Imagine a learning environment that capitalises on individual strengths and enhances wellbeing in innovative ways.

This is what happens when Positive Education (Pos Ed) is part of the curriculum.

All students and staff are involved in fortnightly Pos Ed sessions.

Providing life-long skills in understanding themselves and others, developing resilience and reflecting on the things that we are grateful for each day.

Pos Ed brings together the science of Positive Psychology with best practice teaching.

It allows us to take the optimistic perspective and to see opportunity in every challenge.

The Program is led by the School’s Deputy Head of Senior School, Hayden Gyles.

Working with a dedicated team, Hayden has tailored a program that draws on positive psychology’s emphasis of individual character strengths and personal motivation to promote learning.

By identifying character strengths, students are able to see which strengths they can nurture or improve.

It also enables people to develop a greater understanding of one another.

“It’s been wonderful to witness the girls work together in their Pos Ed classes to talk about how they use their strengths and, to guide and coach each other on how to utilise their strengths to full potential,” says Hayden.

The main aim of our Pos Ed Program is to enable every student to be the best version of themselves.

“We want our students to reach their highest potential and flourish in all aspects of their lives – regardless of whether it be in the fields of academia,
co-curricular, sports, outdoors, the arts or most importantly in everyday life,” confirms School Principal, Debbie Dunwoody.

Key Benefits

An increase in wellbeing leads to improved learning.

A positive mood enables broader attention.

Better wellbeing can lead to more creative thinking.

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