Senior School


Senior School

Senior School this week was a milestone in the lives of our Years 11 and 12 students with the announcement of our 2017 School Captain and Vice Captains. This marks the beginning of our transition towards end of year activities and the subsequent passing of the baton from 2016 to 2017 leaders. We are all very proud of our new leaders, School Captain Mia Sieber and Vice Captains Jacqueline Gu and Meagan Kollmorgen.


Year 10 Camp Reflection
All year level camps are keenly anticipated by students but the Year 10 camp is known particularly for its physical challenges and ability to bring together a year level through shared effort and achievement. The experience of this Year 10 contingent was no different and is summarised by Arushi Saranasuriya’s account of the camp. The Year 10 students displayed resilience and positivity while walking, climbing and cooking in wet, windy conditions.

“When I first stepped out of the bus onto UC Halls Gap’s front steps, I had no idea of what was ahead of me. It was three long days of lugging what felt like an elephant on my back, but I loved every moment of it. We walked through the bush, we trudged through the rain, we scaled mountains, we climbed and abseiled cliff faces and witnessed nature at its greatest. At the end of my final camp, for the rest of my school life, I felt so grateful for everything that would normally be taken for granted in life. Something that will always stay with me is how inspired I’ve become to do great things in my future. I learnt so much on this incredible camp, how something as simple as an occasional, “you’re doing great, keep it up” can really push you on to complete a 10 kilometre hike in just one day. I also learned the power of a positive and determined mind set, that no matter how often you fall down it’s about getting back up and believing that you really can do it.”

Thank you to all the staff that accompanied the students on their camp Meg Anderson, Mark Barnett, Duncan Reid, Ali Larkey, Liesa Winkler, Peter Lawrance, Kim Perkins, Flora Zhang, Shane Maycock and the Staff at UC Norval.


Karen Zhang – ZONTA Speech
Earlier this month Cathy Poyser and Karen Anderson were invited to join our School Captain, Karen Zhang and her family when she received her award as Young Woman in Public Affairs for 2016 from the ZONTA Club of Melbourne.

Karen was once more an absolute credit to Camberwell Girls and spoke eloquently on the subject of leadership. We are pleased to include her speech in its entirety as an attachment to this week’s Camnews here. Congratulations on your outstanding contribution to not only the Camberwell Girls community but broader social justice initiatives.


Google/Apple Study Tour
30 students from Years 7-12 were given the amazing opportunity to fly to Sydney for the day on an exclusive tour of Google Headquarters and to participate in an Apple workshop.

The first of amazing destinations was going to Google. Riding up in the escalator everyone was buzzing with anticipation of what to expect? We’re sure many of us have watched “The Internship” and secretly hoped it would mirror the movie perfectly. Once the escalator doors opened we don’t think anyone was disappointed. Next to us we heard someone whisper excitedly “There’s a swing in the reception”. Before our tour we were able to listen to the behind the scenes work of Google. We learnt of the secret to their success which is to combine their knowledge of computer engineering with your ‘x factor’ which is something you are interested about. Combining your passion with your work enhances one’s ability to work to the best of their ability and at optimum levels. We then got to question a panel of Googlers whom gave us a better insight into their lives whether it be what it was like working on secret projects or going to the Google provided Bootcamp classes. Last but not least, we were taken on a tour of the building. We were delighted to see nap pods, an upside down meeting room, a lodge inspired room where Googlers can hang out and multiple kitchens/restaurants containing free food. We’re sure many girl’s dreams came true during our time at Google.

The second destination of the day was the Sydney Apple Store. As soon as we arrived we were welcomed with warm, friendly faces genuinely enthused by our visit. The atmosphere of the three-storey building was buzzing with energy, the place packed with Apple employees filled with passion for their work. The Camberwell Girls team were split into two groups and then begun the rotation of exciting activities. We first went on a 30-minute tour of the entire store where we learnt about the different jobs of Apple. Between store specialists, genius bar technicians or management, all employees had undergone a specialised form of training specific to their role. We also had a demonstration of a programmable robot sold at the store, the amazing technology was controlled from the iPad to dance and show emotion.

After a short break we began our second task to create a short film or advertisement on any given subject matter. The tour leaders of the group gave us valuable tips and tricks to help us create a video of high skill and quality. We all then presented our short videos to the rest of the team and were generously presented with an Apple T-shirt and wristband souvenirs to take home. Overall the experience was tremendously valuable and unforgettable and it wouldn’t have been possible without the organisation and supervision of the staff who accompanied. A special thanks to Mr Stout and Mrs Lemanis for initiating and organising the excursion it was a truly great experience. Thank you also to Mrs Watkins, Mr Hester, Ms Hinchcliffe, Mrs Kranjcic, and Mr Campbell for their support on the day.
~ Amelia Noffs and Zoe Tang-Chong


Virginia Trioli
The Tuesday assembly was marked by both a powerful drum performance from our music students and the presence of writer and journalist, Virginia Trioli “In Conversation” with Peter Lawrance. Virginia Trioli proved entertaining and inspiring in her storytelling. Outlining her schooling in a north eastern suburb, she highlighted the importance of learning how to speak and listen through debating.

The notion that she moved into her subsequent media career with ease was dispelled immediately, a theme used to emphasise the need for our students to benefit from their individual journeys without focusing solely on their achievements. Virginia spoke about the importance of “Doing what is best for you, not what others think is right for you”.
~ Anne Devenish, Librarian


Resilience – Choosing to BOUNCE BACK
Year 10-12 students were addressed by Emma Gee last Wednesday in Chaplain’s Assembly. Emma is an Occupational Therapist, a professional speaker and a stroke survivor. When Emma graduated from secondary school in 1998 her path was unclear. Emma’s talk to the girls focussed largely on the importance of drawing on what we value from our own experiences to improve our resilience. She encouraged all the students to choose to ‘Bounce Back’ in their future paths – that, ‘it’s not what happens in life that matters, it’s how you choose to deal with it’.

Our newly appointed 2017 School Captains Mia Sieber, Meagan Kollmorgen and Jacqueline Gu have shared with us their thoughts on the presentation.

The positivity and resilience that Emma Gee resonated whilst speaking, will forever be a source of inspiration for the Camberwell Girls community.

Her life story conveyed a powerful message, bringing about deep reflection and a reminder that it is up to each of us to decide how we want to live our life. Emma delivered her story with strength, and it was truly unbelievable to see just how far she had come since her stroke.

Emma related strongly to her audience and the numerous life lessons that she bestowed kept the audience highly engaged. Emma also taught us that we won’t ever know exactly what life has to throw at us – and part of living is learning to tackle and overcome those unexpected moments.

There is no doubt that upon hearing of Emma’s struggles, many of us needed to re-evaluate our own lives, and be grateful for everything that we have already. On top of this, the accompanying slides really helped to set the scene and draw the audience in, and the images displayed highlighted just how far she has come.


EAL Social – Camberwell Girls and Trinity Grammar
Last Friday afternoon, 15 girls from Years 10 and 11 and two of the International Captains visited Trinity Grammar School for the Annual International Social. The International Captains from both schools organised a range of fun activities such as ‘Song Guessing’ and ‘Word Guess Charade’, accompanied by an excellent performance from the Trinity Music Band. They all then sat in a circle, introduced their own cultural background, shared experiences about their studies and exchanged contact details for future communication. It was a great success as all boys and girls enjoyed the event and made the most out of it.
~ Sunny Yang, International Captain Year 12


Oxford University Summer Seminar
During the Term 2 holidays, Year 10 student Veda Surapaneni was fortunate enough to attend a holiday program at Oxford University in the UK in the area of Genetics. Veda has shared her experience here with us.

“The Oxford Summer Seminar was an experience that I am so glad to have been a part of. Upon my arrival at Heathrow, I was greeted by Morgan, an amazing woman and one of the Deans of the program. Two hours after my arrival we were in Oxford and I was already making friends. I was amazed at how multicultural the 91 students in the program were. They were from all four corners of the Earth being from Qatar, Myanmar, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Austria, Japan, Zimbabwe, China, Nigeria, India, Spain, Korea, Nepal and Argentina. Australians were in the minority as I was one of only two students in the program with an Australian passport and the only one currently living in Australia.

Oxford is a truly beautiful town. The buildings are old and quaint, the streets are cobblestoned and there is history everywhere. Dinner was a scene straight out of Harry Potter and my new friends and I were all going crazy at how insanely cool the experience was.

The next five days were intense. Each student had to choose a major from International Relations, Economics, Medicine, Business, American Literature, Politics, Psychology, Law or Genetics. My major was genetics and I can honestly say, I loved it. Each day we did something new and exciting including performing dissections and extracting DNA as well as field trips. My favourite activity was visiting the botanical gardens and investigating all the different medical plants that could potentially help with genetic diseases.

After an action packed five days, it was time to wrap things up. On Sunday, after presenting our projects, we had the day to relax and spend time with our friends at a celebration dinner and dance in the evening before packing for the trip home. Monday was a bittersweet day, as we were all heading back home leaving behind our amazing teachers and friends. Although none of my friends live in the same continent as me, I know we will always stay in touch and hold on to those incredible memories forever.


White Ribbon Benefit Concert
The Social Justice team’s White Ribbon Benefit Concert took place on Tuesday 16 August – a night where Camberwell Girls and students from surrounding schools got together to support an end to violence against women. Talented acts including dancing and singing, as well as Mr Ho being the MC for the night, ensured the concert was thoroughly entertaining and a night to remember.

The night also allowed for the issue of women’s violence to be brought up and talked about within our community, helping to raise the awareness of issue.

On the night, $755 was raised, a fantastic effort with a massive, massive thank you to Mr Stout for his guidance and support in the arrangements for the evening, as well as all the students, staff and performers involved in the event.


Australian History Competition
During Term 2 twelve of our Year 8 students entered the Australian History Competition – a national test of historical thinking and source analysis skills.

The following five girls received High Distinctions:

Kate Petrie, Ruby Dawe, Rochelle Scheid, Lilyan Zhu, Ally Quan

In addition, Ally Quan was the overall State Champion for Year 8.  She received a medallion for this effort.

Congratulations to all our students.

Years 7-9 Chinese Reading Competition
Lin Zhang joined selected students at Melbourne Grammar School last Friday to compete in a Chinese Reading Competition. Sophia Giagoudakis (Year 7), Tara Hoopmann (Year 8) and Grace Munro (Year 9) represented Camberwell Girls.

We would like to congratulate all three students on their successful and outstanding participation at the competition. Grace Munro won the prize for Outstanding Performance for her speech introducing her hobbies in Chinese. The Chinese Reading Competition brought together 71 non-Chinese background contestants from metropolitan Melbourne schools to speak on a range of topics in front of a judging panel. The competition provided a great opportunity for Year 7-9 students to meet and share their learning interests towards Chinese and was a memorable day for all who attended. Sophia, Tara and Grace represented Camberwell Girls well. Well done girls.


Australian International Academy
A group of Year 10 students  year 10 from the Australian International Academy (AIA) visited Camberwell Girls on Thursday 18 August.

This was a return visit after a group of our students visited AIA in March of this year.  This initiative is part of the RE program, focussing on interfaith relationships between Christians and Muslims. Brielle Schumann spoke about her own Christian faith with passion and conviction. Her speech prompted a large number of questions from the visitors which she answered well. We had morning tea in Robinson Hall before a visit to Marks Church to familiarise our visitors with a Christian place of worship.
~ Rev Duncan Reid


Best Wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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