This year our three School Captains, in conjunction with School and House Captains and School Leaders, have embarked upon applying the feeling of LOVE throughout the CGGS community. Their aim is to encapsulate an all inclusive community, in which our students are able to express themselves freely and with happiness and positivity. I am very pleased to include their report below giving you an insight into their work and prioritories this year.

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody

From the School Captains
Coming in to this school year we were brimming with ideas and faced the challenge of deciding how we could encapsulate them all into a single overarching theme. How were we to encourage students to embrace school life to the fullest, express their individuality, foster their passions? It seemed a daunting task, but we ardently accepted the challenge, armed with avidity and determination. After much rumination, it became evident that sometimes simple is best, for much of what we desired to achieve circulated around the theme of LOVE.

Using this idea as a springboard, we decided to put LOVE into motion to strengthen our CGGS community and make sure that each and every person LOVEs coming to school every day. Each letter of our acronym was to represent a sub-theme which would be explored sequentially throughout the school terms.

Out first letter is ‘L’ and stands for Liberty.  We want each individual in our community to be able to express their personality and be free to explore our curiosities and learnings. In Term 1 we ran a Valentine’s Day stall to concurrently promote our overarching theme of love and raise funds for the Heart Foundation. It was delightful to see students and teachers cheerfully purchasing chocolates and writing touching notes for their friends, families and even themselves, and with all of Year 12 getting into the spirit and donning cupid wings for the day to help make the special deliveries. A forum with a focus on answering questions about diversity (specifically LGBTQIA+) ran successfully, with a Q and A panel given the opportunity to freely share their experiences and opinions. We believe that this was a fantastic start to the school year, laying foundations which we hoped to build upon in the coming terms.

With Term 2 comes ‘O’ for Openness, with an emphasis on embracing yourself and others. We commenced the term with a celebration of Global Love Day, stressing the importance of ‘random acts of kindness’, reminding all that our actions and words have a ripple effect and that it’s important that we all aim to make that effect a positive one. We hoped to make the entire community start the term with a smile by sticking encouraging messages/puns on everyone’s lockers, additionally giving a splash of vibrant colour to each year level’s hubs. Keeping an open mind and open heart is essential for collaboration and giving support, and our ambition is for everyone to make a conscious effort to remain receptive to new ideas and to feel free to in turn express their own. Aptly, Diversity Week falls within this term where various activities and forums will be held, as hearing different opinions and experiences is one of the best ways to gain perspective. As deduced by Frank Zappa, “the mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open”, similarly we hope that the Camberwell community will retain an open heart and be accepting of new ideas and initiatives!

Our next letter ‘V’, stands for Vitality. By Vitality, we mean for girls to acquire a zest for life, live with spirit and just have a go. We wish to encourage all to use their zeal for good, meaningful activities and to not just live through screens and obligations. We want to encourage the school to be vivacious, to live with vitality by taking risks, connecting with friends and family, and pursuing their passions and live with purpose. We hope that girls will seize each opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities and help the school community thrive.

Our final theme ‘E’ for Equality comes with the aim to tie our theme back together and encourage the school to now turn their focus away from the internal and to the wider world and happenings around them. We are strong believers in feminism and feel that especially at an all-girls school, we have the marvellous opportunity to showcase our leadership and potential. The final term draws a conclusion to the end of the school year, and with this always comes the promise of a new horizon. With good faith, we are positive that each girl will be ready for whatever comes at them next and embrace the world around them with LOVE!


Under our theme of love, we also wish to promote the sharing of love to help unite our community and increase happiness, which is why we’ve proposed a challenge to the school: we’d LOVE it if everyone could aim to perform as many random acts of kindness each day, whether it be by smiling at people in the hallway, holding a door open or even giving someone an earnest compliment. We know that even the littlest of things could make someone’s day, and that is why we see these caring gestures as so salient.

This year we’ve also reinforced our ‘Gate Gals’ squad, our team of dedicated Year 12 Leaders, whose role is to help start the day with a welcoming sentiment by giving each girl a friendly greeting as they arrive at school. We hope that this helps to spread the LOVE and get everyone feeling positive for the day ahead!

Girls this year are also invited to join us for lunch in the Figtree Café each fortnight for ‘Caps in the Café’. We hope that in creating an open dialogue with all girls in the school we can stay attuned with the community which we reflect and can get to know the sublime personalities of each girl.

Similarly, we are frequently posting on the school’s Instagram account @wearecggs to showcase the successes and promote the positivity and LOVE in the school.  We hope that through this we can connect with the girls on a digital medium as well as a personal one.

We’d like to thank you all for being so supportive and wonderful during our Captaincy thus far, wholeheartedly embracing each one of our themes with verve, and for being very tolerant of our endless love puns. It is very exciting to see the community work together towards a common goal and hope that the exuberance continues to resound.

We have high hopes and aspirations for this year, and we are all certain that you’ll LOVE what’s coming next. Puns intended.


With best wishes,

Lydia Baird, Molly Ewens & Sarah MacKinnon
CGGS School Captains