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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a huge success!
Each year the School Musical, or in the alternate year, the School Play are an absolute highlight, and this year Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was no exception. Personally I loved the production for its joyfulness, humour and the exceptional passion shown by all in creating and telling the story.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang involved about 200 students and staff within the cast, crew, orchestra, set and prop development and building, front of house and marketing areas.

We thank you all most sincerely for your truly fantasmagorical efforts. You gave each and every audience member great pleasure with many laughs and songs that we will all be singing for a very long time to come.

The entire cast and orchestra are to be commended for their roles. I would however like to acknowledge the singing voices and stage presence of our leads: Bonnie Thorn (Caractacus Potts) and Genevieve Alexie (Truly Scrumptious) were both spine tingling and we are all very grateful for their mentoring of all the cast. A particular highlight was the Doll on a Music Box scene. Jennelle Ho (Jemima) and Anthea Gazis (Jennifer) as two of the  youngest members of the cast, were magnificent and I am sure have learnt so much from their older peers. Lucy Buchanan and Shohaag Sengupta were tremendous as Grandpa Potts. The chemistry and comic timing between Brielle Schumann (Baroness Bomburst) and Natasha Ranasinghe (Baron Bomburst) was fabulous. And, we thank Natasha Parsons for their incredible costumes. The humorous lines of our spies Nina D’Souza (Boris) and Amy Peng (Goran) were delivered with comedic precision. Alecia Scott (The Toymaker) and Rachel Wong (The Childcatcher) played their roles magnificently and very convincingly. To all other cast members, thank you too for your most passionate performances.

The large crew have no doubt learnt many skills in the process and we thank Madison Brake for her leadership of this group. Being involved in the lighting, tech and backstage operations are fundamental aspects of theatre and I think CGGS has a developing reputation in this area. Not all schools would have students mentored by staff in these roles. Many schools would outsource the work. We can be proud of the fact that so many students are learning these skills as well as executing them in live performances.

Finally to the orchestra, who actually never get to see a performance, we thank you for sharing your beautiful music making, so vital to the success of the show. Each of you was a vital cog in the mechanics. Your timing was perfection and the joy was evident in your playing. Best wishes to all of you as you now turn your attention to the Festival of Music.

On behalf of the Senior School I would also like to thank and express our gratitude for their many hours of dedication the staff who supported the students throughout the musical provided. Mrs Oliver, Ms Savige, Mr Mack, Ms Colthup, Mrs Caruso, Ms Lyons, Mr Perkins, Mrs Georgiev, Mrs Woodward, Ms Scott, and the Maintenance Department.

On behalf of all members of the school community, thank you all most sincerely for making Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the highlight of the 2018 school calendar.


Announcement of School Captains
This past fortnight in Senior School has been busy with many students and teachers conducting interviewing for our 2019 School and House Leaders.

Over the past few years our process for Leadership roles has been reviewed and many improvements have been implemented. The process is now a very rigorous one with students applying for School Captain preparing a written application outlining their experience and contributions to the School, preparing a biography for all the Senior School students to see and read. In addition, they must present a one minute elevator speech in front of the Year 10 – 12 students and staff, the Year 10 – 12 students and staff then vote and finally an interview.

Having been involved in the process of selecting our Senior School leaders for many years now, I am always very impressed by the reasons the girls give for applying for School and House Leadership roles. They love the school, they want to serve the school that has provided them with so many opportunities and they want to be a good role model and set the right example for younger students.

Our motto ‘Utilis in Ministerium’ – Useful in service, is a wonderful guide to us all, as it constantly reminds us that we take on leadership roles to serve and assist those around us not to have a badge or embroidery on our blazer. Our school values of Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Hope and Courage are also guiding principles as a leader. Leadership is about great teamwork.

Our current School Captain, Lydia Baird and Vice School Captains, Molly Ewens and Sarah MacKinnon (pictured on the left) had the pleasure in our Senior School Assembly on Tuesday of announcing the School Captain for 2019 – Nikki Chen and School Vice Captains – Stephanie Lysikatos and Ellie Zhou. (pictured on the right)

Shadow a Student Challenge
This Thursday Mrs Watkins experienced a very different day at school. Instead of coming to school to teach, Mrs Watkins was dressed in full school uniform, ready to experience a day in the life of a school student.

The experience is an important part of our professional learning program called ‘Shadow a Student Challenge’. It was originally developed in America to help school leaders develop a greater understanding of what school is really like for their students. The Shadow a Student Challenge is a journey that starts with seeing school through student’s eyes, identifying meaningful opportunities to improve the school experience for your students, and then taking action to create change at your school. The teacher spends an entire day with a student, participating in school life as though they were a student.

The key goal is to build a better understanding of school life through the student perspective.

The experience allowed Mrs Watkins to spend a day with one of our Year 8 students, Ella Smith. This saw Mrs Watkins doing everything just as a student would; going to classes, student meetings and completing all activities, including home learning.

“It was an action-packed and exhausting day in the life of a Camberwell girl. It certainly gave me a strong sense of empathy for the student experience and the diverse attributes they need use each day. I’m looking forward to reflecting on how my insights can be used to make school an even better place for our students.” –  Mrs Nirvana Watkins.

We know that Mrs Watkins and Ella had a brilliant day together and I congratulate Mrs Watkins on taking the opportunity to join this community of educators committed to rethinking the student experience – starting by walking in the shoes of a student.

Ms. Kate Giles
Director of Professional Learning and Partnerships.


Year 9 and 10 Camps
This week we had two year levels of students on camp. The Year 9 students have spent the week in six groups in the Murray River National Park between Yarrawonga and Cobram. The Outdoor Education Group (OEG) have had the girls hiking, canoeing and camping in tents all week. The Year 10 students had their choice of three separate camps, with some selecting the Wilderness First Aid course at Merricks, while others have been hiking and camping out at Wilson’s Promontory and the third group have been horse riding, canoeing and camping in the Echuca area of the Barmah National Park. Our next edition of CamNews will include highlights from each of these camps. 

Year 7 2019 students spend a day at CGGS
Today the incoming Year 7 students for 2019 spent the day at CGGS Senior School undertaking academic testing and fun transition activities. It was wonderful to see the smiling faces of the eager students as they participated in all the activities organised for this day that forms an important stage in their transition into Senior School. I look forward to seeing the girls again in small groups of students from the different feeder Primary Schools for their transition interviews over the remainder of Term 3.

This week the Secondary Girls’ Chess Championship competition took place with some of our CGGS students achieving excellent results.

Emily Lin (Year 8) received the Star of the Tournament trophy for the best individual result in the competition, Alanna Chew Lee (Year 12) received the Year 11-12 Gold Medal and Kelly Ta (Year 8) tied for Year 7-8 Bronze Medal.

The CGGS team which also included Bethany Orme, won the Gold trophy for being the Champion school, and winning the tournament overall. Congratulations to the team for this extraordinary results which has them improving on the Silver trophy they won for the team result in this competition last year.

Last year our CGGS team of Alanna, Emily, Kelly and Bethany went on to compete in the Chess Victoria Secondary Girls’ State Final in which the team score is the sum of the best 5 players and they came in 5th place even though they only had 4 players. This year we want to ensure that we enter a team of at least 5 players and I would appreciate hearing from students who have a strong chess background.

Well done to our Chess enthusiasts and we look forward to hearing about more success in the coming weeks. 

House Drama
Over the past few weeks the auditions for House Drama have taken place and the House Drama Captains are set to announce their cast and crew next week. Rehearsals will then be underway in preparation for the performances on Wednesday 12 September. With Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fresh in everyone’s mind the House Drama performances are sure to be a highlight.


Students excel German poetry competition
Coordinated by the Association of German Teachers Victoria (AGTV), the AGTV Poetry Competition is a state-wide German competition that invites students from secondary schools to recite, understand, and interpret poems from a range of accomplished authors to be delivered to the judges sent by the network. The students had to learn and recite their poems in class and the top three students from each year-level were invited to attend the regional final.

This year CGGS was fortunate to host the AGTV Inner Metro Final with students from four different schools competing across Year 5 to Year 9. In total 45 students competed in the event and delivered poetry ranging from nursery rhymes to sonnets.

I am pleased to report that Nicole Chang (Year 8) has come 2nd in her age group and will now represent CGGS in the State Final on the 18th August at Austrian Club in Heidelberg West. This is an outstanding achievement, congratulations Nicole.

I also congratulate Megan Kuo, Priyanshi Shah and Chloe Law for participating in the event and for showing persistence and creativity in their respective deliveries.

Ms Liesa Winkler
German Department


Saturday Netball
The CGGS Saturday Netball competition is in full swing, with only three rounds left of the Winter Season before the finals series begins. At this stage CGGS have ten of the eighteen teams in finals positions, the next coming rounds are crucial for some teams. Along with the Junior School netball teams, the following Senior School teams are looking to finish in the top four of their section:

Year 7 Silver
Year 8 Aquamarines
Year 8 Amber
Year 9 Gems
Year 10 Emeralds
Year 11 Crystals
Year 12 Rubies

Congratulations goes to all CGGS netball teams on their efforts throughout the season and best of luck for the next coming rounds.


With best wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal