June 12, 2020

Dear Parents,

Earlier this week many of you would have seen the photographs of our return to school for all year levels and the Welcome to Country ceremonies performed by Murrundindi. They were very special ceremonies and we felt honoured to be welcomed back onto the land.

I also spoke to the girls to acknowledge the time we spent apart and how proud I was of them and of the staff, for the incredible way in which they had embraced remote learning, remained connected and strengthened our community.

I shared with some of the older year levels my reflections about a time early in the term when there were so many unknowns to deal with each day. I remember feeling a mixture of emotions at this time including worry, anger, frustration and isolation. For someone who likes to be around people and feel ‘in control’, this situation was proving to be very challenging for me! One morning my Personal Assistant, Mrs Madge left a quote on my desk that I found particularly helpful.

The quote reminded me that it is always important to try and make the most of a difficult situation and not just get caught up in the situation itself. When you don’t know how long it will last, it is vital to keep thinking creatively and positively. So many members of our community have done that by creating new ways of having fun, completing challenges and spending time enjoying company #TogetherApart.

Our time learning and working remotely has given us the opportunity to recalibrate. Whilst we all enjoy an abundance of choices in our lives, they can also be a burden and consume the important time required to build relationships and care for ourselves.

This is now a time when we can rethink our priorities and not return to overscheduled lives.

One example could be for our girls to do less cocurricular activities and pursue those they do choose, in greater depth and with greater commitment. We have a wide range of choices at CGGS, and they are choices, not all compulsory activities!

Another example could be to schedule uninterrupted family time each week enabling us to continue to spend time together. It is important for wellbeing to ensure there is enough time for play at any age, particularly outdoor play. I’m sure you will also have your own ideas. If you need to be reminded, just remember:

Finally, I have included a short clip taken on our first day back to give you a feel for the atmosphere. This week has been one of the most joyous weeks I have experienced at school. It was not just the happy faces, but the sounds of people talking and laughing. Enjoy our connected community!

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody