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Senior School

For those of us who were on the European Music Tour last holidays, this coming break seemed like a long time away. But here it is already! Term 3 has flown by with so many exciting opportunities for all our students. While CamNews aims to capture the highlights, our Twitter and Facebook feeds also provide a means of keeping up-to-date with our events and achievements too.

During these holidays we have two groups overseas representing Camberwell Girls. The annual Cambodian Tour departed on Thursday and I am pleased to say the students and staff arrived safely at their destination and have begun their significant work in Service. Tomorrow our students and staff depart for the USA on the Science/History Tour and we look forward to their updates. We wish both groups a safe and fulfilling time and we know much learning will occur on these tours.

While our Years 11 and 12 students will use this break as a time to complete much revision in the lead up to their VCE Examinations, the Years 7 – 10 students need to enjoy some time out. The Years 11 and 12 students are involved in Trial Examinations and the Enhancement Program and in both instances, we thank Mr Corrie, VCE Coordinator for his organisations of these invaluable opportunities.


House Drama 2017
An extraordinarily entertaining evening was had by all on Wednesday night for this year’s House Drama Competition.  Our adjudicator, Katrina Cornwell, who also attended last year, noted that the bar had “visibly lifted”.  She was most impressed at how her previous feedback had been taken on board in the endeavour to create well-crafted pieces of drama. Performances were strong across the board and it was not an easy task to allocate awards.  This year we were particularly proud of the Captains for choosing challenging genres and not shying away from difficult issues.  As theatre makers our role is not only to entertain, but to share stories and challenge the status quo.  Congratulations to all of the girls who were involved and a heartfelt thank you to our 2017 School Drama Captains, Catherine Au and Laura Cookson.  Your service to our department has been greatly appreciated. ~ Keira Lyons, Head of Drama

Most Cohesive Ensemble
Taylor House [Pandora’s Backpack]
Captain: Brielle Schumann

Strongest Actor in a Supporting Role
Hannah Shillington, Lawrence House [Gone]

Strongest Actor in a Lead Role
Natasha Ranasinghe, Taylor House [Pandora’s Backpack]

Best Performance and Technical Assistance             
Lawrence House [Gone] Captain: Amy Peng
Technical Captains: Tammi Tang and Elizabeth Han


Queen’s Award – Girl Guides Australia
At the beginning of this month Mrs Dunwoody received a letter from Janet O’Meara, who is the Queen’s Guide Co-ordinator for Girl Guides Victoria.  In that letter she shared with us that one of our students has achieved the Girl Guides highest achievement, the Queen’s Guide Award.

Recipients of this award are required to accomplish tasks in leadership, community service, outdoor skills, cultural awareness and working with their peers to advance their own personal development in areas of their choice.  In achieving this award, recipients have displayed a sustained effort to attain a wide range of knowledge and skills, as well as having developed a high degree of initiative, responsibility and reliability.

It is with great pleasure that we received news that Lizzie Heap, Year 11, is being honoured with this award.  Lizzie will be presented in a badge ceremony held locally, before joining other recipients of the 2017 Queen’s Guide Award, for a special ceremony at Government House.

Congratulations Lizzie, we are proud of your achievement.


Teacher Achievements
We always appreciate being able to celebrate with our students in their achievements and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of our teaching staff.  As a co-author of the Unit 4 Geography textbook, Cathie Meyenn received a request from the GTAV to present a paper at the annual GTAV conference on August 27.  The theme of the presentation was Strategies for teaching Unit 4 Geography.

Cathie was able to provide guidance to a group of 40 VCE teachers on educational population games and creative ways in which to teach some of the more difficult concepts studied in the VCE Geography curriculum. In the same way we encourage our students to be leaders, we are proud of our teaching staff who are leaders in their own fields for their peers.

Last Friday afternoon Annie Wilson presented at a conference for VCE Legal Studies teachers on implementing the new 2018 study design. The new study design involves major changes to the structure, key knowledge and assessment of VCE Legal Studies and the purpose of the program was to provide teachers with an overview of these changes, suggested timelines for Units 1 and 3, sample assessment tasks, teaching strategies, resources and new case studies. Annie has been the author/co-author of various textbooks for Oxford University Press, Jacaranda Wiley and McGraw-Hill and has written and reviewed a range of curriculum materials for VCE Legal Studies

We would also like to congratulate Head of Science, Eleanor Wood, Head of Mathematics, Belinda Kinnane and English teacher, Nirvana Watkins who have all been selected to present at the Education Changemakers Conference in September. Eleanor will be sharing her pearls of wisdom about the First Six Months of a MakerSpace, Nirvana exploring opportunities around Virtual Reality and Belinda will unpack How Maths and Project Based Learning Intersect. Additionally, Head of English, Kate Manners and Nirvana have also been invited by VATE (English Association) to run a professional learning workshop on how podcasting can be weaved into the English curriculum.

We are most proud of all of these staff, both for their willingness to share their knowledge with other educators and their exceptional leadership in curriculum.


Zonta Birthing Kits
Every woman and her child deserves a clean and safe childbirth.  It is estimated that over 300,000 women die annually in childbirth, many from preventable infections.  As part of our Camber-well-being Week, girls were invited to take part in preparing and assembling Zonta Birthing Kits.  These kits each contain a plastic sheet, soap, a pair of gloves, a scalpel blade, three pieces of string and five gauze squares to ensure a safe and hygienic birth.  They are then folded into a small bag, ready to be sent overseas.  It is quite incredible to think that this is all that is required to assist a woman in safely birthing her baby.

After first attending a health and safety briefing, and then preparing all the materials needed for making the kits, our lovely volunteers gave up several of their lunchtimes towards this worthwhile cause.  In a little over an hour, our speedy team assembled exactly 200 birthing kits!  The Camberwell Girls community were also encouraged to donate $3 towards ‘buying’ a kit (that’s less than a cup of coffee and it will save two lives!)

We would like to thank all the girls and the staff for their efforts in organising and conducting this event, especially Mrs Poyser, Mrs Hargreaves and Ms Woolcock.

Shaping the Future
The future is uncertain — especially for young people.  Fortunately, our ‘Shaping the Future’ night helped explain the opportunities available in the future, and how we can get there, with the help of the CEO of Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) Jan Owen, entrepreneurs of ‘One Roof’ and Twnty Something, Sheree Rubinstein and Mandy Kota respectively, as well as Claire Poyser from the Class of 2010.

Jan portrayed the future as an exciting and innovative one for not just young people, but everyone!  She outlined that the skills needed in the future would be very different from traditional skills, with increased demands for digital skills, critical thinking and creativity.  It really allowed us to think outside the box in how we can better prepare ourselves for the workforce.

Both Sheree and Mandy are entrepreneurs; Sheree founded One Roof, a company designed to empower women with entrepreneurial skills, while Mandy seeks to encourage women to realise their self-worth through her company Twnty Something.  Both of these women set out with different goals in mind; one was a lawyer, while another was a speech pathologist. However, they encouraged us all to follow our true passions in life — wherever they may lead.

Claire shared her experiences as a newly graduated lawyer, revealing that her journey wasn’t always smooth sailing.  She shared that she embraces the notion of failing, because it allows us to improve as a person and may even lead you down a better path.  Now working as a lawyer for Nissan, Claire knows that she would not be where she is now if she didn’t fail from time to time, because that is what ultimately makes success so rewarding.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”! As the young women of the future, we must take every opportunity given to us and strive through success and failures.

We would like to thank all the wonderful speakers for sharing their insight and knowledge; as well as Kate Giles and Debbie Dunwoody.

Festival of Music
An audience of more than 300 parents and guests enjoyed the wonderful sounds of the annual Festival of Music concert ringing out in Barbara Sutton Hall last Friday evening, 8 September. Over 200 musicians from both the Senior and Junior campuses performed in their co-curricular ensembles from Jazz Ensemble to Symphony Orchestra, ably led by Frances Lu and Kaitlin Pekin in their last official role as 2017 Music Captains.

The Clarinet Ensemble began the evening before the start of the show by performing several of their favourites amongst the families enjoying refreshments in the foyer. Once in the hall, the Jazz Ensemble kicked off the concert with a funky bang!

This year’s Festival of Music featured the debut performance of Acoustech – CGGS’ newest co-curricular ensemble with a focus on improvisation and integrating technology in music making. After some strong beats from our Percussion ensembles, students from Years 4-6 sang an inspiring piece from the film Charlotte’s Web, while the Senior Chamber Strings performed a challenging Baroque piece featuring the School’s very own harpsichord, played by Madeline Li in Year 10.

The audience enjoyed a cinematic theme with performances by Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Middle School Choir, until the hall was transported to the Scottish islands when the Preston Singers collaborated with a bagpiper on the balcony, bringing a tear to Mrs Georgiev’s eye! The senior choristers brought back some funky beats before we returned to the Scottish Hebrides with Symphony Orchestra to cap off the evening’s performances.

The Music Department would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended to support their musical daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, cousins, students and friends! The students have made a huge commitment to their co-curricular ensembles and their effort and hard work at practice made this year’s concert such a great success. Our thanks also extends to the invaluable staff helpers who volunteered their time on the night – Pamela Badoer, Andrew Burnell, Miriam Hoffman and Duncan Reid.

Music and Speech & Drama Examinations
During the September holidays this year, 28 private Music students and 30 Speech & Drama students from both the Junior and Senior campuses will be practising hard for their upcoming examinations with the AMEB and Trinity College, London. These students are all enrolled in Private Tuition at CGGS and have a regular weekly lesson throughout the year with the fantastic tutors here at Camberwell. We wish all these students the very best of luck with their practice throughout the holidays and into next term, as the majority of them will undertake their examinations at CGGS in November.


Music Composition: Extension Program
Congratulations to Helena Liu, Victoria Xiao and Angelique Zhou.  They have been selected from nominated students across Victorian secondary schools, to participate in an audio based digital storytelling and composition enrichment program at Arts Centre Melbourne during the holidays.  This creative program is inspired by Arts Centre Melbourne’s presentation of Barking Gecko Theatre Company’s ‘Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories’.

Plays written by Victorian primary school children, featuring the theme ‘Take Flight’, will provide the stimulus for a range of sound stories.  Student composers and sound designers will collaborate and bring the stories to life in the Arts Centre’s creative digital learning space, The Channel.

The students will be guided by a team of professional producers and will acquire real world skills in composition, professional audio technology and production. They will receive training in digital software and recording, in the process of creating an audio installation entitled ‘Stories in the Wall’.  During October, the projects will be showcased online and via customised listening modules located within the foyers of Arts Centre Melbourne. ~ Kate Savige, Deputy Director of Music

GSV Athletics Finals Evening
Last week on Thursday 31 August, the Athletics team made up of students in Years 7 to 12 competed in the Division 3 GSV Athletics Carnival.  It was a fantastic day with great performances by all the students. Camberwell Girls came away with a proud 3rd out of the eight schools within our division. One of the highlights was not only seeing all the students competing in their events but also all the encouragement coming from the rest of the team. As well as coming 3rd overall, our Intermediate and Junior teams came third and the Seniors came a very close 4th.

Overall, it was a very successful day, with the 18 girls who made it into the finals continuing to the GSV Finals Evening Carnival at Lakeside Stadium on Tuesday.  To qualify for Finals Evening, students had to be ranked in the top 8-10 athletes of a given event from the 24 GSV schools that competed, across 3 Division Championship carnivals.  The GSV Finals Evening is a prestigious event that recognises the best age group athletes.  With 16 individual finalists across both track and field events and 2 relay teams, Camberwell Girls was well represented.

In near perfect conditions, our girls competed with pride and determination in their events and we are pleased to announce the following results. Thank you to our coaching team led by Nick & Jo Bowden and to all the students for their commitment and spirit throughout the season.

Special congratulations to our medallists:

Madison Murphy, Y9 Javelin (PB)

Bianca Phan, Y10 Long Jump
Tilly Dunn, Y9 High Jump (PB)

We also congratulate the following finalists:

Laura King / Y12 90m Hurdles (5th), Y12 Triple Jump (8th, SB)
Cara Ellis / Y12 High Jump (4th, SB)
Lama Halabi / Y11 800m (7th)
Lucy Bartram / Y10 100m (4th)
Bianca Phan / Y10 100m (5th)
Victoria Pearson / Y10 High Jump(10th)
Laney Kriketos / Y9 Discus (10th)
Ashleigh Cheung / Y9 4x100m Relay (8th, Team PB)
Loren Palma / Y9 4x100m Relay (8th)
Carly Reid / Y9 4x100m Relay (8th)
Michaela Robinson / Y9 4x100m Relay (8th)
Emily Arvidsson / Y8 High Jump (4th, PB)
Juliana Chandrasekara / Y7 High Jump   (10th), Y7 4x100m Relay (8th)
Abbey Howard / Y7 400m (5th, SB)
Emmelyn Choo-Lambropoulos / Y7 4x100m Relay (8th)
Abbey Howard / Y7 4x100m Relay (8th)
Emma Peak / Y7 4x100m Relay (8th)

Saturday Netball
After a fantastic winter season, the Year 10 Amethysts faced Koonung in the Grand Final.  Our CGGS students took the lead early in the game although Koonung had a great third quarter and worked their way back.  With a minute to go the scores were even, our defenders took a fabulous intercept and our CGGS students worked the ball down the court into a goal.  The Year 10 Amethysts won the Grand Final by one goal.  I have had a great year and so enjoyed sharing the season with all our teams.  All students worked hard and should be proud of their efforts throughout the season.

Enjoy the break, with training commencing again on Monday 9 October.   Presentation Night for all teams will be held on Tuesday 17 October and an invitation will be circulated shortly. ~ Lexie Joyce – Saturday Netball Coordinator

Celebration of Sport Dinner
The 2017 Celebration of Sport Dinner was a fantastic opportunity to bring together many Senior School families and recognise the amazing sporting achievements recorded over the past twelve months.

Australian gymnast, Monette Russo was our guest speaker for the night.  She shared her story on how success in sport does not always come easily and how important it is to continue to challenge yourself to become the best you can be.

On the night the Year Level Champion Award is presented to the student in each year level who has contributed the most to sport at CGGS. This award takes into consideration the number of sports each student has participated in, as well as their attitude, commitment to training, performance, leadership and level of improvement throughout the year.

The award winners are as follows:

Year Level Champion – Year 7
1st – Lauren Bernabe
2nd – Ella Robinson
3rd – Emmelyn Choo-Lambropoulos and Mikayla Lee

Year Level Champion – Year 8
1st – Megan Quach
2nd – Rubi Brady
3rd – Caitlin Sutton

Year Level Champion – Year 9
1st – Michaela Robinson
2nd – Tilly Dunn
3rd – Carly Reid and Madison Murphy

Year Level Champion – Year 10
1st – Lucy Bartram
2nd – Polly Anderson
3rd – Samreen Kaur and Eloise Schilling

Year Level Champion – Year 11
1st – Kate Sturzaker
2nd – Molly Ewens
3rd – Yasmin Tawfik

Year Level Champion – Year 12
1st – Dorothy Li
2nd – Cara Ellis
3rd – Laura King

The major award for the night was the Sportwoman of the Year Award which recognised the student who had contributed the most to sport at CGGS across all year levels. The 2017 Sportswoman of the Year was involved in Athletics, Cross Country, AFL, Hockey, Softball, Swimming, Soccer, Diving and Cricket. We congratulate Michaela Robinson for her outstanding sporting contribution.

Special thanks to our 2017 Sports Captains, Cara Ellis and Dorothy Li for hosting the evening and to the Friends of Sport for their support in planning this event.  ~ Lauren Law, Head of Sport

Congratulations to the Senior and Junior Badminton teams who finished the season as zone winners and qualified for GSV Finals. The girls showed great determination and teamwork both at training and during matches, which contributed to their strong performance throughout the season.

The Senior team competed in a thrilling Semi-Final, but unfortunately were defeated by PLC in what was a highly competitive match. The Junior team should be very proud of their performance after a convincing win against Toorak College. The girls progressed to the grand final against PLC and should be very happy to come away with the Runners Up Pennant.

Thank you to Jane Cameron, Chris Anton and Hannah Simon for coaching the girls throughout this successful season.

Transition to Tertiary Breakfast
On Tuesday morning in Robinson Hall the Year 12 girls enjoyed a breakfast organised by Mrs Trish Dolan, our CGGS Careers Counsellor and Mr Andrew Burnell, the Year 12 Coordinator.

Under the banner of ‘T2T’ (Transition to Tertiary), Mrs Dolan provided the girls with a summary of what factors enable a successful transition from secondary to tertiary.  Two past students, Amelia Smythe (Class of 2015) and Janelle Shen (Class of 2016), spoke of their own experiences and offered insights into how to make the transition a really enjoyable and successful one.

Janelle started at RMIT University studying Project Management but after a number of months she realised she was not enjoying this course as much as she had anticipated. She actively sought advice from a number of different sources and decided to change her direction. Janelle has now changed institutions with a view to completing her tertiary studies in the exciting field of Design. She spoke to the students about the importance of being happy in your chosen course and to seek advice as needed.

Amelia went straight to ANU in Canberra and is studying one of their very popular courses, a flexible double degree in Arts, studying Psychology and International Development.  Amelia spoke of her family’s support in making this change, her fantastic experiences at ANU, and she gave great advice about involving yourself in different activities. A terrific way to make friends! Both girls spoke of the many differences the Year 12s will notice in their first months at university. Their great advice, and their ‘tips and tricks’ on how to make this transition a really happy and successful move, will enable our Year 12 graduates in 2017 to feel well prepared for this next chapter.

We thank Trish Dolan for organising the T2T breakfast.


Women in Financial Careers
Students in Years 9 & 10 were excited to hear what it is like to have a career in Financial Planning. Michelle Tate-Lovery, Principal Adviser and Director & Authorised Representative of Unified Financial Services, gave an interesting and informative talk about her career path in this area.

Although many students may think financial planning is dry and all about numbers, Michelle shared many examples of her work and talked to the students about the personal attributes and skills necessary for the role. She spoke about the ‘people’ skills that were required – interpersonal & communication skills; how she used her problem solving skills every day and how each day was different. Keen to spread the word about women in financial planning, she certainly left the students with the impression that it was an exciting and appealing profession. ~ Trish Dolan, Careers Counsellor


I wish all our CGGS Senior School families a safe and relaxing holiday and I look forward to welcoming the students back to school on Monday 9 October in Summer Uniform.


Best Wishes

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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