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Senior School

Last Thursday we welcomed the choirs from Surrey Hills Primary School and Auburn Primary School to join our own students from Ormiston and Years 7 – 9 in our annual CGGS Carols Concert. Many parents, grandparents and friends of CGGS filled the Barbara Sutton Hall, as we celebrated together. The program which was devised by Co-Directors of Music, Ms Kate Savige and Mr Rohan Mack was a magnificent way to herald in the Festive Season.

The Year 6 Ormiston Graduation took place on Friday night in Robinson Hall and it is always a highlight for the girls and their families. Kiki Page played a violin solo as the prelude, followed by Clarissa Wong who played a piano solo for the procession. Semester Two School Captain, Sienna Catalogna welcomed us to the evening and read an Acknowledgement of Country, while her Co-School Captain in Semester Two, Emily Price gave a most fitting speech. The tradition of Head of Junior School, Mr Donohue handing the Year 6 students over to me as Head of Senior School, is one that I certainly feel has great significance. I look forward to welcoming the students, our Class of 2024, to Senior School next year.

This evening event was followed by the Grade 6 Graduation lunch on Monday, which offered teachers and staff a more intimate opportunity to farewell our Junior School’s senior year as they move forward to begin their senior school journey.

The Junior and Senior School students joined with staff at our St Mark’s Carols service, where together we recognised Christmas and its significance together with our hopes for a happy and safe festive period and return to school in 2019. Thank you to Tara Hoopmann and Rev Creed for leading this service and also to our special guest Lynton Allan, for the way he brought his art to bare on the meaning of Christmas.

Last night the Years 7 – 9 students and their families enjoyed a wonderful celebration of the achievements and experiences the girls have enjoyed throughout this year. To all the musicians and their conductors, thank you for your marvellous playing, to the staff and students involved in the presentation of “Find out what we’re made of” thank you for your creative way of reflecting the day in the life of a student at CGGS. Thank you to our Year 7 massed singers for your beautiful rendition of “Count on me”. We were thrilled to have past student Genevieve Simmons from the Class of 2006 be our guest speaker. Finally, to all the students, congratulations on your achievements this year.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, that you all stay safe during the festive season, relax and recharge and I look forward to seeing you again in 2019.


2018 Girls Invent Pitch Night Success

The CGGS Girls Invent team representatives arrived at the PWC Offices at Southbank last Tuesday evening, ready to participate in the 2018 Girls Invent Pitch Night, competing against five other teams from Genezanno FCJ College, Mac Robertson Girls High School and Ballarat Grammar School. In the lead up to the event both of our teams had invested many hours of preparation and rehearsal, ensuring that they had prepared well for unexpected questions and had a thorough knowledge of their unique product design and capability.

Both of our teams found themselves pitching toward the beginning of the evening, with Nektaria doing a fabulous job promoting and outlining the functionality of her life saving EpiMate invention. She was soon followed by our second team comprised of Julie and Harini. Both girls provided a highly entertaining insight into the Easy Eraser, a product that would prove to be both useful and environmentally friendly.

The competition was fierce and the learning curve amazing for our teams competing. Teams pitched on a broad range of products including, an indicator glove for cyclists, a ‘high tackle detecting’ football jersey, a drive thru supermarket, an automated glove dispenser and disposal device for the health care industry, as well as a water flow detecting tap.

Feedback given to the girls was extremely positive and all of the judges were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the inventions on offer. Both teams were both proud and pleased with their achievements and look forward to exploring their design journey in the future.

The order of the overall results were:

1st Place
Water Flow Tap Detector (Mac Robertson Girls High School – Y11 team)

2nd Place
Nektaria with EpiMate (CGGS – Nektaria Toscas Y7)

3rd Place
Cycling Indicator Glove (Ballarat Grammar School – Y9/10 team)

We congratulate all of the Year 7 teams who participated in the CGGS Girls Invent initiative this year, so many uniquely creative inventions were produced and all of the teams should be immensely proud of their products and the progress made.

Thank you again for you to all of those who supported the program throughout the year. See below a reflection from Nektaria:

On Tuesday December 4, I had the opportunity to pitch my invention, EpiMate, (an app and case designed to make access to EpiPens easier for those with Anaphylaxis in an emergency) to Scale Investors as part of the Girls Invent pitch night. I had been preparing for the pitch night for two months, and had come up with the initial idea 6 months ago, so a lot had gone into this night. In the end, it was an insightful and exciting evening, with a beautiful speech presented by Ally Watson from Code Like A Girl, along with past competitors of the competition, all telling us about the future of women in STEAM and business, which looks promising. In the end, I came second place, with all of the other inventions presented on the night being exceptional, well thought through with careful consideration about how they can benefit the lives of people. Overall, it was an amazing opportunity that taught me so much about entrepreneurship and I cannot wait to see where I, along with my peers, can go.

Nektaria Toscas
Year 7

Transition to new Forms

This week the students in Years 7 – 9 spent some time in their new Tutor and Form groups getting to know their new Year Level Coordinators and Tutor / Form teachers for 2019. Thank you to the current Year Level Coordinator’s for creating the new Tutor/Form lists and to Ms Kath Woolcock for ensuring the smooth transition to the new groups and for her organisation of the activities for the time spent together on Monday. In most recent years we have introduced the students to their new Tutor/Form teachers prior to the holidays.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish Ms Kath Woolcock well in 2019, as she will be on parental leave.


Melbourne String Ensemble

On Saturday 1 December, Emily Wu (Year 8) was invited to perform as a soloist with the Melbourne String Ensemble. The Melbourne String Ensemble holds an annual Concerto concert, where members of the ensemble all have an opportunity of performing as a soloist during their membership. This year, Emily was lucky enough to perform Haydn’s Cello Concert in C Major the 2nd and 3rd movement.

The Melbourne String Ensemble is dynamic and accomplished youth orchestra for advanced secondary students. Emily has been a member of the Melbourne String Ensemble since 2014 and has been on two of the MSE tours, including Germany and Czech Republic (2015) and Switzerland, Austria and Germany (2018).

Emily shared that playing as a soloist was a truly memorable experience and one that she will never forget.

Emily is pictured below, in the centre playing the Cello.

CGGS Artwork at Independent Education Victoria

Our Head of Art, Barbara Woodward, has been working with Melinda Hargreaves from Independent Education Victoria, who now have 56 artworks from our school.

Currently there are four group artworks on canvas, painted by twenty-four CGGS Year Seven students, on display at 1 Spring Street Melbourne (enter via Flinders Lane) until the end of January. I would encourage families to visit the works during the Christmas lead up – perhaps while visiting the Myer windows – to see our student’s work on display.

Art at CGGS in 2018

2018 has seen an abundance of creative activity in the Visual Arts on the part of CGGS students from Years 7 to 12. Students, across all year levels and in all visual arts areas, including Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Elective Art and Fashion Design, have applied outstanding innovative design skills in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, ceramics, silkscreen, lino & etching printing, technical drawings, computer art, stencil spray art, 3D model construction and sewing.

Hard work and dedication, on the part of our students, has resulted in recognition both within the school and the broader community. After visiting the VCE Art Exhibition and the Visual Arts Department, Melinda Hargreaves, from Independent Schools Victoria, showed her delight with the unique and highly skilled artworks, created by students from across all year levels at CGGS, by selecting a broad range of artworks for Independent Schools Art Exhibitions running both now and in May 2019. In total, 56 artworks have been selected for various exhibitions, including work from students in each year level and across a range of mediums including digital photography, film, photography and embroidery, collaged mandalas, spray stencil art and both oil and acrylic painting.

The inaugural VCE Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design Art Exhibition, Emerging Artists, was held at the start of Term 4 and provided a fitting climax to a successful year of activity across our senior Visual Arts program. The VCE exhibition transformed Robinson Hall into an art gallery, with the exhibition demonstrating and celebrating outstanding student achievements and talents in a variety of art and design mediums, and subject and design solutions.

The success of the art exhibition can be attributed to the hard work of many volunteers who assisted with set up, lighting, screen set up, promotion, piano playing, and both the making and serving of refreshments for the opening night – thank you Parents and Friends for the latter. Students from VCE Arts created, mounted and displayed their artwork under the guidance of the extremely supportive Visual Arts staff team.

It has been pleasing to celebrate the further growth of creativity and innovation across the college community.  Recently, Visual Arts Leaders were selected for the first time at CGGS, for the passion they demonstrated across both visual arts and design. The newly established Arts Leaders, for 2019, are a strong and positive group who are looking forward to promoting and encouraging more involvement in the Visual Arts across the school. The potential, for student achievement in the Arts, is reflected in the Camberwell Girls Grammar School People’s Choice Award for 2018, won by Joy Zhou. Joy received a gift voucher from Camden Art Supplies, as her prize. Her award winning piece is pictured below.

The Art staff agree that it is a privilege to teach such enthusiastic students a range of practical creative endeavors, where students frequently ask to stay behind and keep working after the class finishes for lunch, recess and even after school!

Barbara Woodward
Head of Art & Design

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2019!


Warm regards,

Cathy Posyer
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School