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Senior School

We have enjoyed stretching black cats preening themselves on our School window sills and members of the cast wearing their t-shirts to keep it in the forefront of our minds, and last night the months of preparation came to life as we enjoyed the first performance of CATS in Barbara Sutton Hall. The cast and crew performed to a packed house of parents, staff and friends who were in awe of their magnificent singing and dancing. The costumes and make up were exquisite, while the set, which included work from not only the girls but also our School Maintenance Department, immediately transported us to the night of the Jellicle Ball.

A huge thank you to all the cast, crew, production team and Director Laura Washington for this magnificent whole School production.


Message from our School Captains

Following the themes of creativity and kindness in Terms 1 and 2, our theme for Term 3 is confidence, and throughout the term we will be exploring what confidence is and how we can make a more conscious effort to be ourselves.

There’s a very overused but true quote from Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” As obvious as it sounds, sometimes we need to be reminded of our own authenticity and how great that is, instead of being influenced by other people’s interpretations of success and happiness. We believe that this applies to every person, from every walk of life, because we have all faced situations where our confidence and self-esteem have been challenged and we will no doubt face these situations again. But throughout this term and in the future also, we hope to inspire all girls to keep standing their ground, believe in themselves, as well as to give each other the space and courage to be confident.

Term 3 is a time when confidence needs to be developed and displayed. As our Years 11 and 12 girls enter VCE exam preparation stages, they require all the courage they can get. During this stressful period, our teachers play a key role in helping students feel confident with exam material, whilst other students play a key role in encouraging and motivating each other.

We also see Years 7-12 students increase their confidence as they step up to the stage to perform our 2016 production of CATS, the musical extravaganza.

Evidently, there is no better time to observe confidence in action than in Term 3.

Keep up your shout-outs and keep up the creativity and kindness you’ve explored in Terms 1 and 2. Let your peers know that you care for them, you believe in them, and they should care for and believe in themselves too.
~ 2016 School Captains, Karen, Cindy and Tiarnie


Birthing Kit Foundation

Following the preparation and sale of birthing kits in March of this year, we have heard from The Birthing Kit Foundation and share some of their correspondence with you.

“We at the foundation take great pride in letting all of our groups, that participate in producing birthing kits, know the final destinations of their individual kits and the difference they make in the areas of need. Presently we distribute over 150,000 birthing kits annually, and are continually expanding as there are substantial requirements in assisting with a safe, sterile birthing site, along with an increase of awareness, and changes of practices taught to many traditional birth attendants.

The 400 birthing kits that your students assembled were delivered to one of our regular partners based in Uganda.

We have established a fantastic relationship with many aid partners, both in Australia and Internationally, and through their expansive networks have been able to arrange transportation to even more remote areas that we have previously been unable to access. With the training programs scheduled for these areas, together with the ability for greater distribution, and even more people will be assisted by the kind generosity of people in Australia.

We are humbled in that there are still people in society who will put the welfare of others before themselves, without people like you our valuable work would not be possible.”

Over the years the birthing kits preparation day has been a Social Justice initiative the girls have spoken about as being particularly rewarding and meaningful. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ZONTA.


Parent Education Session

On Tuesday of next week, 2 August, we will be conducting the second last Parent Education session for this year.  Craig Hassed will be addressing parents on Mindful Learning. Senior School students are most welcome to join their parents for this session.

Mindfulness is a skill that has many applications relevant to education. Being able to effectively engage attention is a pre-requisite for virtually anything else we want to do and for that reason is one of the most important life-skills we ever learn. This interactive presentation will explore the science, philosophy and practice of mindfulness with a particular focus on aspects relevant to education such as memory, executive functioning, problem-solving, behaviour, relationships, and mental and physical health. More information can be found here.


Melbourne Schools Partnership International Award

Camberwell Girls is proud to be part of the Melbourne Schools Partnership International. This unique partnership between the University of Melbourne and leading schools in Melbourne supports the personal and academic development of high-achieving international students.

Every year the University of Melbourne organises a range of activities tailored to the needs of international students enrolled in Years 11 and 12 at one of the MSPI schools. These activities are designed to inspire Years 11 and 12 students about future study opportunities and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities.

At our Senior School Assembly this week, Mr Jon Worthen (Recruitment Relationship Coordinator at the University) presented the MSPI award to Year 12 Student Jenny (Shi) Li. We congratulate Jenny on her wonderful achievement in receiving this award as the highest achieving Year 11 student in 2015.


Pierre de Coubertin

Dorothy Li recently attended the Pierre de Coubertin award ceremony held at the MCG.  She was one of approximately 180 students in attendance from across Victoria. As part of the ceremony she had the privilege of meeting present and past Olympians as well as undergoing teamwork activities.

She met a number of Olympians including Tamsin Barnett (Volleyball), Carmen Marton (Taekwondo) Stephanie Moorhouse (Gymnastics) and Loudy Wiggins (Diving).

Dorothy enjoyed this experience and opportunity to meet new people who share a love and passion for sport, as well as obtaining insight into the journey of Olympians. A valuable quote that I took from this experience is “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not win but to take part. Just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.” – De Coubertin.

Congratulations Dorothy on being Camberwell Girls 2016 Pierre de Coubertin Awardee.


Chaplain’s Assembly

At Chaplain’s Assembly last week we were privileged to hear Mr Roscoe Howell, who is part of the organisation Slavery Links. Mr Howell painted a clear picture of the prevalence of slavery in the world today, defining slavery as a situation where one person “owns” another. Currently, it is estimated that there are 27 million slaves in the world.  In conversation with our senior girls, two of our students spoke about their personal knowledge of slavery in India and Sri Lanka. Mr Howell reminded us that one of the ways we can help rid the world of slavery is by purchasing free trade products.


Year 11 Formal

Last Saturday night was the Year 11 Formal and the months of effort that went into creating it finally paid off after seeing everyone’s face as they walked through the doors. The night was a huge success and the worry of whether another girl would be wearing the same formal dress quickly faded away as there were no dress twins!

The night began with a few welcomes and many bad jokes, before enjoying the delicious food. It was wonderful to see everyone dancing and having fun, all the girls and their partners looked stunning in their dresses and suits.

On behalf of the formal committee, we would especially like to thank Mr Burnell for his guidance and support along the way, as well as all the teachers who gave up their Saturday night to have a dance and get in a few photo booth photos!  We would also like to thank The Boulevard for providing the magnificent venue and helping with setting up and cleaning on the day. The whole process, despite being fairly stressful leading up to the event, was well worth the days spent devoted to it.

The night was a huge success and the Year level would like to thank, in particular Zoe Tang-Chong, Eloise Rawson and Mia Sieber, for their organisation of the entire event.  Well done girls your event planning skills are well tuned.


Coding is the new literacy

These days, it is not just technology jobs that require you to have coding knowledge. The aim of Coding Club is to provide students with an essential skill set for their future.

The Dot Diva website has students name their passions and see how coding can be applied to what they love – whether it is for art, medicine, the environment or social justice, in fact hundreds of careers. Coding can help make a better world.

In our weekly lunchtime sessions, students have learnt basic concepts of JavaScript such as variables, sequencing commands and problem solving by playing fun coding strategy games and activities.

Students have then created and learnt how to personalize their own websites and have recently incorporated interactive material using their knowledge of JavaScript.

“Coding allows you to create things the way you want whilst having fun” ~ Belinda 7P
“Coding club is teaching us how to become instant millionaires using apps and customising our own websites.” ~  Shuyi 12D
“Coding Club is a great way to interact with people of all ages as well as learn new skills… Highly encouraged to girls in all year levels!” ~ Janice 10D

Coding Club is run by Mrs Lemanis and is open to all students (Years 7-12) and runs Tuesday lunchtimes in the Computer lab.


Maths Gala Event

On Thursday 21 July, 9 students from Years 7 and Year 8 took part in a Maths Gala event which took place at Scotch College. Students participated in a variety of activities and challenge problems, which aimed to develop and strengthen their critical thinking skills and creativity.

The day was divided into three sessions, we started with some maths problem solving questions, then a session on engineering followed by a maths challenge relay. In the engineering session we needed to complete three tasks – build a boat from foil that could float and carry marbles, make a small paper rocket launch by blowing into a straw and use paper to build a structure that could hold up a book.

> Ally Quan, Lilyan Zhu, Rochelle Scheid, Sarah Chuang and Shohaag Sengupta (Year 8)
> Yuiqing Chi, Elaine Qian, Rachel Wong and Aleen Liu (Year 7)


AGTV German Poetry Competition

On Wednesday 20 July, Andrea Turos, Shivani Gupta, Fiona Duncan, Sarah Carr and Rachel Lau were  accompanied by Herr Gyles to represent Camberwell Girls Grammar School at the AGTV Regional Final German Poetry Competition at Scotch College. Students had to recite a poem off by heart in front of a panel of judges, competing against students from Scotch College, Trinity Grammar and PLC. There was “Kaffee and Kuchen” (Coffee and Cake) for those while they waited as well as a range of different games provided by the Goethe Institute. While none of our girls won the competition, on the day Fiona was awarded an honourable mention!  Es hat viel Spaß gemacht! (It was very fun!)


Tottenham Hotspurs

We had the invaluable opportunity to train with some of the coaches from the EPL team, Tottenham Hotspurs on 19 July

We were fortunate to attend the session at Xavier College, where we spent two hours developing our soccer skills with training schedules identical to those playing at the highest level in the world. We were incredibly lucky as we were able to train with many of the best soccer players in Melbourne, including people who have been signed by Melbourne Victory. As a small group, we really learnt a lot of new skills and tactics to use on the soccer field for GSV and onwards.
~ Kate Sturzaker and Natasha Tucker, Year 10



Nikki Chen 9D was part of a team who participated in a 24 hour mega-swim on 9 July to raise money and awareness for MS Australia, an organisation that offers support services to people living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Congratulations to Nikki on completing the 24 hour mega-swim and for raising a total of $476 which will go towards this very worthy cause. Well done Nikki!


The Boomers

In the lead up to the Olympics, Amelia and Belinda Lemanis (Year 7) were fortunate enough to watch The Boomers, Australian Men’s Basketball team in training. The girls met with some big names such as Patty Mills, Chris Golding and Andrew Bogut.

It was really exciting for the girls to see our country’s best players up close and training intently for Rio.


With best wishes,


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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