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Senior School

While the Year 7 (Grantville) and Year 8 (Merricks) Camps took place in the first week of May, included in this edition of CamNews are some reflections of these camps. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many staff who ensured these camps ran so smoothly and the students for their positive attitudes and approach to all the activities and challenges on offer. The camp providers spoke glowingly of the politeness and enthusiasm of our students. Both the students and staff commented on the fact that they enjoyed a ‘device’ free week and the chance to really develop friendships across a mix of students from their entire year level. On behalf of all the students, I would particularly like to thank, their Year Level Coordinators, Ms Stevens and Mrs Ewens and our Education Outdoors Coordinator, Mr Maycock for organising and managing these camps.

In preparation for the upcoming Music Tour of Europe the Tour Strings played magnificently in Senior School Assembly and on Tuesday night we met with all the students and their parents to outline the itinerary and ensure all details are in order before our Wednesday 28 June departure. Highlights of the tour include, Verona, Venice, Ljubljana, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague, with concerts and performances at each stop.

Last night, two functions were organised and I was fortunate to attend both. Firstly, we met with a group of students and their parents who are preparing to represent the School at the Future Problem Solving Competition to be held in Wisconsin in early June. The group of 7 students from Years 9 and 10 were invited to attend the competition due to being crowned runners up at the National competition. Best wishes to the group a both ambassadors for Camberwell Girls and Australia.

Also the Interactive Evening saw students currently in Years 5 and 6 at either Ormiston or local Primary Schools engage in activities that provided a wonderful snapshot of the teaching and learning at Camberwell Girls.



Last week in Senior School students in Years 7 and 9 undertook NAPLAN testing. In Senior School the students seemed relaxed and comfortable with the testing environment.

It will be a number of months before the results are released to the School, at which time they will be provided to parents via a letter home with students.

Annual Founders Service
On Monday 8 May, we gathered to celebrate the 97 year history of our School, with the Annual Founders’ Service.  The service was due to take place at St Mark’s Church, where the School began, but due to the weather we assembled in the Barbara Sutton Hall.  We were very pleased to welcome our bishop, the Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell,  to the service as preacher, as well as the Reverend Matt Ooi, minister at St Mark’s.  The service included prayers of thanksgiving for the history of the School, and all those who have contributed to its life.  Mrs Dunwoody told the story of the first Headmistress of the School, Miss Lockley, reflecting on her grit and commitment.  The theme of the service, ‘be of courage’ was taken from one of the blessings included in the Anglican Prayer Book, and two of our students, Ally Strong in Year 6 and Grace Hamann in Year 12, offered their thoughts on what it means to be courageous.  Students sang the School Hymn with feeling, and a musical highlight was the Combined Tour Strings and Choir, who presented Vivaldi’, Credo.

2017 Mother’s Day Breakfast
Bright and early last Thursday 11 May, 240 guests sat down to enjoy the 2017 Mother’s Day Breakfast. Mothers and daughters from both Junior and Senior School joined together to celebrate the mums and other special women in their lives.

This year the event was held in Barbara Sutton Hall, bringing all guests together in the one space to enjoy a delicious breakfast of granola and yogurt, fresh fruit and buttermilk pancakes with berries or spiced pear topping, served to each guest at the table.

Each mother was given a beautiful gift from the Thankyou body care range. With all profits from the sale of  Thankyou products going towards ending global poverty, this gift embraces the School’s values of giving back.

The School Captains Mia, Jacqui and Meagan coordinated a mother/daughter activity of making a Gratitude Garland. Individual words of appreciation and hopes for each other were written by mothers and their daughters on paper triangles, which were all attached to a long piece of string. The completed garlands are now hanging throughout the Junior and Senior School for everyone to read these special messages.

The 2017 Mother’s Day Breakfast was a lovely celebration of the special women in our lives…..something that should be celebrated every day, not just once a year!


International Students’ Social
Last Friday, students of Camberwell Girls visited Trinity Grammar for a social, organised by the International Captains of both schools.  Students participated in a variety of fun activities, showcased dancing and singing and enjoyed delicious food and beverages. We socialised and mingled with other people and made many new friends.

We appreciate the opportunities that the School provides for us as it was a memorable experience.

Carol Liu, Year 11



CGGS Annual Winter Sleepout
Our annual Winter Sleepout was held last Friday 12 May to raise funds for the Salvation Army and promote the issue of homelessness in Australia. The night began with a quick quiz on some background statistics of homelessness in Australia and closer to home, in Victoria. We then had a dinner of vegetable soup and bread (cooked by the generous Mrs Waters) with vegetables girls had donated.

Girls were also fortunate enough to have Kyle and Alison from the Salvation Army come and talk to us about homelessness. We broke into groups and walked down to Camberwell together to buy items that the Salvation Army require to give to those in need. These included toilet paper, non-perishable food, deodorants, hair products and razors. We spent a total of $720 at Woolworths and definitely managed to help out our local Salvation Army!

The evening ended with a  movie to lighten the mood and reward ourselves with the last bit of comfort before we spent the night outside in the cold! The Winter Sleepout is a fantastic initiative that reminds us to be grateful for all we have in life and to spare a thought for those who are less fortunate.

Monies raised from the Sleepout, together with the Casual Clothes Day on Friday raised a combined total of $1,403. This is a fantastic effort and we would like to thank all the staff who were present in the early evening including Mrs Poyser, Mrs Dunwoody and Mr Corrie, as well as Mr Maycock, Mrs Campbell, Mr Barnett and Mrs Watkins who also gave up their Friday nights to sleep in the cold for a good cause!

Jacqueline Gu, Year 12



Year 9 Geography Guest Speaker
On Tuesday 16 May, the Year 9s were fortunate to hear an interesting and thought-provoking presentation by Megan Bourke, Manager of the Caritas Australia Global Education team. Megan spoke on the topic of food security as an important part of our Geography Semester One unit ‘Biomes, Farming and Food Security’.

Caritas Australia is an NGO (Non Government Organisation) and Catholic International aid and development agency. It is part of a global network that spans over 200 countries and territories working towards the creation of a just world.

Megan introduced the Year 9s to a number of statistics about food security – one being that while 98% of people worldwide who do not have enough to eat live in developing countries, the remaining 2% of hungry people live in developed countries such as ours. Megan challenged the Year 9s to think about the fact that there IS enough food in the world to feed everyone, but it is not currently shared equally.

She also highlighted the current food crisis in East Africa, driven by drought, conflict and poor governance, where 21.4 million people need water and sanitation support, 3.5+ million children are suffering from severe malnutrition and 8.8 million children are unable to attend school.

NGO’s such as Caritas respond to food crisis with humanitarian or emergency aid, but they also work closely in long-term strategies with local communities through a strengths-based approach to educate and train local people and by providing modern technology such as irrigation methods and drought-resistant seeds.

She also encouraged the Year 9 girls to support the global response to the East Africa Emergency Appeal 2017 in one or more of 4 ways: 1. Fundraising (such as holding a fair-trade stall), 2. Running a Solidarity Lunch, 3. Raising awareness in the School community and 4. Taking Action for change such as signing the online petition for climate justice.

Meg Anderson – Head of Geography 



Year 7 Camp to Grantville
The Year 7 Camp was a once in a lifetime experience. On Monday 1 May, the Year 7 students gathered at Norway reserve; trailing behind them were parents waiting to see their daughters off. In minutes the park went from being littered with suitcases, parents and daughters, to being empty as the buses left for the ride up to Grantville UC Campsite.

We arrived before lunch and were able to get a small snack in before receiving a briefing on camp rules and safety measures. We were then off to find our cabins, all a short walk from the dining hall. Afterwards, we assembled into our activity groups. Each group headed off to their activities, which ranged from farming, high ropes, low ropes, initiatives, canoeing and campout preparation.

On Tuesday, Groups 1-4 participated in a camp out where they set up tents, cooked themselves dinner, and built a campfire. After a night sleeping out, they arrived back at the cabin grounds in the morning, tired, damp but overall happy to add a sleep-out to their list of camp experiences. Groups 5-8; experienced the campout on Wednesday. Both groups woke up at 6:30am to walk back to the cabins and prepare for the next day. The campout was definitely a fun experience in the outdoors, however, I believe I speak for most people when I say I’m glad it was only one night!

On Thursday, all groups participated in LARPING (live action role play) and “The Grantville Survivor”, an activity organised by the UC camp staff. All Year 7 participants gathered into their activity groups. and, all eight groups had to complete three activities of their choice, fold two tents, build a raft from limited materials and create a song and dance for their group. The Grantville Survivor was an amazing bonding experience that included and united all of the participants in each group and relied upon teamwork.

On the final day of camp, Murrindindi came and talked to us about the plants that surrounded the campsite. We learnt about areas in trees that had potential to become a boomerang, flowers that help you sleep, leaves that work as a soap and a few more.

Departing camp was bittersweet as we were leaving a place new memories were formed and old friendships strengthened – even though we were going home to our families, familiarity, beds and the internet! Advice I have for the next Year 7 students participating in this camp is don’t set up your tent in the crook of the hill. If you do happen to be in a tent positioned like that, DO NOT sleep in the middle. Happy Camping!

A special thank you to Mr Maycock and Ms Stevens for organising this amazing camp and to all the teachers who gave up their time to spend it with us.

Olivia Jones – 7W


Year 8 Camp to Merricks
Year 8 Camp was an experience both memorable and endearing. After a hug and a final goodbye, the Y0ear 8 students left family behind and hurried onto the bus, booming with excitement and sheer joy. As we pulled into Merricks, we were greeted by fresh air and the picturesque coastline. From the moment we stepped off the bus, we knew this would be an experience to remember.

After settling into our cabins and a brief introduction from the camp staff, we were ready to take on the activities planned for us. Fortunately for my group, we were the first to campout overnight. After being told that the walk there would be 4 kilometres long, you could say our group was slightly discouraged. Yet surprisingly, it went quickly and wasn’t as difficult as we’d imagined. Breaking into smaller groups we self catered, cooking on Trangia stoves. My group’s pasta was actually pretty good.

In comparison to the Year 7 camp last year, the Merricks trip was more of a challenge, physically, but the activities were also structured to encourage us to be more self reliant as well as drawing upon the support of our peers. The team building exercises, some of which Mrs Dunwoody joined us for, afforded us the opportunity to solidify relationships with other students who perhaps we had only just been acquainted with previously.

Surfing and snorkelling, despite the cold, were the highlights, even with the maximum stand time on a board being 1 second which even then resulted in a two collision!

Thanks to Mr Maycock, Mrs Ewens, Mrs Dunwoody and all the staff who supported us on this trip. Can’t wait for Year 9’s adventure!

Sabrina Renzi – Year 8



GSV Swimming and Diving
While this event took place back in March, the achievements of the students should be acknowledged.

At the GSV Swimming and Diving championship finals, Camberwell Girls had two individual swimmers and two relay teams who all did very well, with lots of PB’s achieved.

We had two Year 7 teams competing in the medley and freestyle relays. The freestyle team consisted of Olivia Banitsiotis, Ava Hu, Abbey Howard and Juliana Chandrasekara. Each girl swam brilliantly and the team finished 7th overall. The medley really team consisted of Lauren Bernabe (backstroke), Sasha Edney (breaststroke), Abbey Howard (butterfly) and Olivia Banitsiotis (freestyle). These girls also did exceptionally well, coming 10th.

Abbey Howard won an individual bronze medal for the Year 7 50m breaststroke in a time of 38.61, while Anabel Car came 9th in the Year 9 individual 50m backstroke, in a time of 34.95.

Congratulations to all the divers who competed and we must acknowledge Ella Robinson for coming 7th in the Year 7 and 8 diving with a score of 103.95.

Congratulations to all of the Year 7 and 8 swimmers for winning the Division 3 Cup for the first time in 15 years!

Huge thanks to the PE Department for organising the events. Also, great appreciation goes to Peter Kitney, for coaching the girls and helping them with their technique. Overall, the CGGS Swim and Dive teams did an amazing job at all of the swimming carnivals. Bring on 2018!


With best wishes,


Cathy Poyser 
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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