July 17, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I warmly welcome you all back to Term 3. Whilst it was not quite the return that I had expected, these times are showing us that we need to be very flexible. I have enjoyed seeing our very youngest and oldest students back at school, and other year levels on screens and Yammer pages as they recommence a period of remote learning.

Whilst we are in remote learning, we will publish CamNews every Friday.

Once again our teachers have ‘sprung into action’ to prepare the materials and activities for remote learning. There is certainly benefit in having already implemented a remote learning program, and this has enabled rigorous discussions in teams about modifications and the continued development of targeted experiences in both learning and wellbeing programs.

As we learn to accept continued flexibility in our thinking and planning, we also need to ensure that we try to retain a sense of joy, optimism and purpose in our lives. When presenting to staff earlier this week, I spoke about the Dunwoody family’s favourite ‘go-to’ movie,The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I have to admit that we watched the movie a couple of times during the holidays. We love the storyline that is about a person transforming their life, the wonderful scenery, inspiring music and some very entertaining characters who speak about having courage and going into the unknown.

There is no doubt the impact of this virus is taking many of us into the unknown. At CGGS we have, and will continue to, ‘lean into’ this experience, support each other and create new learning opportunities. I continue to feel incredibly proud of our teachers who are not daunted, but excited by this challenge and role model how we can pivot and adapt to new and emerging situations.

Retaining a sense of fun and joy is also important. Many of you will remember the quote that I shared last term about not ‘waiting for the storm to pass, but being able to dance in the rain’. One of our teachers shared with me her Term 3 take on ‘dancing in the rain’ which is now about ‘partying in puddles’ – such joyful images!

At CGGS our work will continue this term – with courage, purpose and a sense of fun, as we model to our children and students how to respond to challenges in changing times.  This is important preparation for life.


With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody