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Senior School

February 25, 2022

On Tuesday 22 February we were thrilled to welcome back a number of our grammarians from our Class of 2021 for our annual Celebration Assembly. This event marks a significant time in our calendar, providing us with an opportunity to not only celebrate the academic achievements of our past Year 12 students, but also to reflect on their years at CGGS and contributions to the wider CGGS community.

The Class of 2021, like all the year levels before them, achieved outstanding VCE results and they did so while contributing to the culture of the school through leadership, initiative, participation and collaboration, a legacy that will continue for years to come.

As part of this, the School presented our top four students with prizes for their the outstanding academic achievements, and we wish each of them well as they move into the next phase of their life-long learning journey.

Dux – Louisa Taylor Memorial Award – Amy Du

DG Lawrence Award2nd highest ATAR – Emma Zhi

RH Westcott Award – Carol Wei

Otto Yuncken Award – Suzy Zhu 

The assembly also enabled our school community to acknowledge that academic results are just one measure of success. For the class of 2021, students will be remembered for the person they have become, we remember and their strengths, values, capabilities and character that go with them as they start their next journey. As a school, we know that it is the teachers, peers, families and the experiences they had while at CGGS that have helped to shape these qualities. As part of this, we thank the incredibly dedicated and passionate teachers at both the VCE and junior levels who have laid the foundations for a love of learning. We also thank Mrs Robinson, the Year Level Coordinator, Miss Georgiou, Mrs Dolan and the Heads of Departments and for their expertise and steadfast support of our students in their VCE.

As part of the assembly, we also heard from Claire Robertson, Charlotte Kutey and Amy Du, as they took the time to share their reflections and learnings from the VCE journey. Each gave their own advice, with the common thread of pursing your passion, embracing opportunities, showing initiative and finding balance between study and the practice of self-care. We thank these students for their insights, and know that these lessons and experiences were very much appreciated by the younger students.

The contributions of the Class of 2021 have enabled them to learn about leadership, collaboration, problem solving, communication, planning and organization, initiative, creativity and critical thinking. All attributes that will be called upon time and time again in all their future endeavours. We wish all students from the graduating class of 2021, the best in as they move into the next stage, knowing that as CGGS alumni, they have the support of the entire CGGS community.

I would invite you to view the assembly via the link below:

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Valentine’s Day Fiesta

On Monday 14 February, we hosted a Valentine’s themed ‘love carnival’ right in the CGGS quadrangle to raise funds for the Heart Foundation. Colourful banners were designed and strung around the space, Year 12s could be seen decked out in hues of pink, white and red, and an atmosphere of love and excitement permeated through the school! And with that, our small carnival really came to life with the help of our Year 12 leaders, and the support and enthusiasm of the CGGS community. 

The Valentine’s love carnival was packed with fun and excitement with all the lovely students and staff participating in the day’s activities whilst under the swelteringly hot sun. The Chocolate Toss was by far the crowd favourite, as many girls tried perfecting their throwing arch in landing a token on a melting bar of chocolate, which was still very tasty! The Bean Bag Toss generated lots of cheer from students and staff as they would try score as many points on the heart targets for a chance in winning a delicious goodie bag. Pin the Heart on the Heart Cavity, TIC’s personal favourite, a spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey and an homage to our spectacular charity, the Heart Foundation Australia. The last and most beautiful event of the day, the hand painting and love/gratitude note station, run by our incredibly talented art students in adding to the carnival atmosphere.  

Although it was nerve-wracking fundraising in a very different format because of COVID, with all the amazing student and teacher involvement, we raised $573 for the Heart Foundation Australia. This will aid in their education, prevention, research and treatment of cardiac diseases, and more specifically, our fundraising total is enough to fund the research of new therapies that improve recovery and survival following a cardiac emergency. 

Teagan, Charli and Isabel (TIC)

Melbourne Youth Orchestra: Ensemble Programs

Chloe Wong (7B) has been accepted as a French Horn player into the Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony. This award winning ensemble is considered one of the finest Concert Bands in the Victoria. The program supports enrichment in music performance and showcases the brightest young woodwind, brass and percussion musicians from across the state. Students engage with challenging repertoire in their weekly rehearsals, focusing on specific techniques with special instrumental tutors and guidance from professional conductors.

In addition to Chloe’s outstanding achievement, she has been awarded Melbourne Youth Orchestra’s Anna Chmiel Memorial Fund Scholarship in recognition of her abilities and to support her development as a French Horn player.

Congratulations Chloe, we look forward to the high level of musicianship that you will bring to our Music programs at CGGS.


I thoroughly enjoyed attending my first rehearsal with the Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony. We started off with a brief tuning session then went straight into the pieces. The new music was slightly more difficult to previous pieces I had played in the John Antil Youth Band and really challenged my sight reading skills. We played pieces like Second Suite for Military Band in F major by Gustav Holst as well as music by many other composers. My conductor, Mr Rick Keenan, was also able to provide a lot of information on the different composers like how Percy Grainger is one of Australia’s best composers of all time. I got to work with three other French Horn players in my section and many other unique instruments like the Bassoon. In the Symphony, most of the musicians are a little older than me at around 15 years old, but there are also a few who are the same age as me. Since it was only my first session, I am still taking time to meet new friends, which I am sure I will during the next few rehearsals.

Overall, I loved playing in the Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony with the other 50 young, like-minded musicians. I believe that this is a great experience for my personal development and progression as a French Horn player.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Heads of Music

Mungo Living Culture Project

On Wednesday evening, families in Years 9 to 11 were invited to a virtual Mungo Living Culture Project information evening to discover more about this exciting program and opportunity.

Click here for a recording of the information evening.

The Mungo Living Culture Project is a seven-day program aimed at exploring the living Indigenous culture within the Willandra Lakes World Heritage region of Lake Mungo. Students and teachers will work closely with Indigenous mentors and elders; scientists and pastoralists to directly engage with history and culture, have fun and develop self-esteem through the gaining and sharing of knowledge in a unique landscape.

Some activities you can expect to partake in during our tour of the region include a guided tour of the Lake Mungo World Heritage Site, cultural activities such as smoking ceremony, rope and tool making and stargazing/astronomy. We will also be learning about the biodiversity of the land using spatial technologies such as drones and apps, Indigenous land management techniques such as cultural burning and caring for Country. A cross the week we will also complete a mindfulness project to connect with ourselves in a deep and meaningful way.

This year, we are very excited to be running three programs across Terms 1-3. Click below to see the application form.

 If you have any questions about the program and/or would like to be involved, please contact either: Mr. Tom Clark ( or Ms. Georgia Biggs (  Further information with regard to applying for the program will be shared in the Senior School Weekly.

Tom Clark and Georgia Biggs

Year 9 English Guest Speaker

On Monday 21 February the Year 9s spent time with old-Grammarian (2006) Britt Aylen, radio announcer, television presenter, podcaster and writer, as part of their media investigation unit titled ‘Fake News, Filters, Feeds and Followers’. 

Britt spoke about her perspective on the media industry and the challenges of representation and bias. Moreover, her candour about the false perceptions of the “glamour” of entertainment was particularly eye-opening for all. She shared the gruelling aspects of everyday life as a presenter but balanced this discussion with exciting anecdotes about her time presenting weather for Channel 7 News (Tasmania) and being a key presenter on Triple M (Hobart). A significant point that resonated with the Year 9s was her discussion about taking time to discover your passions and finding your voice, particularly as a young woman in a fast-paced media landscape.

Maria Litchfield
English Teacher

Uncovering Year 8 Character Strengths

Supporting the Year 8 Wellbeing theme of ‘Self-discovery’, the Year 8s spent time completing the VIA Youth Survey to uncover their key Character Strengths. Character Strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impacts how you think, feel and behave. Understanding one’s strengths can enhance health and wellbeing and help with problem-solving.  By taking this survey, the Year 8 cohort can now identify and apply their highest character strengths to help them thrive in Senior School. We will continue to discuss, reflect and act upon the Character Strengths across our Period 5 program and Year 8 Wellbeing Days. We encourage all Year 8 parents and guardians to ask their child to share and celebrate their key Character Strengths.

Maria Litchfield
Year 8 Coordinator

Waratah Beach SLSC – Club Championships

We would like to congratulate Isabella Tremewen for her commitment to the Waratah Beach Surf Life Saving Club. Issy spends many hours each week participating in a wide variety of sports at CGGS but during the summer holidays she has continued her love of physical activity down at the beach. Waratah Beach SLSC had their Club Championships in January where Issy competed in a number of events including the swim, 2km run, 100m sprint, beach flags, wade and board race. We were so proud to hear that Issy finished 1st and is the U17 Club Champion for the 2021/2022 season. What an amazing achievement.

Issy has also spent her summer holidays volunteering as a lifesaver at Waratah Beach SLSC as well as helping with water safety for the Nippers Program. As a result of her passion and dedication to this program Issy is the first member of the club this season to reach 100 patrol hours. She will attend an awards night later in the year held by Life Saving Victoria where she will be acknowledged for her service of 100+ hours and we look forward to hearing more about this event later in the year.

If your daughter is involved in any sporting achievements outside school, we would love to hear about them so please email our Head of Sport, Lauren Law so we can celebrate these achievements.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

GSV Golf

It was a historic moment last week when for the first time, CGGS entered a team into the GSV Golf competition. Sabrina Bignold, Jessie Chen Megan Kwong, Abbey Marcou, Nysa Ramavat and Mut Yi headed to the prestigious Metropolitan Golf Club in Oakleigh for what was an exciting afternoon on the golf course. Against a strong competition the team should be so proud as they continually improved, developing their driving and putting skills throughout the day. The students had a great afternoon and were very supportive of one another as they moved around the nine hole course.

Megn Kwong is to be congratulated on her performance as she finished as the top player for CGGS and 5th overall in the GSV competition. Well done Megan!

Thank you to Ms Semple and Lucy Bartram for supporting these students with their expertise and coaching on the day. If you have some spare time on the weekend or the holidays, why not go to a golf course for some practice with your families and we will look forward to welcoming many more CGGS students to our golf team in 2023!

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

2022 Years 8-10 Information Evening

The 2022 Years 8-10 Information evening was held last Tuesday. This Information Evening serves as an opportunity for both parents and students of these year levels to receive important information about the year ahead relating to subjects being studied, co-curricular programs on offer, wellbeing initiatives in place and key dates to be aware of.

Over 140 families joined their child’s respective Year Level Coordinator via ZOOM on this night and following the formal presentations of the night, had the opportunity to ask questions relating to other aspects of their child’s school year ahead. Families then moved to their pre-scheduled one-one ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions with their child’s tutor teacher to become formally acquainted with the teacher who will play an active role in the pastoral education of their child in 2022.

The importance of making such connections at the beginning of a new academic year should never be underestimated and make evenings such as these so worthwhile for all involved.

Kim Hepworth
Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning

2022 VCE Student Information evening – Teaching and Learning

The ‘VCE Student Information evening’ is an annual school community gathering held to assist parents and students in their understanding of the requirements of the VCE. This year this Information Evening was held on February 10 and was conducted as an online event.

On the night and in the realms of ZOOM, all attending families were treated to live addresses from their child’s Year Level Coordinator, each of whom outlined the various supports and resources in place to help guide each student in their individual VCE journey. The Wellbeing programs at Years 10, 11 and 12, are purposefully designed to focus on learning skills and strategies that both help and guide students to become effective and independent learners. Some aspects of these offerings were touched upon in the YLC’s presentations as well. For families new to the VCE experience, a small snapshot of what the next few years would entail was also shared – the highs, the lows, the challenges, and the euphoric moments unique to these latter years of a secondary school education.

Families then moved into pre-booked ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions with VCE subject teachers to ask any specific questions they may have had related to the various subjects in their child’s VCE program. Links to both a ‘VCE subject padlet’ and the ‘CGGS 2022 VCE Handbook’, supplied prior to the evening, also served as useful resources parents and students could refer to in relation to the guidelines, requirements and protocols associated with completing the VCE.

All in all, the ‘VCE Student Information evening’ was a well-attended event and parents and students alike are encouraged to reach out to the VCE Coordinator, Dot Georgiou, in the first instance, if they still have any VCE related questions they need answering.

Kim Hepworth
Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning