November 20, 2020

Educating our students for their future…BY DESIGN

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Eighteen months ago at Camberwell Girls Grammar School we made a commitment to design a learning architecture that would enable us to distil our purpose and intention in our curriculum and development of programs. In educating young people for their future, we wanted to ensure that our educational offering was designed to reflect this.

At CGGS, we understand the importance of the development of transferable skills alongside discipline-specific knowledge and skills for young people. A worthwhile education must also provide opportunities for the learner to be curious and creative and have the opportunity to apply their learning to new situations. We want them to grapple with new ideas and concepts and not be afraid of making mistakes when challenging new ideas.

In educating the whole person, we also recognise the importance of wellbeing in all aspects of a young person’s development. This includes the development of character through connection, growth, grit and sustainability. It also recognises the importance of how we take responsibility for our relationships and our learning.

Whilst our initial focus in using BY DESIGN has been predominantly in Senior School, this architecture can be used across the whole school. It gives us consistency in our language and approach to curriculum and program design. It will also be invaluable when inducting new teachers into CGGS, as well as helping students and parents understand how and why our programs are developed.

Many teachers have used components of BY DESIGN during the developmental phase, including trialling the BY DESIGN App that we have developed to enable the process of curriculum and program development and documentation to be more streamlined.

At this time last year, Senior School departments used BY DESIGN to focus on their Year 9 curriculum review and renewal, and in the coming weeks they will extend this to other year levels in preparation for 2021. As our Junior School has undertaken a complete appraisal and redesign of their curriculum during the last two years and will now use BY DESIGN for ongoing review.

I am now delighted to share with you our BY DESIGN booklet, to give you an overview of our architecture. I am sure that you will find it a helpful reference. I certainly welcome any feedback from parents.

As a community of learners at CGGS, this architecture reflects who we are, how we design and what we do, honouring what we believe is important in a high-quality education for young people.

I would like to thank all of the staff who have contributed to the development of this important work along our journey including members of the BY DESIGN Development Team: Dr Charlotte Forwood, Ms Kate Manners and Mr James Henderson, as well as Summer Howarth from Eventful Learning Co who has been our strategic assistant and constructive critic from the beginning of the process. Mr Keith Melder, our Multimedia Coordinator has really brought our ideas to life in this booklet so that we can share it with both the CGGS and broader educational communities.

I hope that you are as proud of this work as I am.


Parent Survey

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improving the school, we believe it is critical to seek each parent and guardian’s opinion on a range of issues relating to Camberwell Girls Grammar School. Your feedback is very important to us as we continue to build a successful school and strengthen our reputation as an ‘educator of choice’.

As such, we have again engaged the professional services of MYP Corporation (MYPCorp) to undertake a strictly private and confidential School Results Survey on our behalf.The survey should take approximately 10 – 15 minutes and will need to be completed online between 30 November 2020 and 11 December 2020.

At the end of next week, you will receive survey instructions and a personalised login to complete the survey. While we encourage you to participate, the survey is not compulsory. If you decide that you do not want to complete the survey, simply click ‘unsubscribe’ in the instruction or reminder email. Thank you for your assistance in helping to shape the future direction of Camberwell Girls Grammar School.


School Masterplan 

As a school, we remain committed to providing the very best possible learning facilities by constantly maintaining and refurbishing key areas of both Junior School and Senior School.

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the school engaged external consultants to undertake the design of a refurbished Barbara Sutton Hall, incorporating a new Music and Drama Centre. This design work has, and continues to, focus on the school’s long-term planning.

In order to have the proposed design assessed, it has been necessary to lodge an addendum to the existing masterplan with Boroondara Council. Part of this process requires Boroondara Council to publicly advertise the school’s planning permit. This advertising commenced on Monday 16 November 2020 and I wanted to bring this to your attention as you may notice signage has been recently placed around the school.

Whilst CGGS remains committed to completing the design and planning permit process, no further decisions have been made as to when the refurbishment project will commence. I will certainly keep you updated on any developments.

Have a restful weekend.


Debbie Dunwoody