Senior School


Senior School

The VCE students are well underway with their examinations and we continue to be vigilant to ensure the areas around the Upper Woodstock level are as quiet as possible to provide the students with the best environment possible to complete these examinations. We have been delighted with their positive attitude and the calm manner in which the students are going about completing the examination requirements of the VCE.

There is an additional piece within this week’s CamNews outlining the up-coming examinations for all students in Years 10 and 11. These examinations commence on Thursday 17 November and conclude on Wednesday 23 November. Please note that Wednesday 16 November is a Year 10 and 11 Study Day and students may choose to stay at home, with the option of studying in the School library as an alternative. At the end of the examinations the students currently in Years 10 and 11 will begin a HeadStart Program that introduces their VCE subjects for 2017. This program runs from Thursday 24 November to Friday 2 December and is compulsory for all current Years 10 and 11 students. School concludes for Years 10 and 11 students on Friday 2 December, however we warmly welcome Years 10 and 11 students to Carols at Camberwell on Sunday 4 December, the Carols Service at St Marks on Monday 5 December and the final Assembly on Tuesday 6 December; the last day for students in Years 7 – 9.

Last week in Senior School Assembly we had the pleasure of welcoming Morgan Koegel the CEO of “One Girl” to Camberwell Girls. Morgan was one of the most inspirational guest speakers we have had visit recently. Interestingly after the assembly many girls and staff alike were heard discussing her powerful speech. Her messages to the girls were very clear about making a difference. I am sure all the girls would recall Morgan saying, “change happens because we demand it” or “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it” and “what you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”.

In motivating the girls Morgan spoke about how she came to be involved with One Girl. She began by identifying what her passions in life were, exploring how she could use her skills to make a difference and then started doing after securing her role as CEO of One Girl that would enable her to achieve her goals.

Natasha Sevo, who brought our attention to the One Girl organisation, wishes to thank the School community for helping her support One Girl by raising $2,433. This will educate more than 8 girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda for the next twelve months. Many thanks to our students and staff who supported Natasha’s initiative on the day and especially to the male staff who taught in a dress on the day to assist the cause.


Assembly Awards
At the Senior School Assembly on Tuesday 25 October we had great pleasure in announcing the School and House Leadership positions for 2017.

All students who applied for positions were interviewed for their roles and in the case of House Captains, students within their Houses had the opportunity to be involved in electing their preferred leaders.

Congratulations to all students who involved themselves in this process and to those successful in securing a role for 2017, we look forward to supporting you in achieving your best during the following 12 months. You can view the full list of the 2017 School and House Leadership here.


Co-Curricular Awards
At the Assembly on October 25 we also acknowledged students who received co-curricular Badges for exceptional commitment and contribution to their chosen areas over the past three years. Congratulations to all students on their achievements. You can view the full list here.


Monash Scholars
Minami Sakaida, Lydia Baird and Janice Soo were also acknowledged in Assembly as the 2016 CGGS recipients of the Monash Scholars Award. This Award grants them admission to a prestigious program for high-achieving secondary school students offering a unique head start to University life. The program begins in Year 10 continuing on through Years 11 and 12 with participants invited to a number of events and workshops at Monash University each year. The four key benefits for students are enhanced learning, exploring career options, defining personal aspirations and building networks.


Child Safe Standards Update
Ensuring Camberwell Girls is compliant with all the requirements of Ministerial Order N0. 870 – Child Safe Standards has certainly kept us busy since all schools in Victoria were made aware of this most important directive earlier in 2016. At Camberwell Girls this process has included working with student groups on policy writing and the development of sessions to educate our students on Child Safe Standards, Protective Behaviours and Respectful Relationships.

Our new CGGS commitment to Child Safety that forms part of every School policy states:

All students who attend Camberwell Girls Grammar School have a right to feel and to be safe. The wellbeing and safety of all students in our care is our first priority and we have zero tolerance to child abuse. The protection of students is the responsibility of everyone who is employed at, or is engaged by Camberwell Girls in child-connected work. To ensure the safety and best interests of all students, we take into account the needs of those with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage, those from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with a disability.

While we have discussed Protective Behaviours and Respectful Relationships within our Health curriculum for many years, the directive from the Victorian Government on the Child Safe Standards strengthens our ability to promote and model such behaviours in everything we do to support students and staff at Camberwell Girls.

Throughout the remainder of this Term and beyond, as a matter of compliance with the Child Safe Standards outlined in Ministerial Order No. 870 your daughters will be taking part in discussions and lessons aimed at educating them on two main themes; the right to feel safe all of the time and identifying the people they as individual students trust in order to share concerns or questions. The School Counsellors, Health teachers, YLC’s and other specialists will be responsible for conducting these sessions.

Please note that there is excellent information available to all families on the following websites.


White Ribbon Excursion
White Ribbon is an organisation campaigning to prevent men’s violence against women. As part of Camberwell Girls Grammar School’s Social Justice Program, students have supported awareness and fundraising for this important cause throughout 2016.

The City of Boroondara invited local schools to their White Ribbon Day Event on 25 October. Nine students from Years 9 and 11 represented Camberwell Girls at the function, hearing from guest speakers and enjoying a community BBQ lunch.

The speakers each had thoughtful contributions to make to the dialogue, presenting their personal perspectives before taking questions from the audience. Dr Angela Spinney from Swinburne University spoke about her research into family violence and its correlation with homelessness and housing instability. Inspector Stephen Noy of Victoria Police related his long career in the police force, and the importance of addressing family violence related crimes. Writer and activist Clementine Ford spoke on the topic of unconscious bias and entrenched sexism, and challenged all members of the audience to call out instances of these. It was an engaging and affirming message for all attendees.

Thank you to the students who attended and to Mrs Nirvana Watkins for ensuring Camberwell Girls was represented at this event.


Visualising and Humanising the Holocaust
How exactly can we conceive the scale of the Holocaust? Approximately 6 million Jewish people were killed in the atrocity that remains at the pinnacle of the worst that human beings can do to each other. Students engaged in the real world learning experience of encountering the Holocaust as part of their Year 10 History course in a visit to the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne on Thursday 3rd November.

The group were invited to imagine the capacity of the MCG at 100,000, multiplied 60 times, to appreciate the scale of Nazi destruction of European Jews. Recently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the total population of the state of Victoria exceeded 6 million people for the first time in 2016. This is the true cost of the Holocaust: women, men and children.

Students heard from a Jewish Holocaust Centre educator, before watching a documentary film produced by the Centre, then hearing the testimony of a Holocaust survivor. Garry (Gustav) spoke of his experiences as a teenager in 5 different labour concentration camps; the dehumanising process he endured as a prisoner of the Nazis, and the glimpses of the human spirit that persisted. Students concluded their visit with a tour of the museum displays and were invited to light a candle of commemoration. This experience made a significant impact on students’ ability to visualise and humanise their learning.


Future Problem Solving
From 14 – 16 October, the 2040 Program students attended the National Finals of Future Problem Solving. The 2040 students have been working on a project throughout the year, which progressed to National Finals. After much hard work, the group was excited to attend the event.

A scrapbook, display, video and interview had to be completed for the event, which explained our project to the judges and the general public that attended. We were lucky enough to achieve second place and have been invited to present at the International Finals in Wisconsin, USA in June 2017.

The entire Camberwell Girls community extends their congratulations to Rochelle Scheid, Sharon Truong, Lilyan Zhu, Nikki Chen, Chloe Bennett, Shohagg Sengupta, Sarah Chuang, Hiruni Sirimanne, Natasha Ranasinghe and Ally Quan on this outstanding achievement. Thanks also to the very energetic Mrs Eleanor Macaro who facilitates the group of students. We all look forward to watching your project develop with a view to the International Finals next year.


Swinburne University
Keen science students have formed teams from Year 9 and 10 and have been fortunate to have made working partnerships with mentors at Swinburne University. Last week, the Year 9 team continued their work on designing a contact lens which could provide diagnostic information (eg, blood-sugar level to a diabetic), whilst the Year 10 team continued to program a robotic arm (through ‘teaching’ it) to potentially act as an assistant robot.

A video of the Year 10 team’s program can be downloaded via the following link:
National History Challenge

We congratulate Year 8 Students Tara Hoopmann and Sarah Chuang on receiving Certificates of Merit in the National History Challenge awards ceremony last Friday, as their entries were shortlisted as finalists in the National judging.

My Individual research essay focused on the story of my grandmother Lotte Mueller, and her time in the internment camps of Tatura during WWII. It provides information about WWII and what life was like for the Germans living in Australia at the time. If focuses on camp life and the opportunities available to internees.

I attended the State Finals held at Melbourne Grammar School where I had two interviews, one for each eligible category, where I was asked about the process of my assignment and why I chose that particular topic.

I was then awarded a Certificate of Excellence as my entry was in the top three in the state at an award ceremony held at CQ functions, Queen St, Melbourne.

I am extremely fortunate to have received this award and to be given the opportunity to take part to share with other the history of my family. Thanks to everyone who helped, supervised and supported my journey, especially my Grandmother Lotte, my parents and teacher Mr Lyell. ~ Tara Hoopmann.


DaVinci Decathlon
On Thursday 20 October, eight Year 8 students attended the DaVinci Decathlon at MLC.

Students worked with like-minded peers on a range of challenging tasks and activities. The program aims to develop students’ critical thinking skill and apply their creative skills to problem solving.

“The Da Vinci Decathlon was a fun and challenging experience for all of us involved. We took up events in not only areas such as English, Science and Maths, but also games of strategy, engineering and code breaking, encouraging us to think outside the box. Although we weren’t the overall winners, I believe that we came out richer for the experience and I would definitely do it again if offered the chance.”

“We participated in numerous activities, including poetry writing, code breaking, strategic games and engineering. We enjoyed many of these, however some were quite challenging, especially the engineering and codebreaking. We had to think on our feet for many of the activities, especially when things went wrong, which is a great skill to have. As well as being able to challenge ourselves, we were able to meet students from other schools and we had a lot of fun.”

Students who attended were: Shohaag Sengupta, Rochelle Scheid, Sarah Chuang, Ally Quan, Lilyan Zhu, Michelle Wang, Saoly Nguyen, Alanna Cheng


Year 8 Enterprise Launch
Yesterday we launched a special learning program entitled the Year 8 Enterprise program.

Aligned with our School’s Strategic Plan and focusing on the sustainability theme of Minimising Waste (Reinvent, Repurpose and Hack), students will work in teams, under the guidance of Mr Barnett, Ms Lobo and Mr Stout, to enquire about waste management; then using scientific, enterprising and design-thinking approaches, students will propose solutions for reinventing, repurposing and hacking waste into functional materials.

The first challenge at the launch involved building a marshmallow & spaghetti tower, requiring the students to focus on team work & design challenge.


Australian Mathematics Competition
This year we had 44 students participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition held in July. We were delighted by the results and the following students received a High Distinction for their work. These certificates will be awarded at an upcoming assembly.

Year 7 – Elaine Qian, Karen Ng
Year 8 – Ally Quan, Alanna Cheng
Year 9 – Tian Gan, Grace Ge, Yvonne Jin, Dorothy Zhang, Mei Hua Ang, Hiruni Sirimanne, Madeline Li
Year 11 – Lucy Lu, Frances Lu


APSMO Maths Olympiad (Year 7 & 8 students)
Two teams competed in the Maths Olympiad between May and September, with great results. Patches, trophies and badges will also be awarded at an upcoming assembly. The following students from each team achieved awards.

Year 7 team
Top 10% – Elaine Qian
Top 20% – Catherine Hu, Aleen Liu
Top 25% – Rhi-Ann Lam, Karen Ng

Year 8 team
Top 10% – Shohag Sengupta
Top 20% – Ally Quan, Qingyang Pan, Alanna Cheng, Saoly Nguyen, Rochelle Sheid, Michelle Wang
Top 25% – Sarah Chuang, Jennifer Le


ICAS Mathematics Competition
All students from Years 7 – 10 completed the ICAS Competition. The following students achieved High Distinctions for their work.

Year 7 – Elaine Qian

Year 8 – Ally Quan, Lilyan Zhu

Year 9 – Sherry Gan, Amy Miao

We congratulate all students involved in the Mathematics competitions this year and look forward to another outstanding year in 2017. Competitions and dates will be announced early in 2017.


House Swimming

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the House Swimming Carnival on Friday 4th November. Inside the stadium at Carey Sports Complex, the atmosphere was electric as girls cheered on their friends and participated in a range of aquatic events. Well done to Schofield finished the day as champions of House Swimming and Lawrence who won House Diving.

House Swimming Results
1st – Schofield
2nd – Lawrence
3rd – Taylor
4th – Singleton

There were some outstanding performances in the pool and the following girls were the top three swimmers in their respective year level and as a result they were awarded the Year Level Champion Awards.

Year Level Champions

Year 7
1st – Megan Quach
2nd – Belinda Lemanis
3rd – Shelby Schmidt

Year 8
1st – Anabel Car
2nd – Phoebe Hwong
3rd – Tilly Dunn

Year 9
1st – Nikki Chen
2nd – Victoria Pearson
3rd – Louise Zhang

Year 10
1st –  Lydia Baird
2nd – Annabelle Dunn
3rd – Yasmin Tawfik

Year 11
1st – Dorothy Li
2nd – Anita Karanasio
3rd – Cara Ellis

2016 was the second year of our House Diving Carnival and we were excited to expand the competition further by introducing a new event, the knockout competition. The girls have been attending early morning training sessions at Aqualink where they have been perfecting their dives and entries. It has been very exciting to see some new faces in the CGGS Diving Squad as well as more experienced girls extending their skills. Thank you to Nareen Robinson who has helped to organise this event. The results for House Diving are as follows:

House Diving Results
1st – Lawrence
2nd – Singleton
3rd – Taylor
3rd – Schofield

Individual Diving Results Years 7 & 8
1st – Laney Kriketos
2nd – Tilly Dunn
3rd – Michaela Robinson

Individual Diving Results Years 9 – 11
1st – Fearn Corney
2nd – Yasmin Tawfik
3rd – Eloise Shilling

Cara Ellis and Dorothy Li showed great leadership as School Sport Captains and we thank them for their assistance throughout the day and for announcing the Year Level Champion awards. Also, thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly, particularly the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all races were filled and to the Friends of Sport for organising a fantastic BBQ lunch.

Our thanks are also extended to Ms Lauren Law, Head of Sport for her thorough organisation of every detail leading up to the day and at the event. Lauren is a fine example and role model to the School and House Leaders in terms of what is required to ensure a whole School event runs smoothly. Many thanks to you and your team Lauren.

Year 10 & Year 11 2016 End of Year Examination Timetable
To clarify the end of year processes for our Years 10 and 11 students, the key dates, examination timetable and procedures are outlined below. If you have any questions about these dates or examinations, please direct your enquiries to Mr Mark Corrie, our Director of School Operations.

Key Dates

> Wednesday November 16 / Study leave for Year 10 and Year 11 students
> Thursday November 17th – Wednesday 23rd November / Year 10 and Year 11 end of year examinations as per the schedule below
> Thursday November 24th – Friday December 2nd / Compulsory HeadStart program for all Years 10 and 11 students

Examination Procedures

> Year 10 and 11 students are not expected to be at school when they do not have a scheduled examination. However, the Library will open for students who would prefer to study during any times when they do not have an examination.
> Full School summer uniform must be worn whenever on campus and to all examinations. NOT Sports uniform.
> Students who arrive late will be admitted to the examination room, but will NOT be given extra time to compensate for their late arrival.
> Students will not be allowed to leave the examination room until the conclusion of the allocated time. If you finish early, utilise all available time to review your work carefully.
> Students who are ill or incapacitated on the day of an examination must have a parent or guardian ring the School on 98118546 and speak to Ms Burns. If requested, you must be prepared to obtain a medical certificate on the day you are absent to validate your illness. As necessary, and after consultation with your teacher, alternative arrangements may be put into place.
> Each examination commences with a 10 minute reading period, during which students are permitted only to read the examination paper. Students are not to use a pen / pencil or calculator, or mark the examination paper in any way during the reading time.
> All pens / pencils and other equipment must be brought into the examination room in a clear pencil case and all drink bottles must be clear with no labelling.

Please see examination timetable here.


I hope our Camberwell Girls families have a wonderful weekend.


Best Wishes

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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