October 15, 2021

We Rise by Lifting Others

I distinctly remember a regular guest presenter to the school describing to me that each time he visits he feels ‘the invisible thread of kindness’ that is woven through Camberwell Girls. I feel very proud that others experience this and that for decades former students, staff, parents and visitors have identified the welcoming and caring community that exists.

‘We rise by lifting others’ is a well-known quote by Robert Ingersoll. It reminds us that when we treat others with kindness, respect and with a genuine desire to help, we too can experience positive mental and physical changes through the release of hormones in our body. The culture of a community is strongly reflected in the relationships of the members of that community. Many visitors to our school will often comment on the positive and respectful interactions they witness between students themselves as well as students and staff – interactions that focus on wanting the best for all. Our student leaders play an important role in continuing to build and honour this culture.

In our Senior School Assembly this week we thanked our 2021 School Captains who rose to the massive challenge to lead during a second year of a global pandemic. It is during challenging times that you witness the integrity and strength of leadership and our team led by Sophia Giagoudakis, Eloise Webster and Ashley Olsen have done just that!

Leadership is about service, and in serving others, leaders are constantly responding to the needs of their community and change. All our Captains have reorganised, re-imagined and initiated many versions of our co-curricular and wellbeing programs to engage, entertain and connect our community, together – apart. The legacy of our 2021 Captains has been far and wide as they have honoured our values of integrity, commitment, respect, hope and courage. As they conclude their tenure, we convey our sincere thanks and we recognised them in our Presentation Evening last night (pre-recorded).

At this week’s Assembly we also announced our School Captains for 2022. I warmly congratulate:

> Teagan Diep – School Captain

> Isabel D’Souza – School Vice Captain

> Charli Lincke – School Vice Captain.

Staff are looking forward to working with and supporting Teagan, Isabel and Charli as they lead their team of Captains to continue to connect our community in this important year ahead and to ‘rise by lifting others’.

I know that you will join me in wishing our Class of 2022 all the very best, as they build upon the work of those who have gone before, and continue to strengthen a culture of inclusivity and kindness, one focussed on our fundamental purpose of service to others.

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody