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Parent Seminar

A reminder to families that next Tuesday 31 July, we will be hosting our next Parent Education Seminar ‘Mindful Learning’ with Associate Professor Craig Hassed at Camberwell Boys Grammar. Craig is a wonderful speaker and always delivers a very relevant and engaging presentation. He will be speaking on mindfulness, the ability to peacefully focus on the task at hand, without being hampered by distraction or undue anxiety.  This a skill that we all aim to practice in our daily lives, but it is particularly relevant for our students as it supports them in more effective learning.

Please click here for more information and how to book in for this insightful night.

Welcome Back

While it seems like a long time ago, at our final Senior School Assembly for Term 2 we celebrated many achievements and  I would like to take the opportunity in this edition of CamNews to recognise them.

CGGS is proud to be a Lead School for the Department of Education’s Respectful Relationships Initiative – an initiative that focuses on the prevention of domestic and gender based violence. Our role as a Lead School has seen us work with over 13 schools in the inner east. Where we share and develop ideas for whole school projects and activities that cultivate an understanding and appreciation for respect, resilience, rights and responsibilities within and across all types of relationships.

Most recently, the Junior School and Senior School collaborated on a Respectful Relationships Badge, which saw students from Junior School enter a design competition to create and reflect on a badge design that would be worn by all CGGS students and staff. At our last assembly for Term 2, Jessica Wu, Mia Chapman and Samantha Chua (Year 5) presented Mrs Dunwoody, myself and our Senior School Captains (Lydia Baird, Molly Ewens and Sarah Mackinnon) with a badge, and explained the process and reason behind the badges. Samantha Chua, the winner of the Badge Design Competition, provided some background around her inspiration and the intricacies of her final design. We congratulate her on her very thoughtful and honest piece of work.

This term, it has been wonderful to see staff and students wearing the badges, as a reminder of our School’s ongoing support of the Respectful Relationships Initiative. It also highlights our commitment to understanding and developing a strong identity and positive relationships both within and across genders.

We were also proud to announce our 2018 recipients of the Monash Scholars and International Kwong Lee Dow Awards.

The Monash Scholars Program is now in its 5th year and there are currently, around 1,200 students from over 130 schools who have been invited into the program. The Monash Scholars Program is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students.

The program offered by Monash University is aimed to give potential students a unique head start into university life. It provides opportunities for personal and academic development and gives students the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the right study choices. This program also enables recipients to build a network of peer, academic, and employment contacts. The program begins in Year 10, and continues through Years 11 and 12, with participants being invited to a number of events and activities each year.

We congratulate Polly Plummer, Saoly Nguyen and Rochelle Scheid for becoming our 2018 Monash Scholar recipients.

The International Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is a prestigious academic enrichment program designed to support high-achieving Victorian Year 11 and Year 12 students. The first Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars were named in 2007 and since then over 7,700 students from more than 500 participating schools have been recognised. Professor Kwong Lee Dow OAM is a former University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor, a distinguished scholar and a contributor to curriculum reforms internationally.

The Kwong Lee Dow Award provides the recipient with a taste of university life and the chance to meet and connect with other students. Recipients also have the opportunity to develop leadership and community involvement skills and gain access to The University of Melbourne resources, academic teachers and events.

This year we congratulate Sherry Gan (Year 11) who is our 2018 International Kwong Lee Dow Award recipient.

This term we have welcomed two new students to Senior School, Pegah Shahverdi in Year 8 and Yvonne Chen in Year 9. We have also recently had the pleasure of hosting a number of Exchange Students from France and Switzerland. In Year 10 Polly Plummer has hosted Zélie Markiewicz, while in Year 9 Rhi-Ann Lam has been hosting Juliette Benard. Ella Barmby has been hosting Lisa Hino and Sophia Giagoudakis has been hosting Cecile Mathieu. Each of these exchange students have enriched our school and we hope that they have learnt much from their experiences at CGGS.

Term 3 also sees us welcome some new staff to Senior School. Ms Anna Clarkson who replaces Mrs Meg Anderson, in the areas of Mathematics and Geography, while she is on Long Service Leave. Ms Claire Colthup, in Theatre Studies while Ms Keira Lyons is on Long Service Leave. Frau Ritter in German and Ms Stephanie Leslie in Music as Frau Weibke Kliene and Mrs Marian Jenkinson, respectively have moved overseas.

We also welcome Mr Fischer, a student teacher from Austria who is assisting in English, History and German Departments.

Pierre de Coubertin Award

The Pierre de Coubertin Award is named after the founder of the modern Olympic Games, and is an award that recognises students who demonstrate academic excellence and sporting prowess, whilst exemplifying the Olympic values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

An initiative of the Australian Olympic Committee, the awards are celebrated nationally and hosted by the Victorian Olympic Council and funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Our Pierre de Coubertin recipient has been an inspiring role model throughout her entire time at Camberwell Girls. She always participates enthusiastically in all aspects of the sporting programs at Camberwell Girls and has also been a great mentor to younger students.

It is a pleasure to announce Kate Sturzaker (Year 12) as the 2018 Pierre de Coubertin award winner.

Mobile Phone and Device Initiative Update

Last week we commenced our Mobile Phone and Device Usage Initiative. This saw students locking all mobile phones in lockers during the day between 8.25am and 3.25pm and also ensuring all technology was put away during recess and lunchtimes.

The buzz around the school since undertaking this initiative has been incredible. Seeing students chatting in groups, playing games and spending time in the Woodstock Courtyard with sports equipment, has been truly refreshing.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Without giving too much away, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a 1968 British musical adventure film that was based on the 1964 novel by Ian Fleming, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car. Ian Fleming is of course the author of the James Bond novels. While our students are only old enough to remember J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter flying in a magical car, for many parents Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was the magical car from our childhood.

If you haven’t already booked your tickets but are intrigued to know more about places like Vulgaria or are eager to meet such characters as Truly Scrumptious, you’d best order your tickets for this most fantasmagorical musical entertainment in the history of everything.

Performances will be running on Thursday 2, Friday 3 and Saturday 4 August. Book your tickets below before they sell out!

On behalf of the CGGS community, I would like to wish the cast and crew all the best for their performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Please join me in thanking all the students and the staff, and our broader school community who have worked tirelessly to ensure that this is a musical to remember.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Over the past week we have been contacted by some of our neighbours from the adjoining streets expressing their concern about respecting access to their properties. At both drop off and pick up times, as well as at special events, like Learning Conversations and the upcoming performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we respectfully ask that all parents are very mindful not to block the driveways of our neighbours houses and to only park in zones that do permit parking.

Leaders Forum

On Tuesday 26 June, four Year 11 students attended the ‘Young Leaders Forum’ at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School, run by the Alliance for Girls Schools. They posed key questions such as; what does an effective leader look like? How are you achieving your leadership vision? How can you engage with the student body? And what can you do better?

Students also heard from Jenni Screen, ex Olympic and Australian Women’s Team basketballer, mentor and strength and conditioning coach. Jenni explored her view of leadership and her passion to help people achieve their potential and see the many opportunities for development that exist in life. The workshop also provided interactive leadership activities and opportunities to network with students from other schools.

Lifelong learning – even during the holidays!

Many of our students take advantage of the institutions’ information sessions/professional activities/experience days run during the school holidays and advertised in the weekly Careers Newsletter.  These sessions are a great way to research career options, to get a feel for what an institution is like, and gain information about a specific courses. You also get to meet other students who are interested in the same area of study as you!

Examples include:

Deakin University – ‘DeakinInspire’

La Trobe University – ‘Experience Clever’

Monash University – ‘Year 10 Discovery Day’

Swinburne University – ‘Design Workshop’

University of Melbourne – ‘A Day @ Melbourne’

Box Hill Institute – ‘A day in the life of a Fashion Designer’

Werribee Zoo/Healesville – ‘Vet/Zoo keeper for a day’

During the last term break some of our students from Years 7-12 participated in these events (pictured below) and were happy to share with us their feedback:

“A lot of the information given in the seminar we had already been told at school, however afterward there were booths with information about the different courses (eg: technology, law etc) with students and professors to answer questions which was helpful. It was also good to get an idea of what the Monash campus is like.”

“The day was even better than I expected! It was quite engaging and really interesting. I would definitely recommend it.”

“The days were quite good, admittedly ENGenuITy felt a little bit rushed, but I would recommend them, especially ENGenuITy to anyone interested in engineering or IT, with more of a focus on engineering. The discovery day was good all-around and is attractive to a wide range of students.”

“Visiting Box Hill Institute where we could explore fashion was such a great experience. It was a three-day event with the opportunity to participate in a number of practical workshops including design drawing and drafting a pattern before sewing a project.  The teachers were very encouraging and we would recommend others to take the opportunity to attend Open Days to explore career options.”  

Holly Williams, Year 9 was one of 30 students from around Victoria (pictured at Melb Uni below) who was chosen to participate in the ‘Girl Power in STEM’ program at The University of Melbourne. This is a three year program where Holly gets to experience a range of activities in Years 9, 10 & 11. It is designed to inform young women about the exciting possibilities of STEM and includes a three-night camp at the University of Melbourne, work experience and mentoring opportunities.

Our students continue to do wonderful things outside of school, all contributing to their career journey.

Deakin University has already given early notification of their ‘Step on Campus’ tours. This provides students and their families an opportunity to take a personalised tour of Deakin University during the Term 3 school holidays. Participants will be offered a 45 minute tour with a current Deakin student and learn more about Deakin’s study areas, campus life and how to make the most of university life.

Winter Sleep Out

Homelessness can affect anyone at any time. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that over 116,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness. Of these, 60% are under 35, 44% are women and 13% are under 12 years old.

To help break the cycle of homelessness, on Friday July 30 students from Years 9 – 12 participated in the annual Winter Sleep Out to raise desperately needed funds for the Salvation Army to aid homeless individuals in the Camberwell area. During the sleep out the girls heard from Kyle from the Salvation Army, who shared his experiences combating the issue of homelessness. The girls also participated in group activities such as building shelters from newspaper and purchasing staple items for donation.

The casual clothes day held at school on day of the Sleep Out, raised a total of $725, which was donated to the Salvation Army. In addition to this amount, the students that participated in the Sleep Out raised a further $610 which was used to purchase goods that will be donated to homeless people in our local area.

The Salvation Army is an organisation that is determined to help people break the cycle of homelessness. They do great work all over Australia, and understand that each community is different. In 2017 the Salvation Army raised a total of $456,000 which went towards, emergency assistance and home visits, patrol vans with water, food, blankets and other essentials. They helped give 83 people access to tertiary education and in 317 instances, provided support to young carers.


Saturday Netball

Year 7
> Silver played a terrific game last Saturday, defeating Genazzano Wood 12-2, Silver are sitting 3rd on the ladder.
> Sapphires went down to Genazzano Simpson as they got off to a slow start but played a great second and third quarter.

Year 8

> Gold had a tough game against CSNC, but the girls never gave up.
> Diamonds went down Genazzano Hadley 5-26.
> Aquamarines played a great game against Koonung Phoenix but Koonung were too strong for our CGGS girls, however the Aquamarines are still sitting 4th on the ladder.
> Amber had a very close game against Genazzano Garrett who are on top of the ladder, but Amber were unstoppable in the 4th quarter defeating Genazzano by 2 goals.

Year 9
> Fintona Fusion were too good for our Year 9 Turquoise last Saturday, however the Year 9 Gems are still undefeated.

Year 10
> Tanzanites had a close game against Genazzano Prendergast, Tanzanites ended up going down by only 2 goals.
> Emeralds played well, defeating MGGS Hurricanes 18-13.

Year 11
 >Crystals played well, but Genazzano Lenton had very accurate shooters.
>Year 11/12 Moonstones played a fantastic game, defeated Koonung Lasers by 8 goals and are sitting 4th on the ladder.

Year 12
>Rubies went down to MLC Violet but are still looking strong, sitting in 2nd place.

Congratulations goes to all netball teams who played last Saturday.

Sports Awards

This week we also acknowledged the efforts of our students who have represented CGGS in the various GSV teams during Term 2. Certificates were presented for the Most Valuable Player, the Coaches Award and teams that were Grand Final Winners or Grand Finalists.

Year 9 Goalball

As part of our Year 9 Physical Education program, students participate in a Disability Awareness Unit. The unit aims to build the students’ understanding of diversity and disability, and the implications and opportunities it presents in a competitive sporting environment.

At the end of Term 2, we were lucky enough to have two expert presenters from ExSight Sports run practical workshops. Rob Apps (a National Goalball coach), as well as Daniel Pritchard (an Australian Goalball representative), who exposed our students to the physical and mental challenges faced by individuals who experience visual impairments. Our students participated in a number of adaptive skill development activities, including warm up games, drills and trust exercises that ultimately taught students how to play ‘Goalball’.

Goalball is a sport exclusively for athletes who have a visual impairment. The game is played on a modified basketball caught, and the objective is to roll the ball into the opponent’s goal while the opposing players try to block the ball with their bodies. Bells inside the ball help to orientate the players by indicating the direction of the oncoming ball. The sessions gave our students a sense of the importance of being aware of people with a disability and promoted inclusivity within our school and the broader community.


Best Wishes

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School