Senior School


Senior School

In Senior School this week we began our transition towards the end of year activities for our current Year 12 students and the subsequent passing of the baton from the 2017 to the 2018 Leaders.  In Assembly on Tuesday the announcement of our 2018 School and Vice Captains was made and we are all very proud of our new leaders, School Captain Lydia Baird, and Vice Captains Molly Ewens and Sarah Mackinnon.

We also acknowledged an individual student achievement, with Sanjana Gupta being awarded the Melbourne University Partnership International (MSPI) Award.  This award sees The University of Melbourne support the personal and academic development of high-achieving International Students.


Scoliosis Awareness
Year 8 student, Zara Mammone has recently started a new fundraising campaign for the Royal Children’s Hospital as an Everyday Hero, after personally raising $1,000 in June of this year.

Zara has a condition called Scoliosis, which requires her to wear a Boston Brace for 22 hours of every day enveloping her torso and stabilising her spine.  In Australia approximately 3 in 1,000 children have a scoliosis condition which requires treatment.  Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis mainly affects girls aged between 10 – 18 years.   As the Scoliosis progresses during growth periods, the Boston Brace aims to keep the spine straight until the body is fully grown.

While Zara’s condition has been challenging both emotionally and physically, she has chosen to focus her energies on supporting others in situations similar to hers via her IG account @braceisthenewblack and via fundraising to support others requiring financial support to assist them.

We are proud of Zara living our School Values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Hope and Courage both in the way she conducts herself and how she is reaching out and engaging with others in need.  For more information you can visit the Scoliosis Australia website here  or if you are in a position to make a donation to support other young people with this condition, please donate here.


Swinburne University BrainStem
Seven students in Year 10 attended the Swinburne University BrainStem Kickstart day on Monday 21 August.

The BrainSTEM program allows students to innovate, design, research and create a STEM innovation with a real-world application. Students are teamed with university Scientists and academics to develop their project over the course of the next 10 weeks. The program provides students the unique opportunity to work with someone who specialises in their field, and experience the research methodology that comes from simple idea development.

Chloe Bennett, Fiona Duncan Madi Parfuss, Maryanne Li, Madeline Li, Elizabeth Gong and Stephanie Lysikatos will be participating in the program this Semester. We look forward to their presentations given at Swinburne University on 10 November.

Good Luck Girls.
~ Eleanor Macaro

Year 12 Elevate Education Parent Information Evening
On Tuesday night, a number of our Year 12 parents attended an outstanding presentation by Elevate Education. The presentation was designed to provide additional information to our Year 12 parents on how they can further support their daughters in the lead-up to the end of year examinations. The main focus of the evening was on time management skills, motivation, prioritising, making notes and how to most effectively use practice exams.

If any parents were unable to attend, please email Mr Burnell at  for a copy of the presentation.


LinkedIn for Youth
Students in Years 10 – 12 attended a presentation on ‘LinkedIn’ by Mr Tim Watt of ‘Be Social Be Smart’. Tim gave an overview of the recognition by employers of social media sites such as LinkedIn and others as part of the overall recruitment process. He gave excellent examples of young people who had profiles on sites such as these, and how the information about these young people could either harm or enhance their chances of selection by potential employers. He cited research which stated that 87% of employers use LinkedIn as part of their selection process, he reminded students about their current digital footprint and he asked them what it may say to their future employers. He gave an energetic, enthusiastic and thought provoking presentation to our students.


23rd Annual Australian Geography Competition 2017
Once again this year, Camberwell Girls has achieved outstanding results in the Annual Australian Geography Competition 2017.

This competition gives us the opportunity to highlight Geography in our School and challenge our students.  In today’s society, Geography is a vital subject. It helps students understand what is happening in the world around them through a study of the socio-economic and environmental interactions taking place between people and places at a local, regional, national and global scale.

This year, students in Years 7 – 10 sat the paper, with 34% achieving a Credit or above, and 20% achieving a Distinction or above. An excellent achievement girls, well done.

I would especially like to congratulate the record number of students, 27 in all, who performed extremely well by achieving a High Distinction, ranking them in the top 4% of the nearly 60,000 students who entered the competition around Australia.

One Year 9 student, Matilda Dunn, performed exceptionally well, being ranked in the top 1% nation-wide.

The students who achieved a High Distinctions are:

Year 7
Isabelle Brisk, Juliana Chanrasekara, Teagan Deip, Genevieve Herbert, Abbey Howard, Megan Kuo, Annaliese Le, Isabelle Swindale

Year 8
Maggie Hu, Charlotte Kutey, Rachel Lau, Zara Mammone, Minh Nguyen, Holly Williams

Year 9
Matilda Dunn, Shohaag Sengupta, Rochelle Sheid, Ally Quan, Jemma Wilson, Emily Zhang

Year 10
Isobel Arnot, Chloe Bennett, Meg Billson, Yesenia Chang-Gonzalez, Alysha Lam, Madeline Li, Irene Xian

~ Meg Anderson

Book Week Author Visit – Morris Gleitzman
Morris Gleitzman, one of Australia’s most popular children’s authors, delighted a gathering of excited and enthusiastic students on Wednesday afternoon at the Senior School Library.

Morris captivated all in attendance with an absorbing explanation of how Felix, the main character from the Once series came into being. Morris stated that his idea for the book was born simply from a desire to write a story about friendship.

The thoughtful audience of Years 5 – 7 students listened attentively as Morris explained his personal connection to the geographic setting of Once (World War II, Europe), and the complexities this significant time in history presented to a somewhat naïve young boy and his younger friend, Zelda.

The students asked insightful and thought-provoking questions, which Morris answered comprehensively but avoided any spoilers for those that had not read all the books in the series. The session was completed with a book signing and an opportunity for lots of photos with a number of delighted girls.

The final book in the series that will be titled Always, is due for release next year.

Macbeth Excursion
On Thursday 24 August, the Year 11 cohort watched the play, ‘Macbeth’, by Bell Shakespeare at the Arts Centre Melbourne. The Bell Shakespeare company took on a modern adaptation of the Shakespearean text we studied earlier in the year to present a new approach to the classic story. The famous play by Shakespeare, ‘Macbeth’, is a story about a noble and his ambitions to become king, from this stems bloodshed and tragedy.

The Bell Shakespeare company integrated contemporary aspects into the play including the addition of elements such as video chatting, ‘selfies’, a photo booth and modernised clothing. They also utilised theatrical light bulbs to create special effects to portray the supernatural factors in the play.

We would like to thank the English department for organising this excursion to further enhance our understanding about ‘Macbeth’.
~ Alanna Chew Lee and Kristie Lu

Visit by War Historian and Archaeologist
This term, our Year 9 students have been investigating the nature and significance of Australia’s involvement in World War I. On Tuesday 29 August, Lambis Englezos visited the school to speak to our Year 9s.

Lambis is a retired teacher turned amateur Historian and Archaeologist. His research was instrumental in locating, recovering, identifying and giving proper military funerals to the remains of 400 Australian and British servicemen who were killed in the Battle of Fromelles in 1916. During the session, our Year 9s were given the chance to discuss how we commemorate our war dead and how historical and archaeological research is carried out. Many of our Year 9s will soon be applying their insights when they enter the Premier’s Spirit of ANZAC Competition early in Term 4.
~ Ian Lyell, Head of History

Chinese High School Debate
On 26 August, eight enthusiastic Years 10 and 11 Chinese debaters participated in a Chinese Debating Competition held by S&W Consulting Group.

There were 24 teams competing, representing different schools from across Victoria. Camberwell Girls placed as one of the top 8 schools in Victoria through the solid effort, commitment and teamwork demonstrated by the girls – Krystal Shang, Sara Chen, Crystal Wu, Amy Miao, Jessica Lu, Maddie Li, Kristen Yang and Sherry Gan.

Krystal Shang and Sarah Chen from Year 11, won the title of “Best Debater” in both the first and second rounds of debate. This competition is valuable to all of the girls involved and has been a precious experience for us to gain knowledge on debating skills as well as learning to collaborate with our team mates.

Our enthusiastic Year 10 and 11 Chinese debaters have won two rounds so far. Debaters are Sara Chen and Krystal Shang were recognised as the two best Debaters for the competition, winning the best speaker in Division C for rounds 1 and 2 respectively. Last Saturday’s match proved very tough as the girls were competing against last year’s runner-up, however they were victorious on the day.

Congratulations to the following students who have been preparing for hours after School over the last 3 weeks which is a testament to their great team work.
~ Sherry Gan, Year 10

Infinity Maths Excursion
Year 10 students Mei Ang, Claire Barnabe, Nikki Chen, Madeline Li, Maryanne Li, Hiruni Sirimanne, Sharon Truong and Louise Zhang attended the Infinity Maths workshop on Thursday 17 August held at PLC. In the workshop, students explored the history of our efforts to understand the infinite. They evaluated some of the weird and wonderful mind bending paradoxes that arise when we speak of infinite collection of objects and the sums of infinitely many numbers.
~ Eleanor Macaro

Mathematics Seminar
This week a group of eight Year 10s went to PLC to attend a Mathematics seminar discussing the infinite properties of mathematics. The problems given were challenging, making us think outside the unit square and search beyond infinity. Our usual Math skills were put to the test in controversial mathematical paradoxes and prepositions. This excursion definitely extended our interest in the field of mathematics and the role of research mathematicians.
~ Year 10 students


Maths Craft Excursion
On Tuesday 15 August , three Camberwell Girls students; Harmoni Parsons (Year 8), Alan Cheng (Year 9) and Hiruni Sirimanne (Year 10), attended the Maths Craft workshop held at MLC.

The girls worked with Melbourne University Research Mathematicians to explore open-ended mathematical problems. They developed their understanding of proofing mathematical statements and theorems and also shared different problem solving approaches with other likeminded students. The girls gained insight into the roles of researching mathematicians and how they approach their craft.
~ Eleanor Macaro

Year 9 Music Elective: The Australian Ballet and Orchestra Victoria
On Wednesday 30 August, the Year 9 Music Elective Class went on an after school excursion to the Melbourne Arts Centre to watch the Australian Ballet perform the Symphony in C program. We all came together in the foyer of the Melbourne Arts Centre, bubbling with excitement and anticipation. As we sat in our seats and the theatre slowly filled up, we could feel the atmosphere changing and becoming more energetic by the minute.

There were five pieces before the interval, delivering a sensational exploration of themes through music and dance. From traditional classical pieces to athletic contemporary works, each one was engaging and creatively dynamic. After the interval was the major piece, the beautiful Symphony in C. George Balanchine’s iconic tutu ballet, accompanied by the energetic music score of George Bizet was a delight to watch. It was absolutely enthralling to see such graceful dancers being accompanied by Orchestra Victoria.

We are all very grateful for this opportunity, and on behalf of the class, I would like to thank Ms Savige for organising the excursion and Mrs Meachem for her support and promotion of the performing arts.
~ Upoma Manzur, Year 9

Religious Education
On Tuesday 29 August, 98 Year 7 students took part in the annual Religious Education excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria and St Paul’s Cathedral, travelling to and from the city by train. At the NGV they spent an hour in a guided tour of early modern religious artworks led by an expert guide, and a further hour looking around the Gallery with their friends. After the morning at the Gallery, the students went to Birrarung Marr for lunch, and then on to the Cathedral. At the Cathedral the group was welcomed by one of the guides, and then went to work exploring the home church of the Melbourne Diocese.
~ Duncan Reid


Anglicare Winter Appeal
As we have headed into the cooler months of the year, the Camberwell Girls community have had a Winter Appeal for pre-loved clothes and winter woolies. Both as a great way of donating any old clothes and completing a winter wardrobe cleanout, we were also able to give many people the gift of Warmth this winter.

The Winter Appeal supported Anglicare, a local group which aims to focus on transforming the futures of children, family and adults. Anglicare thrives to end disadvantage and to supply people with a range of direct services to overcome their immediate crises.

Results have shown both Years 7 & 12 as our winners, having collected the most clothes. The two year levels will share in a casual clothes day and lunch together. Thank you to everyone for their support and participation!
~ Jamila Wynn & Eileen Zhang, Service Learning Captains


100 Days for Girls – Kits for Cambodia!
On Tuesday 29 August the local Days for Girls Camberwell Chapter helped our students pack Days for Girls kits. This was a follow up from when they came in June to help us make the components for the kits.

Days for Girls is an organisation that makes, educates and distributes feminine hygiene packs in developing countries. These washable packs allow girls to stay in school when they have their period. A basic right! The organisation is dedicated to creating a more free, dignified, and educated world, through providing lasting access to feminine hygiene solutions and health education.

The students and staff going on the Cambodia Immersion Trip in two weeks will take 100 kits with them to distribute in Cambodia through the Green Gecko Project.

This project enhances the tangible way that we live out or school motto – Useful in Service. We raised money, made the components and will deliver to those in need.
~ Liss Campbell, Head of Service Learning

Year 9 Fundraising Sausage Sizzle and Fair Trade Stall
On Tuesday 8 August, four wonderful Year 9 girls – Hannah Shillington, Emily Hoyle, Erin Joy and Loren Palma – with the help of Filomena Crici, Alice Broadbridge and Kim Waters, organised and ran a sausage sizzle and fair trade stall in the breezeway to raise fund for Caritas Australia. Just over $200 was raised – well done everyone! This money will assist Caritas to achieve their goals to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

The girls were inspired to take action after a wonderful talk to the Year 9s by Megan Bourke from Caritas as part of their Geography Semester 1 Unit of Biomes, Farming and Food Security.  Megan spoke from her first hand experience working overseas about the causes and effects food security issues globally, and of course the solutions, through the ongoing transformative work that Caritas is doing to assist people in developing countries like Cambodia, Bolivia and Timor Leste to improve their food security through education and training programs and by providing a hand up not a hand out.

The girls found some of the statistics about food and food security startling and the fact that people in developing countries not only eat bugs such as crickets as a valuable source of protein, vitamins and minerals but also that some enterprising women are actually making a good living out of breeding bugs for human consumption.

Megan also stressed the importance of fair trade as a means of supporting farmers to sell their products such as coffee and tea at a fair price on the global market – and so our girls collected donations of fair trade chocolate, coffee and tea and sold these items at their stall – see the photo of Hannah, Emily, Erin and Loren. A wonderful effort girls, thank you!

Thank you also to all staff and students who supported this fundraising effort.
~ Meg Anderson


Year 8 Drama
As part of the Drama curriculum, Year 8 students experiment with different drama styles and particularly enjoy the Commedia unit.

Students are experimenting with slap slick comedy, food fights, good old pie in the face scenarios and stereo-typical costumes.  This presents students with an opportunity to build comedic confidence in a safe environment and become aware of many different genres within this Year 8 subject.

Saturday Netball Competition – Finals
This Saturday 2 September, the CGGS Netball Program has some teams playing in the Semi Finals.  If you are free, it would be great to see some of our community and other school students at the courts to support the girls.  The following teams will be playing for a spot in the Grand Final, held next Saturday 9 September.

Saturday 2 September
Year 7 Amber / 11:00 am
Year 9 Emeralds / 12:30 pm
Year 10 Amethysts / 2:00 pm
Year 12 Opals / 3:30 pm

All games are played at Macleay Park on Belmore Road, Balwyn.


GSV Preliminary Athletics Carnival
Last Thursday CGGS competed in the GSV Preliminary Athletics held at Lakeside Athletics Track. We had over 60 girls compete in many track and field events throughout the day. We have been training twice a week this term with our new coaches Nick and Jo and have already seen a huge improvement in both track and field events. It was great to see every girl do a block start for each sprint. Our relay training really paid off as each team raced really strong with no disqualifications. As a result of our performances on the day we have qualified for the Division 3 Carnival Friday 1 September. Good luck to all the girls who will be competing in this carnival.
~ Michaela Robinson & Laney Kriketos, Year 9

Victorian Interschool Snow Sports
Congratulations to the girls who represented Camberwell Girls at the Interschool Snowsports at Mt Buller. Emily Arvidsson from Year 8 and Claire Tremewen, Grace Raszewski and Carly Reid from Year 9 competed in a range of events including the Skier Cross and Alpine Giant Slalom. Against strong competition the girls showcased their impressive speed and agility on the slopes and are to be congratulated on their fantastic performances.

Thank you to Nareen Robinson and Liza Stevens who accompanied the team and also to all the parents who came to support the girls at Mt Buller for what was a very exciting week at the snow.

Parents & Friends Association Trivia Night
On Friday of last week, the Parents & Friends Association (PFA) hosted their annual parent Trivia Night, themed – “Night at the Movies”.

More than 160 enthusiastic CGGS parents embraced the theme, dressing up as Hollywood actors or movie characters.  Present at the evening were the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, Doctor Spock (Best Dressed), Marilyn Munroe, Captain Jack Sparrow, James Bond and his Bond girls and Jules (AKA Samuel L Jackson) from Pulp Fiction.

Silent auction and raffle items were purchased by parents and staff, with all money raised supporting the PFA’s existing contribution to the renovations of the CGGS Aquatic Centre, making it a state-of- the-art centre for our girls.

The PFA thank all the families who supported the night by either donating items for the silent auction or helping to make the night such a huge success.

I hope you have lovely weekend.

Best Wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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