Senior School


Senior School

This week our Year 10s have been in Halls Gap for their camp, always a very physical and demanding camp, but an equally strong bonding experience for this year level. Reports from Shane Maycock and Meg Anderson, Year 10 Co-ordinator, have been positive, although high winds on Wednesday night brought the camping group inside to shelter from the harsh conditions.  As always when we have girls out on camps, we are in constant contact to ensure the safety of the girls and supervising staff. We look forward to hearing more about their experience in our next CamNews.

Whole School Assembly this week saw Mr Connor Flanagan of the Justice Department present to the girls about why he is a White Ribbon Ambassador and what the White Ribbon Organisation represents. While the harsh reality of the statistics of family and domestic violence towards women were confronting, the aim of the organisation is to educate, in particular young boys and men, about respectful relationships. The video and contents of Mr Flanagan’s presentation may have raised some questions for the girls and I encourage you to ask your daughter about his presentation. Should you require any assistance, please make contact with the appropriate YLC, School Counsellors or myself. As part of our health classes our own girls also study respectful relationships, appropriate and inappropriate behaviour within any relationship.

We also thank the International Captains for their Q&A discussion of culture and diversity in this assembly.

The Social Justice Captains are hosting a White Ribbon Benefit concert on Tuesday 16 August. Acts by students from a number of local schools will be the entertainment of the night. We would love to see as many of you there as possible, with all funds going to the White Ribbon Foundation. More information can be found here.

On Monday August 15 Learning Conversations take place for our Year 7-10 students. Appointments will take place in the Upper Level of the Woodstock Building from 2.15 – 5.15pm and from 6 – 8pm. Please note that each interview is for 6 minutes and to ensure long queues do not appear, we respectfully ask you to ensure you are on time and conclude your conversation when the bell is rung. If you wish to speak further with a specific teacher, please contact the school to make an appointment.

Bookings can be made via Parent Lounge until Monday 15 August at 10am.


Visit to Coranderrk and Healesville Excursion

Following our Camberwell Girls Reconciliation Week celebrations in May, a number of girls from Years 9-11 were given the amazing opportunity to spend a day with Murrundindi at his homelands, ‘his church’ as he describes it, at Coranderrk Station, Healesville Sanctuary. Although the weather wasn’t kind to us on the day, the rain did not dampen our spirits. In fact, Murrundindi explained that his people acknowledge the rain as cleansing our earth.

Upon arrival, Murrundindi welcomed us and addressed each and every one of us with a special Indigenous Australian hug. We then embarked on an informative and interactive tour around the sanctuary and its bush surrounds. A highlight was visiting Murrundindi’s family’s Birthing Tree. It is situated within the sacred Coranderrk bushland and is not accessible to the public, unless accompanied by Murrundindi himself. Being only the second ever group of students to visit this site, this was a true privilege. Murrundindi’s mother was the last baby born in the safety of the Birthing Tree and he explained that it continues to provide him with care, security and guidance whenever he needs it. He honoured us by encouraging us to place our hands upon its large and powerful trunk to feel the energy this unique tree was giving off. In the midst of the pitter-patter of raindrops and surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush and waterways, it was a serene feeling to be so in touch with nature in that moment.

Healesville Sanctuary is home to many Australian animals and birds and is famously known for their Birds of Prey exhibit and demonstration show which we watched with excitement. Soaring up above and swooping down in between us were various native Australian birds including Kites, Cockatoos, and a most impressive Wedge-Tailed Eagle. Our trip up to Healesville was not only entertaining but truly educational as well. Murrundindi shared with us the many different uses of plants and how they can be used as medicine or shaped into canoes and boomerangs. He also taught us about William Barak, one of his ancestors and key leaders in Wurundjeri history who walked all the way from Coranderrk to Melbourne’s Parliament House for an audience with the Governor to courageously advocate for Indigenous Rights. Our School community will soon be able to take part in a re-creation of Barak’s walk with Murrundindi in the coming months.

We would like to thank Murrundindi for sharing with us this incredible learning experience. It has strengthened our understanding and commitment to learning about our local Indigenous culture.
~ Catherine Chen 11B, Reconciliation Captain


Monash Scholar’s Program

A number of our year 10 students applied to be part of the Monash Scholar’s Program. Now in its fourth year, the Monash Scholars Program is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students.  The program is offered by Monash University to give high potential students a unique head start into university life. It provides opportunities for personal and academic development, gives students additional skills and confidence to make the right study choices and enables them to build a network of peers, academic and employment contracts.

From the applications made by our Year 10 students, Monash awarded entry to the Program to Minami Sakaida, Janice Soo and Lydia Baird.

On 30 July Minami attended a presentation ceremony at Monash University where she was awarded a certificate and welcomed into the Program.

Congratulations to all three students, we hope you make the most of the opportunities presented to you.


Orange Sky Laundry Visits Camberwell Girls

We had the pleasure of meeting Orange Sky Laundry volunteer Geoff who visited Camberwell Girls at the end of July. The visit was a wonderful opportunity for our Years 9 and 10 students to learn more about the Orange Sky Laundry service and to see first-hand how the bright orange van works.

“When I first heard about OSL I was amazed that two young men were able to put such a creative idea together to then form a Social Enterprise that would help many in need. The bright orange van caught everyone’s attention, but the real detail is inside the vehicle including 2 washing machines and dryers. I learned that OSL wash about 5.8 tonnes of clothes a week for the disadvantaged people in Australia. It certainly opened my eyes and gave me a burst of passion to have belief in your own ideas and dreams because before you know it they just might become your reality. OSL supports many disadvantaged people in our community who need a helping hand washing their clothes and I plan on volunteering for them in the near future”. ~ Fearn Corney, Year 10

“I first came across OSL outside St Mary’s when I was delivering donated items from our Winter Sleep Out. I was greeted by the friendly Mia, one of the 300 volunteers who help run OSL every week. When Mia offered me a seat on one of the bright orange chairs, she explained that the chairs were no ordinary chairs, but that they help generate positive and genuine conversation between the volunteers and their homeless friends. Mia further explained the story behind OSL and I was really inspired by the creativity, collaboration and generosity that the founders (Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett) established with their idea in 2014. I think it’s important for our students hear more stories like Orange Sky Laundry as it will help inspire their own creativity and compassion towards others in our community”. ~ Brett Stout


Deakin University NextGen Challenge

Six year 10 students were selected to participate in the Illuminate NextGen Challenge. This was an exciting week long education experience that the Deakin Business School held at the end of July with a number of selected Melbourne schools competing including Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

The challenge involved developing a social enterprise business that helped solve a problem in the community. A detailed business plan was required with financial forecasting, marketing, advertising and everything associated with setting up and running a successful business. Teams then competed against each other across their region.

The program provided a unique experience for our students to develop their entrepreneurship skills and tap into their thinking about their future – whether managing a business or attending university. There were some fantastic ideas produced by the teams and Camberwell Girls students “Basics 4 Basics” aimed to provide disadvantaged people in the community with essential clothing.

Overall, the week certainly lived up to its name “NextGen Challenge” and allowed students to further develop their skills in communication and collaboration. Mrs Dunwoody and Mr Stout visited the group during the week and it was pleasing to see the girls enjoying the challenge and giving them a real insight into the business world.

Congratulations to Fearn Corney, Leah Atalalis, Alanna Chew, Diana Georgiades, Emma Petrie and Vivian Tang.


Harry Potter Themed Book Club

For our second Book Club meeting we chose the theme Happy Potter. The girls were encouraged to bring a fantasy book that they had read and enjoyed. Many chose popular series such as Percy Jackson and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, as well as nostalgic childhood favourites, such as the Faraway Tree. With the delicious Harry Potter themed treats and drinks provided, we discussed our favourite novels, comparing characters and evaluating if the books lived up to our expectations and hype that surrounds them.

Thank you to Davina, Mrs Devenish, the Year 9 Literature Leaders and 37 girls involved. It was a fantastic turnout and lovely to see so many passionate book lovers get immersed in our quality discussion.
~ Natasha Lathouras and Emma-Jane Gust, Literature Captains


Victorian Schools Netball Championships

On Tuesday 2 August, 21 Junior and Intermediate students represented Camberwell Girls in the Victorian Schools Netball Championships at the State Netball and Hockey Centre.

The Inter (9/10) were extremely competitive and won three of their games. The work ethic and versatility of this team was outstanding and they are to be commended on their overall performance. Their dedication to training was evident in their high skill level and the strategies implemented within their games. Overall a very successful tournament!

The Jnr (7/8) also demonstrated an impeccable work effort, that resulted in 1 win and a draw. Losing a key defender early on, the team showed great resilience, adaptability and character to pull together as a team. Each team member played a significant role on court and should be proud of the team’s overall success in the tournament.

Players of the tournament, as awarded by the coaches, were given to Sarah McKinnon, Molly Ewens, Emily Hoyle and Megan Quach, for their on-court performance and the support and enthusiasm they showed during the day.

All participants should be extremely proud of their achievements and valuable experiences they gained from this tournament.

Well done to the following players:

Erin Joy                                                                                Loren Palma
Megan Quach                                                                     Madi Murphy
Emily Hoyle                                                                         Jennifer Le
Polly Plummer                                                                    Jenna Kalfadellis
Rubi Brady                                                                          Sophia Giagoudakis
Lama Halabi                                                                       Molly Ewens
Stephanie Cheah                                                               Lucy Bartram
Eloise Schilling                                                                   Emma Sanders
Sarah McKinnon                                                                Polly Anderson
Emma Campain                                                                 Fearn Corney
Isobel Arnot

~ Kath Woolcock and Jemma Banfield


GSV Preliminary Athletics Carnival

A 6.45 am start did not deter the Camberwell Girls Athletics squad as they enthusiastically ran, jumped and threw their way to success at last week’s GSV Preliminary athletics carnival. After the culmination of months of training, including PB meets and countless Tuesday morning and Friday night sessions, often in the rain, it was rewarding to see many girls achieve their goals and new PBs on the day. In the aftermath of such a successful preliminary carnival, the squad finished 5th and are excited to be going to the Division 3 Championship Carnival next Thursday. We have continued to train hard in preparation, and cannot wait to once again represent Camberwell next week, hopefully bringing home many new PBs and an overall win!
~ Tiarnie Ellingworth, 2016 Athletics Captain


Badminton Australia

Chloe Chen, Year 11, has been selected to represent Australia in their junior team playing at the Pan Pacific Championship which will held in Altona Melbourne during 19-23 September 2016. This is a wonderful achievement for Chloe, the first time she has been selected as part of an Australian team, but hopefully not the last.

We look forward to further updates.


Saturday Netball

Last weekend the Year 4 girls kicked off the weekend with a win, defeating Koonung Rockets, Year 5 Sapphires went down to MLC Silver, Year 6 Diamonds gave it their all but Strathcona Sparkles outplayed the Camberwell Girls team, and the Year 6 Aquamarines also went down; losing 6-21.

The Year 8 Tanzanites have put another win on the scoreboard, 8/9 Gold went down to Koonung Emeralds, but the 9 Amethysts played terrific netball; defeating Ruyton Racers and are have secured 2nd place on the ladder. The Year 10 Rubies lost in a close game, the Firebolts were too good for 10/11 Quartz, and the 12 Opals had a convincing win over MLC Magenta.

Well done girls.


Year 7 Geography Excursion to Western Treatment Plant, Werribee

Our recent visit to the Western Treatment Plant was an important part of our study of Water Resources and Liveable Cities. This trip allowed the students to learn more about the urban water cycle, what happens to storm water and how we can help protect the environment.

The girls completed three rotational activities on the day. The bus tour of the lagoons where our sewage is treated showed us how extensive the area is – about the size of Phillip Island. Interestingly, the lagoons are part of a significant wetland system, where migratory birds come from distant places such as Siberia. The activity of constructing a Lego city over a catchment, showed us how the urban water cycle differs from the natural water cycle, and how cities can be water smart through the addition of features such as rain gardens. The Discovery Centre illustrated the interconnection of processes in the entire water supply system of the Melbourne region. The girls learnt a great deal about the sustainable use of water and how we can better protect the environment.
~ Alice Broadbridge, Geography Teacher


Parent Education Session

We had a strong attendance by families at Craig Hassed’s Mindful Learning Presentation on August 2 and are pleased to be able to include his comprehensive presentation for your information here.


With Best Wishes,


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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