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Senior School

Welcome Back

While the CGGS staff returned to work last Tuesday for two days of Professional Learning, the students were welcomed back to Term 2 on Friday 26 April and the almost three week holiday has assisted all to feel well rested and refreshed. Already there have been so many student achievements and experiences to acknowledge and celebrate. I encourage all CGGS community members to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where you can appreciate many of the articles in this edition of CamNews at the time they were occurring.

Best wishes to all our students and their families for a wonderful Term 2.


UK Literature Tour

The inaugural Literature Tour was an amazing and unique experience for our 24 students from Years 8 – 12.

Three incredible days exploring London and then almost two weeks driving through England lived up to the hype in every way imaginable. It was a dream come true for all of us to walk in the steps of those whose works have lived on long after their creators. Together, we indulged in thousands of years of history, walking tours, picturesque scenery and a particularly tasty traditional pie and mash (and fish and chips of course). We also had the opportunity to experience the life of famous writers by seeing where they lived and worked.

Harry Potter Studios was a definite highlight. The detail, passion and creativity of the thousands of creators on set was unrivalled to anything we had ever seen! Then there was standing in the graveyard at the Bronte Parsonage Museum where the scene of cawing crows and murky grey skies truly took us back into moments of the Bronte sister’s inspiration, particularly for Wuthering Heights. Another favourite was the Jane Austen Centre in Bath and her House Museum in Chawton, where we learnt so much about what life was like for young women in those times. The story of Shakespeare in Stratford was another highlight, as was the day exploring Oxford University and all the town had to offer.

Overall, we came home feeling incredibly satisfied, inspired and blessed for this opportunity. Thank you to Ms Stevens and Ms Penessi for their wonderful work on the tour.  Thank you also to Mr Maycock for his expertise and support, and lastly thank you to the students for helping me realise my dream of a Literature Tour for Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

Overall, we came home feeling incredibly satisfied, inspired and blessed for this opportunity. Thank you to Mrs Stevens and Ms Penessi for their wonderful work on the tour.  Thank you also to Mr Maycock for his expertise and support, and lastly thank you to the students for helping me realise my dream of a Literature Tour for Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

Mrs Anne Devenish
Head of Library

Music Camp

Kelly Pollock, Executive Director of the Centre For Creative Arts, says:

“At a time when innovative thinking, creative problem solving and flexibility are highly valued and needed to succeed in today’s economy, the arts provide the most powerful methods for developing these abilities”.

Our recent Music Camp at Mount Eliza endorsed the importance of these transferable skills on many levels. The ability to connect with others, through the love of music, is a key strength in which our musicians excelled. All students who attended the camp were immersed in a wide range of rehearsal, workshop and performance experiences where effective communication, problem solving and creative risk taking were essential. It was a privilege to collaborate with staff, students and special guest Murrundindi throughout the weekend. We look forward to sharing the high quality work produced with all of the CGGS community in a number of approaching music events. A very special thanks to Jane Scott and the staff who attended, supporting us with their kindness, care, good humour and trivia quiz question expertise!

We are very happy to share some student refection’s below.

Kate Savige & Rohan Mack
Directors of Music


Last weekend, 109 talented CGGS musicians went to Mt Eliza for an exhilarating, dynamic and action-packed Music Camp. This year’s Saturday Night Trivia theme was ‘Musical Icons’; featuring girls dressed up as the Spice Girls, Freddie Mercury and Ed Sheeran, just to name a few. It was great to see the blossoming of new friendships, both within and across the year levels, as well as all the girls having fun whilst rehearsing. The camp concluded with a concert, where parents and friends could hear a sample of the excellent music to be performed at upcoming music events.

Students collaborated in various activities with Murrundindi, the leader of the Wurundjeri people, in an extended project, as well as learning several dances and songs. We are all looking forward to performing this devised work, which will be incorporated into the School’s 100th anniversary celebrations next year.

Many thanks to the spectacular teachers from the Senior and Junior School Music Departments and the additional teachers who ensured that the Music Camp was really enjoyable. Particular thanks must also go to our legendary Directors of Music, Ms Savige and Mr Mack, for your charisma and immense efforts during the weekend!

Elizabeth Gong & Maryanne Li
School Music Captains


On Saturday 27 April, Murrundindi attended our Music Camp to work with us and kick start a collaborative performing arts project. Murrundindi taught all of the girls a Lyrebird Dance, a Kangaroo Dance and an indigenous welcome song called ‘Wandit Kundawah’. We learnt the meaning of the dances, their significance to the indigenous culture and the importance of their oral traditions. Murrundindi had also made a special set of clap sticks for us, cut from a Tea Tree at Healesville Sanctuary. All students came together in the main hall, where Murrundindi led us in the welcome song. It was great to learn some words from the Wurundjeri language and we all enjoyed singing the song together. The massed singing made us feel connected and ignited a celebratory acknowledgement of our community. These sessions were a particular highlight of the Music Camp.

Lexy Cooke, Angeline D’Leong, Nicole Chang & Megan Kuo
Year 9 students

Australasian Quilt Convention – Congratulations Madison! 

During the school holidays the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) held their annual awards evening at a gala dinner at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. As part of their awards there is a Shining Light Award given to promote youth involvement in patchwork and quilting to the upcoming generations of the craft. The award assesses individuals under the age of 18, who are nominated by members of the committee and the different patchwork guides across Australasia. Madison Paruss, Year 12, was short listed in the week prior to the award and the winner was only announced on the evening.

The 2019 Shining Light Award for Australia and New Zealand was presented to Madison Parfuss, Year 12. Madi started quilting at the age of 8 with her grandmother, Megan. Madi has entered a number of quilts into both primary and secondary divisions and has been recognised with prizes for each of her submissions. Primarily a machine piecer Madi has created some beautiful works. On behalf of the CGGS community we congratulate Madi.

Cross Country

Congratulations to all the Year 4 – 12 girls who participated in the House Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday. We were fortunate to have a sunny day as the girls ran around Shenley Reserve, earning points for their House and enthusiastically cheering on their peers. Congratulations to Taylor House for winning the House Cross Country Trophy for 2019. Thank you to all staff, students and the Parents and Friends Association who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly.

Overall Results

1st – Taylor

2nd – Lawrence

3rd – Schofield

4th – Singleton

Well done to the following girls who were awarded Year Level Champions.

Year 7

1st – Bella Fary

2nd – Emily Price

3rd – Sofia Pandeli

Year 8 

1st – Madeleine Giagoudakis

2nd – Jessica Lim

3rd – Frida Andreasen

Year 9 

1st – Annabel Plummer

2nd – Alice Wilson

2nd – Alicia Ooi

Year 10

1st – Belinda Lemanis

2nd – Sophia Giagoudskis

3rd – Olivia Pietralla

Year 11

1st – Polly Plummer

2nd – Haylie Chen

3rd – Emily Zhang

Year 12

1st – Zoe Giagoudakis

2nd – Victoria Pearson

3rd – Eloise Schilling

Prospecting Age Swimming Championships

The Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships were held at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre from 15 to 22 April. This annual swimming meet incorporated the selection trials for the 2019 FINA World Junior Championships in Budapest and saw Australia’s future swimming stars competing for the opportunity to be crowned Australian Age Champion. Success in this arena can then lead swimmers into the Commonwealth Games and then to the Olympics.

To become a national swimmer you must have made the national qualifying times. Ella Robertson-Brown, Year 8, made the qualifying time in the 50m freestyle in a time of 28.60 seconds and is now ranked in the top 50 of Australia for that event. Competition at this meet is very strong and in her relay she placed 17th. As the only student from CGGS to participate at Hancock, we congratulate Ella on her success.


Parent Education Seminar

Tuesday night’s Parent Seminar presentation by Robyn Treyvaud was well received with over 70 parents attending from both Camberwell Girls and Camberwell Boys Grammar Schools. The current concerns surrounding Adolescents technology use and the internet was discussed with key research and findings explored. Robyn covered, Monitoring Screen time in the age of distraction, Internet addiction, Sleep deprivation, Cyberbullying, Social Media and Developing media agreements. The presentation slides are attached here your information.

Thanks to Isobel Arnot (Yr 12) our Wellbeing Captain for hosting the evening and providing some insights on behalf of the adolescent community.


Year 9 Dignity Conference

This week, Year 9 students have been involved in a Service Learning Dignity Conference coordinated by Ms Liss Campbell, Head of Service Learning and Mrs Nirvana Watkins, Year 9 Coordinator. As part of this conference students have been presented with fabulous opportunities to learn more about local organisations that tackle disadvantage, including The Big Issue, River Nile, Eat Up, Share the Dignity and more.

Ms Campbell and her team worked hard to put together an engaging, topical, and at times challenging, program. Students were encouraged to participate with an open and curious mind to the two days

of learning about individuals who are less fortunate than themselves. There were amazing stories shared and I would encourage you to discuss this program with your daughters. Articles written by students in response to some of the programs are shared below.

The 2 day conference was covered extensively on our Twitter and Facebook pages. I encourage you to go to these platforms and see all the exciting things the girls got up to.


Eat Up

We had the privilege to be able to support the organisation Eat Up on the 2 May, 2019. This organisation delivers sandwiches to those young Australians who attend school without lunch on a daily basis. Without food, children’s concentration is compromised, finding them at a disadvantage in their daily schooling. Our group made 2,000 sandwiches in under an hour, helping to support children nationwide. We were rapidly buttering bread, adding cheese, wrapping and stacking them in crates ready for delivery. This experience was an empowering eye opener in understanding the daily struggles of some less fortunate young Australians. We were grateful for this opportunity to give back to our society and the disadvantaged.

Teri Perdikaris, Felicity Vanin & Stamatia Stathopoulos
Year 9


River Nile School

Over Thursday and Friday this week the Year 9s were lucky enough to participate in a Dignity Conference where we learnt about the meaning of dignity and how members of the community are enabling everyone the chance to have dignity.

On Thursday afternoon Lisa Wilson, the Principal of The River Nile School, came in to talk about how she and her school assist refugee women to regain their dignity through education and real world support. The River Nile School and Learning Centre is a school for young women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds where CGGS students and staff volunteer on a regular basis. Lisa was joined by Zahida, an 18 year old refugee from Ethiopia who attends The River Nile School. Lisa and Zahida shared some of Zahida’s inspirational story with us. Zahida is a refugee who fled from her home country of Ethiopia when she was just 16. She travelled from Ethiopia to Egypt (across 3 countries) via walking, catching rides in trains and cars, she then travelled to Australia. She is now at The River Nile School where she has learnt English and grown to be such a phenomenal young woman. She can speak eight languages and dreams of one day creating a world where all the tribes in Ethiopia can be united and the people there will not suffer conflict like she did. It was wonderful to see such a strong, ambitious woman standing before us, so motivated by her past to make a difference. Zahida one day wishes to be a doctor.

Charli Lincke
Year 9


Year 10 Geography – Greenspace fieldwork

In Term 1, the Year 10 Geography students accompanied by Ms Walter, Mr Clark, Mr Pasinati and Mrs Pappas, investigated several parklands and greenspaces in the Yarra City Council region. This tied in with our key focuses on the interconnection between climate change, the Urban Heat Island Effect, greenspaces in urban areas and human wellbeing. We explored a number of sites including Richmond Terrace, Studley Park and the Abbotsford Convent.

Richmond Terrace, the smallest of the three parks, is located between the original intersection of two streets and catered for the local residents of the area. It was a very urban park but an interesting and effective use of this space. Studley Park, near the Boathouse, was a much greater expanse of parkland and a biodiverse haven. It offers a wider range of facilities for activities, attracting Melburnians and visitors alike from a vast range of demographics. We really enjoyed the relaxing open space, nature walk and the shady places where we sat to eat our morning tea.

The historical site of the Abbotsford Convent on the other hand, displays fascinating architecture along with beautiful gardens to explore. The final site visited, a block of apartments in Abbotsford, drew our attention by emphasising the value of greenspaces (parks) in our cities in strengthening human wellbeing and reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. Highlights of the day were definitely getting to explore some iconic Melbourne public places and, of course, indulging in some food at the Abbotsford Convent Bakery. It was also very positive to learn more about how greenspaces play an important role in responding to climate change and supporting human wellbeing.

Georgia Tsirmiris & Sarah Stephen
Year 10

Chaplain’s Assembly

As part of this week’s Year 10-12 Chaplain’s assembly, Cameron Semmens, a Melbourne based poet and author, was invited to impart some wisdom and share some of his inspiring poetry with the girls. Using powerful metaphors, as well as comedy to question issues and ideas about what society values, he shared some wonderful works about love and stepping out of your shell. His final poem talked about overcoming the barriers that you place on yourself, using the metaphor of growing a tooth on your forehead, much like birds do to break out of their shells, and how this is something we can be doing in our lives. This poem, among the many others he shared, was inspiring and done in an engaging and memorable manner, allowing us to one day use this wisdom, if and when we may need to in the future.

Isabella Lincke
Year 12


Saturday Netball

Round 3 of the Saturday Netball Winter Competition was played last weekend. Some highlights included Year 8 Jade playing a fantastic game, the CGGS team were unstoppable in the defence, keeping Genazzano McMahon scoreless; the final score was 24-0. Year 9 Amber were up against tough competition, but Amber played a more consistent game, defeating CSNC Fusion 20-15. Year 9 Diamonds and Gold played each other, the scores were close all game and all players were very competitive, however Diamonds came away with a 1 goal win. Year 11 Tanzanites are currently 5th on the ladder and played a great game against Genazzano Brandley. Year 12 Crystals were too good for Strathcona Starbursts and are sitting in 2nd place on the ladder. While, the Year 12 Moonstones defeated Ruyton Reptiles by 21 goals.

Good luck goes to all teams playing in Round 4 this coming Saturday.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator



I wish everyone a restful weekend!

With best wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School