their donation of chocolates and ongoing support.

We look forward to seeing the students showcase their talents at the upcoming House Music competition on Friday 31May.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Mungo Youth Project Conference

Twelve students with four accompanying staff members arrived in the magic of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region last week, connecting with students from across Australia to share and learn in what is an immersive environment like no other. CGGS students joined Elders and National Park Rangers, Scientists, Archaeologists, Principals, AIME mentors and others on sacred land to directly engage with history and culture.

Opting to be a presenting school at the conference meant that from February we met regularly to prepare a presentation on the topic of bush foods, medicine and Aboriginal science. Students used Bruce Pascoe’s ‘Dark Emu’ text as a spring board for thought as well as Murrundindi’s vast knowledge of Wurundjeri practices to prepare and deliver a hands-on workshop to the ‘Didge Boys’ of Ulladulla High School. Together they cooked Wattleseed damper over hot coals; drank Lemon Myrtle cordial and medicinal Gingram tea; made soap with black wood leaf and competed to nail the comeback boomerang technique.

Combining with our travel buddies, Glen Waverley Secondary College, our students also had the privilege of interviewing discoverer of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady, and Patron of the conference Professor Jim Bowler. Professor Bowler is a Geomorphologist who at age 89 is still so passionate about bringing the truth of Mungo to the rest of the country. Other highlights included star gazing on the sand dunes and the final closing event of the conference, a traditional Lore Ceremony featuring a spontaneous dreaming story told by Aunty Beryl and hosted by Senior Lore man Mick Kelly.

The CGGS girls showed enormous spirit and enthusiasm. It is difficult to describe the spiritual nature of this environment, but they immediately understood the significance of it all. Their maturity and emotional intelligence did not go unnoticed by organisers and other schools. They also kept such a delightful, positive attitude in the face of really challenging conditions- raging dust storms, rain, wind, no access to showers, multiple camp set ups and pack ups as well as arduous travel to just name a few.

A challenging, immersive and ultimately uplifting experience for all involved, the Mungo Youth Project Conference of 2019 will be one that is remembered for years to come!

Shane Maycock and Georgia Biggs

Exploring brass instruments with Shrewd Brass

On Thursday 16 May, ‘Shrewd Brass’ swung into Barbara Sutton Hall to inspire and entertain our Year 5, 6 and 7 students, with an incursion to support their music studies. Our students were treated to a great variety of performance pieces, with exceptional solo and ensemble skills demonstrated on the Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone (complete with a boxing glove on the end of the slide), Euphonium, and Tuba. The players encouraged participation in our brass department through instrumental lessons, and modelled the exceptional potential of each instrument to all of our students.The skills of the performers left the girls in awe and with big smiles on their faces for the rest of the day!

Year 11 Soiree

Last Saturday night, over one hundred of our Year 11s and their partners attended the Year 11 Soiree. The venue this year was the Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club and it proved to be a fabulous venue with plenty of space for the Year 11s and their partners to enjoy the evening. The Year 11s and their partners certainly had a wonderful time with many photographs and much dancing occurring throughout the evening.

The reflections of three of our Year 11s were as follows:

At the end of the night the lights filtered down. Feet were tired of dancing, mouths were tired of laughing, and the crowd was tired in general. There was one thing we all agreed on – Soiree was awesome. 

The 2019 soiree was a great night, filled with laughter and fun. All of the girls enjoyed the opportunity to get dressed up and spend the night with friends. The event created memories that we will never forget. 

Year 11 soirée was absolutely phenomenal. The months of planning were reflected in the beautiful dresses, gorgeous hair and perfect nails. Laughter, music and happiness filled the room as we danced the night away. This is a timeless memory I will never forget. 

Many thanks to Tilly Dunn, Cass Quarrell, Simrin Dube, Ashleigh Cheung, Andrea Silvestri, Isabella He and Emily Hoyle for their assistance in helping to organise and decorate the venue. Thanks also to the staff members who attended this very happy and enjoyable Soiree.

Andrew Burnell
Year 11 Coordinator


Chess Tournament Success!

Five excited, but nervous chess players made the trip to the middle school campus of Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School on 7 May to compete in a zone open chess tournament. Playing against both boys and girls of a variety of ages, they each competed in seven matches. High levels of concentration were required for extended periods of time and it was wonderful to see Emily Lin, Kelly Ta and Bethany Orme from Year 9 and Sophie Chang and Grace Barnes from Year 7 apply their considerable skills of defence, attack and strategy and rise to the challenges presented.

Some truly outstanding results were achieved. Grace won her first tournament points, a great effort. Bethany achieved Bronze in the School Girl Division and Kelly a first place in the 9 – 10 Division. Sophie placed first in the 7 – 8 Division, with six wins and Emily was awarded the top individual honour of Star of the Tournament with a perfect score of seven wins. The strong competitiveness of the CGGS girls resulted in them winning the overall tournament prize and bringing another trophy home to the cabinet in Student Services.

A Mus A Diploma

We would like to congratulate Year 9 student, Emily Wu who succeeded in accomplishing her A Mus A Diploma for Cello this week. Emily treated her peers to a performance of her cello exam repertoire late last term and the Music Department has been thrilled to host several similar student recitals in recent weeks. Emily’s Cello Diploma will accompany her A Mus A Piano Diploma which we she received at a ceremony this week.

To achieve the Associate in Music Diploma (A Mus A), Emily has studied and achieved Grades 1 through 8 in her AMEB examinations, achieving a very high standard in all her results. For most students this means application to their instrument, hours of practice and musical studies for many years, including passing Grade 5 Music Theory examinations. After achieving the A Mus A diploma, students who are passionate about their musical studies can go on to study for the Licentiate in Music diploma (L Mus A) or further musical theory.

We would like to further acknowledge that Emily is the first CGGS student to achieve this level of accomplishment for two instruments. Congratulations, Emily on your outstanding success in your music studies, we are very excited to follow your musical journey in the years to come.

Australia Champion Juvenile Ballroom Dancer 2019

On Saturday 3 May, Year 7 student Frenanda Wu competed in the Victorian Ballroom Championships.

Throughout the day Frenanda and her partner danced as “couple 232” to complete The Tango, Waltz, Samba and Merilyn, showing their skill to a panel of national judges. Frenanda has been studying ballroom dancing for the past 6 years and loves everything about the sport, particularly competitions which give her a chance to wear beautiful costumes and present the different styles she has been studying.

At the end of each dance category the judges commented on the pair’s excellent timing and beautiful lines which are so evident in the photos Frenanda has shared with us. As a couple they used the space well and captured the different genres with high degree of skill.

After a nerve-wracking day of dancing the results were revealed, crowing Frenanda as the Victorian  Juvenile Ballroom Dancing Champion for 2019. This adds to the title she won last year naming her Australian Ballroom Champion.

Congratulation Frenanda!

Saturday Netball

Highlights from the Round 5 Saturday Netball competition saw the CGGS Year 8 Jade team defeated Dynamites 23-14. The CGGS team were unstoppable, keeping Dynamites scoreless in the last quarter. Year 8 Silver had a very close game but went down by 1 goal to Genazzano Wood.

Year 9 Aquamarines got off to a fantastic start against MLC Mystics, the CGGS team won every quarter and defeated MLC Mystics 14-6.

The Year 10 Gems were down by 4 goals early on, a few changes were made and CGGS Gems came from behind to defeat Ruyton Robins 19-17.

Year 12 Crystals are currently sitting in 2nd place on the ladder, this coming Saturday CGGS will take on Genazzano who are on top. CGGS Crystals had a convincing win against Koonung Blazers last Saturday.

Best of luck goes to all teams competing this coming Saturday.

Diversity Week

This week at CGGS we celebrated Diversity Week, reinforcing our school’s values and our desire to always encourage an environment where everyone feels welcome to participate and is proud to belong. We celebrate our differences and the opportunities that these present for us all to learn new perspectives and ways of living, no one more right than the other. Simply accepting and understanding the many types of diversity across ours and any community.

Our 2019 School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot, organised activities each day to facilitate discussion around a different area of diversity and then at the end of each day, shared information with students and staff to further explain the different types of diversity. We are happy to share two of Isobel’s information sheets below.