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Welcome Back
The last week of Term 3 seems like a long time ago, however many events took place that we are yet to acknowledge and celebrate and I wish to take this opportunity to do so.

On Wednesday 9 September the much anticipated House Drama performances took place in front of a large and appreciative audience. The topics explored were complex, yet handled very sensitively. Students from all Year 7 – 12 were involved on the night, in either acting or backstage or in the technical crew. It was a night we can all be very proud of and I congratulate the House Drama Captains for 2018, Samreen Kaur (Lawrence – The Grey Area), Josephine La (Schofield – The Loss), Madison Brake (Singleton – I Was There) and Natasha Ranasinghe (Taylor – The Internet is Distract – OH LOOK A KITTEN!). Congratulations on your efforts to ensure we were all entertained and left with much to ponder. Well done to all the performers on the night.

A number of the girls who performed in House Drama, awoke early the next morning to board the flight to Cambodia for the now annual Cambodia Immersion Trip, where the students and staff work alongside the young people at Green Gecko. I take this opportunity to thank all the students and staff, Mrs Liss Campbell, Mrs Nirvana Watkins and Ms Miranda Jackson for accompanying the students on this immensely valuable trip.

Our students and staff taking part in the China Study Tour also departed on this day and we again thank Ms Scarlett Zhang and Ms Lin Zhang for accompanying the students on this adventure, which certainly assists the students who are studying Chinese to have a better understanding of the language and culture.

During the first two weeks of the holidays our VCE students were involved in an Enhancement Program and also participated in practice examinations. Both these weeks are exceptionally important to the students as they prepare themselves for the up-coming examinations. Having spoken to the students each day, I know just how much they appreciate the planning that Mr Mark Corrie, our VCE Coordinator, goes to in order to ensure these weeks are of the greatest impact and support to our students.

Last Tuesday we were delighted to host a Parent Education Session with both Mrs Debbie Dunwoody and Mr Rob French, Deputy Head/Head of Senior School from Camberwell Grammar School as panellists for a Q and A session with Professor Linda Kristjanson AO, Vice-Chancellor and President of Swinburne University of Technology.

This past fortnight, the first two weeks of Term 4, has also seen us celebrate and enjoy the final Year 12 events with the Class of 2018. Our Year 10 – 12 Presentation Night was a wonderful opportunity to recognise the students who have achieved both Academic and Citizenship awards as well as House and School awards. Our School Captain for 2018, Lydia Baird spoke magnificently and with such passion and sensitivity. We thank and acknowledge the efforts of all our Year 12 students who have taken on leadership roles this year, as they have set an excellent tone for the Senior School theme of “LOVE”. Along with Lydia, I would also like to highlight and recognise, Molly Ewens and Sarah MacKinnon our Vice School Captains for their tireless efforts in supporting all the initiatives of the Senior School in 2018.

Today our Year 12’s celebrated their final day of high school dressed pirates! We joined them in Barbara Sutton Hall for some laughs and a few tears as they led the Year 12 Assembly. They presented a beautiful video that reflected on their many years at CGGS which brought a smile to everyones faces.


Parent Education Session
On Tuesday evening, we were fortunate to hear from Professor Linda Kristjanson AO, Vice-Chancellor and President of Swinburne University of Technology. Professor Krisjanson spoke on the topic of ‘Educating Future Ready Learns in Today’s Changing World’, giving us an insight into the key skills of successful graduates from high school and tertiary settings. She explored how to prepare young people for the pace of change including the importance of young people being able to balance ‘humanity and the digital world’. To do this, she said, young people need to be able to think creatively using their ‘hands, hearts and heads’, as they lead and engage with the world around them.

Following the keynote, we heard from a dynamic panel, hosted by Professor Kristjanson, comprised of Mrs Debbie Dunwoody and Mr Rob French (Deputy Head / Head of Senior School at Camberwell Grammar). Within the Q & A the panelists answered questions from the audience and Professor Kristjanson, regarding how our education system is changing to better empower our students to acquire the essential soft/meta-cognitive skills, build resilience, take calculated and positive risks, and look beyond the ATAR score in planning for the future.

We thank all involved in the seminar, we look forward to our continuing the Parent Education series in 2019.


Cambodia Immersion Tour
On 13 September, 11 students from Years 9 and 10, together with 4 teachers embarked on an amazing immersion trip to Cambodia. One of the main objectives of our trip was to work with The Green Gecko Project and build upon our existing relationship with this amazing organisation. The Green Gecko Project supports children who were once living and begging on the streets of Siem Reap, empowering these children to achieve their goals, and build a stronger future for themselves. Our first interactions with the Geckos came when we visited Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom temples with them. Despite it being incredibly hot and humid, we all had so much fun and made friends with them easily as they were some of the most welcoming, friendliest people you will ever meet. The next evening, we went to a Cambodian circus with another group of children. Despite the difference in cultures and the language barriers, children are children the world over and friendships were forged through play.

Some of the other activities included visits to some of the Green Gecko’s social enterprises. This included Rehash Trash that employs women (mostly mothers of the children at Green Gecko) who collect used plastic bags from the streets of Cambodia and turns them into things that they can sell such as bracelets, baskets, keyrings, bags and placemats.  We shared such wonderful experiences with these children and when it was time to move to our next destination, no one wanted to leave.  With so little so many of the children had made gifts for us which they shared so generously..

The Cambodia trip is not only a wonderful travel experience, but it helps you to realise how privileged we are and that we should use this privilege to take action to improve life for others less fortunate.


China Study Tour
On September 13, 11 students and 2 teachers embarked on an exciting trip to China and spent the next 16 days experiencing Chinese culture and exploring the many famous historical sights.

A huge first day saw us travelling to Hong Kong and upon arrival enjoying a tour of the Peak areas in Hong Kong followed by Disneyland. Upon arrival in China we visited six cities and caught the bullet trains between each city. The itinerary included Beijing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Nanjing and Shanghai, and some of the most remarkable historical attractions, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiannamen Square, the Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an City Wall, the Longmen Grottoes, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and as well as museums, temples and parks.

Each day presented the group with many fantastic learning opportunities and cultural experiences. For example, wearing Han clothes to immerse themselves in a Chinese tea ceremony, discovering the secret of self-defence with Tai-chi masters and appreciating the many ancient artefacts, some of which were dated as far back as 7000 years ago.  During the last week of the tour, the girls had a wonderful exchange experience with students from our sister school, Shanghai No.3 Girls School. Each student stayed with a Chinese family for 5 days while attending classes with their host students. The girls built relationships with the local students and teachers, improved their Chinese language skills, developed intercultural understanding and had the opportunity to form lifelong friendships with their Chinese peers. Some of them already started planning their next trip to China during our flights back to Australia. Throughout this China Study Tour, the girls have not only developed in-depth cultural knowledge of Australia’s largest trading partner, learned from local people about the fascinating culture and history, but also made meaningful connections with the world around them.

2018 Science Talent Search
This year the Science Talent Search was Australian Game Changers and Change Makers. It was wonderful to witness the enthusiasm and energy that the students involved displayed over the course of the program, investing time planning and building skills and understanding on the new and interesting projects investigated. We had a number of Year 8 students participate and twelve projects were entered for judging last term. The results were admirable, with eight of the projects entered awarded bursaries, one of these projects has also been nominated for the National BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Awards 2019, a further two projects received a Distinction award.

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Science Talent Search program this year and to those who chose to enter their projects into the judging process. Students will be presented with their certificates at the Year 8 Assembly on Wednesday 24October and those students who have been awarded a Bursary will be travelling to the 67th Science Talent Search Exhibition and Presentation Day on Monday 29 October to receive their awards and also showcase their learning.

Projects entered for judging were as follows:

Junior Experimental Research

> Evaporation of Water Bonds – Nicole Chang
> The Relationship Between pH Levels and the Melting Rates of Liquid – Chloe Law
> Prevention of Apple Discolouration – Sarah Hui
> Investigation into Bacterial Levels in Various Types of Water and Methods of Disinfection – Bethany Orme

Junior Creative Writing

> Heart (Skip, Pulse) Beat – Olivia Jones
> Silence: Revolutionised – Bethany Orme

Junior Games

> Climate Change: Will You Get Out? – Genevieve Herbert

Junior Science Photography

> Robots Captured – Olivia Banitsiotis
> Genotype versus Phenotype – Ella Smith
> The Ridiculous Revolution Regarding Rocks – Ruvina Suriyapperu
> Steam Storm – The Changes of State – Thea Proctor and Eve Arnot

Junior Posters Scientific Wall Charts

> Effects of Less Sleep on Hunger – Diya Dasgupta


Big Science Competition Update
During the last term students from Years 7-10 participated in the Big Science Competition, designed to challenge their critical thinking and problem solving in a number of key areas of Science. All students who participated are to be congratulated, with approximately 5% of students awarded a High Distinction, approximately 10 – 15 % awarded a Distinction, approximately 25 – 30% of students awarded a Credit and the remaining students awarded a Participation certificate.

The following students are to be recognised for their outstanding efforts in achieving a High Distinction:

Year 7

Siena Yap, Scarlett Giang and Natalie Chung

Year 8

Bethany Orme and Annaliese Le

Year 9

Caitlin Sutton and Catherine Hu

Year 10

Elizabeth Waite

Nicole Rogers
Head of Strategic Initiatives


School Girls State Final Chess
On Tuesday 16 October, CGGS fielded a full team of six at the School Girls State final for Chess, held at St Catherine’s in Toorak.  Supported by parents and each other, Harini Balashankar (Year 7), Alanna Chew Lee (Year 12), Amy Dingle (Year 7), Emily Lin (Year 8), Bethany Orme (Year 8) and Kelly Ta (Year 8) played a total of 7 matches, each requiring high levels of concentration and skill over a number of hours with only short breaks for refreshments.

The girls had a fabulous tournament, playing against many schools, with the team coming an amazing second place. They narrowly missed, by 0.5 points, from first place to a strong rival and last year’s winner.

Emily Lin won 6 of her 7 matches to place second individually. A truly wonderful result. A huge congratulations to the whole team on this fantastic achievement.

Year 9 Students win the Plan your Own Enterprise Competition (Vic)
Congratulations to our Year 9 students Olivia Pietralla and Eloise Webster (and Ruby Brady) who won the Victorian Group Division of the National Plan Your Own Enterprise (PYOE) Competition.

The competition requires students to combine their financial and creative skills to prepare a business plan for a small business. The business plan must include address a range of criteria including explain the prime function of the business, is location, legal structure and staffing requirements. It must also include a marketing and financial plan.

Our students won the Victorian group division with their very creative business plan for ‘Weasleys Wash and Walk’, a business that will provide outstanding dog wash and walking services and raise money for the charitable dog shelters. They now progress to the National finals in mid-October and we wish them all the best of luck.


Mental Fitness Training with Salsa Dancing
Year 8 and Year 9 students learn about Grit and Perseverance through Salsa Dancing

In the last week of Term 3, the Year 8 and Year 9 girls were inspired during Mental Fitness Training by motivational speaker Zachariah Buckley, a four-time Australian Champion in Salsa Dancing. As a 21-year-old aboriginal dancer, Zachariah had to overcome many challenges in his life, such as fierce bullying at school or a constant struggle with his body image. However, with grit and perseverance, he learnt to appreciate his successes and to grow from his failures. He turned his hobby into a career and fearlessly pursues his dream of becoming a world-class professional dancer.

Zachariah showed the girls through a salsa lesson, that if they overcome their fears of having a go and pursue the development of a growth mindse, they will be able to achieve the skills needed to succeed in their goals for life.

Therefore, I would like to encourage all girls at CGGS to believe in yourselves, set challenging goals, learn from your mistakes and don’t give up in the pursuit of your dreams.


Saturday Netball
The Saturday Netball Program celebrated the 2018 Winter Season on Thursday 11 October at the Netball Presentation Evening. CGGS were lucky to have guest speaker Matilda Garrett from the Collingwood Magpies, Matilda shared her netball journey and presented CGGS players with awards.

Congratulations goes to all teams on their efforts throughout the season, and a special congratulations goes to the following students who received awards on the night.

Most Valuable Player’s – Riley Olsen, Mia Graham, Sarah Sun, Phoebe Noffs, Alicia Ooi, Bianca Coles, Catherine Ekins-Daukes, Megan Quach, Amelia Lemanis, Laurya Dang-Nguyen, Loren Palma, Eloise de Rauch, Isabella Linke and Emily Lau

Coach’s Award – Amelia Pierce, Lucy Brant, Kelly Liang, Liv Florence, Alice Wilson, Suzannah Lutze, Maggie Hu, Ella Barnby, Kelly Chue, Polly Plummer, Isobel Arnot, Holly Mulvahill and Sarah MacKinnon

Umpiring Recognition – Shelby Schmidt

Coaching Recognition – Chelsea Ellingworth

The Spring Fling competition commenced last Saturday with CGGS teams welcoming several new players and all teams played well in Round 1. The best of luck goes to all teams for the remaining round of Spring Fling.


GSV Championships

Badminton – Junior
On 13 September, 16 talented Year 7 and 8 sportswomen made the journey to MSAC to play in the GSV Junior Badminton Finals. The entire squad of over 50 girls had been training hard and competing excellently throughout Term 3, and many had the opportunity to play in the toughly-contested ‘A/B’ division. Once playing pairs started to settle, 8 duos were selected to represent CGGS at the finals, qualifying top of their zone with a magnificent final-round win over MLC.

The team was met by the fierce competition of top-ranked PLC in their semi-final as CGGS came away with two wins and six close losses. In a play-off for third, Camberwell again played well, comprehensively beating Star of the Sea in the A’s and just going down to Sion in the B’s. The standard of Badminton was exceptional and all girls should be very proud of their efforts on the day.

Well done to all the players who played throughout the season, and particularly those who played in a higher level, with a new partner or at short notice. Ms Jane Cameron and I were extremely impressed with your commitment and enthusiasm for Badminton this term and we look forward to you going one better in 2019 and taking home the pennant!

Badminton – Intermediate
CGGS’s four top pairs of intermediate badminton players were fortunate to progress through to the semi-finals of the Girls Sport Victoria Weekly Competition as a result of a forfeit.

On 12 September, Iris Wong, Yuqing Chi, Rachel Lau, Emma Zhi, Ricky Liu, Chantelle Chuang, Melissa Xue and Anne Lau travelled to Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre to play off against the best players from PLC and Toorak College for a place in the Intermediate A Badminton Grand Final.

All players displayed admirable sportsmanship and skill as they competed against fierce competition. A special mention goes to Rachel Lau and Iris Wong who beat the top pairs from both PLC and Toorak College with their seamless teamwork and powerful shots which their opponents could not match.

Overall, CGGS’s top 4 pairs finished in fourth place for the Intermediate A Badminton Competition, well done girls!

Soccer – Junior
On Thursday 13 September, the Junior Soccer A-team competed in the GSV Finals at Richmond Soccer Club. The girls had shown great fighting spirit throughout the term to go through the home-and-away season undefeated and be crowned Zone A Winners – the first time a junior soccer team from CGGS has achieved this! The Semi-Final match against Siena College (who had won Zone C) was hard fought and despite going down 2-0 in the first half, the Camberwell girls continued to dig deep, but unfortunately they lost the game 2-1. However, the team showed great resilience, determination and courage to bounce back from this disappointment and beat Sacre Coeur on penalties in the 3rd place playoff, after finishing the match tied at 1-1. The whole team can hold their heads up high and be proud of their achievements this term. Thank you to Ms Stevens and Mr LoBello, for their help in coaching the soccer teams this term.

Celebration of Sport Dinner
The 2018 Celebration of Sport dinner was a wonderful evening, bringing together many Senior School families to recognise the fantastic sporting achievements recorded over the past twelve months.

Our guest speaker for the night was former CGGS student and Australian Basketballer, Rebecca Pizzey. At the age of 16, Rebecca left CGGS to further develop her Basketball career at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. For a young woman, Rebecca has accomplished numerous great achievements and it was great to hear her story on her setbacks and success. The girls were very excited to take photos with Rebecca and her medals.

The year level champion award was presented to the student in each year level who contributed the most to sport at CGGS. This award took into consideration the number of sports each student has participated in, as well as their attitude, commitment to training, performance, leadership and level of improvement throughout the year.

The award winners are as follows:

Year 7
1st – Jessica Lim
2nd – Frida Andreasen
3rd – Xara Anderson and Clara Kim

Year 8
1st – Ella Robinson
2nd – Annabel Plummer
3rd – Lauren Bernabe and Sasha Edney

Year 9
1st – Megan Quach
2nd – Anika Pandy and Eloise Webster
3rd – Ashley Olsen and Emily Arvidsson

Year 10
1st – Michaela Robinson
2nd – Polly Plummer
3rd – Laney Kriketos and Tilly Dunn

Year 11
1st – Lucy Bartram
2nd – Bianca Phan and Polly Anderson
3rd – Samreen Kaur and Stephanie Cheah

Year 12
1st – Yasmin Tawfik
2nd – Kate Sturzaker
3rd – Bella Dunn

Sportswoman of the Year
The major award for the night was the Sports Woman of the Year Award which recognised the student who had contributed the most to sport at CGGS across all year levels. The winner of the Sportswoman of the Year Award was Michaela Robinson.

Thanks to our 2018 Sports Captains, Kate Sturzaker and Yasmin Tawfik for hosting the evening and to the Friends of Sport for their support in planning this event.

Athletics Finals Evening
Well done to the 14 girls who qualified for the Athletics Finals Evening on Tuesday 11 September at Albert Park. These girls recorded the fastest 8 times on the track and top 10 distances in the field across all 24 GSV schools to qualify for this competition.

There were some outstanding individual and team performances on the night and overall, CGGS came home with 9 medals. It has been exciting to watch the team’s improvement throughout the season and we look forward to seeing this development continue in 2019.

Thank you to all the PE staff, for their support throughout the athletics season, and to our athletics coach Jo Bowden who has lead CGGS in another successful season.

Name Event Results
Frida Andreasen 400m 8th
Sasha Feldmann Long Jump 6th
  High Jump 1st
Juliana Chandrasekara High Jump 3rd
Abbey Howard 400m 7th
Emily Arvidsson High Jump 1st
Megan Quach Javelin 4th
Tily Dunn High Jump 4th
Lucy Bartram 100m 4th
  200m 3rd
  4 X 100m Relay 2nd
Stephanie Cheah 4 X 100m Relay 2nd
Eloise De Rauch Discus 5th
Zoe Giagoudakis Discus 2nd
  Shot Put 2nd
  4 X 100m Relay 2nd
Bianca Phan 100m 2nd
  Long Jump 2nd
  4 X 100m Relay 2nd

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you next week at Shaping the Future with Susan Alberti on Wednesday evening in the Library.

Best wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School