Paul Donohue

Inspiring Educator

Paul Donohue

Head of Junior School

Girls need strong male role models.

Head of Junior School, Paul Donohue has always enjoyed the challenge of learning and studying. A quick glance at his CV and you soon realise just how committed he is to furthering his knowledge in education.

A graduate from Deakin University, Paul holds two Masters of Education (each with different majors), a Graduate Diploma of Education, a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Primary Teaching. That’s just his tertiary studies.

He openly admits that his wife teases him about the fact that he has never left school.

“From kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and university, I’ve literally been in a classroom every single day of my life. However, I am so grateful for everything I have learned and everything I continue to learn, especially about how to support the development of young people in this rapidly changing world,” says Paul.

Paul joined CGGS in 2012 as a classroom teacher and also as the Year 5 and 6 Team Leader. The following year he was promoted to Deputy Head of Junior School and in 2015 he became the Head of Junior School.

Education is really a part of Paul’s DNA. Whilst he’s always been a primary teacher, he has worked in many settings over the past 28 years – from co-education, all boys’, all girls’ and international schools in Asia. He certainly is experienced and brings a wealth of knowledge to CGGS each and every day.

Paul knows that girls learn differently to boys and deploys many techniques to create an optimum environment at CGGS. But, the most important thing he’s learnt and believes whole-heartedly in, is that humans are the sum of their own experiences.

“As educators we hold the key, that when turned makes a difference to the lives of young people. I was fortunate to have many great teachers at school, and what made them stand out, went far beyond their subject knowledge. It was their genuine interest in improving the lives of their students.” “Students do not care what you know, until they know that you care for them,” says Paul.

Paul is passionate about working with his students, fellow teachers and families to build a connected community. He is focussed on sharing his knowledge and modelling skills and behaviours to enable those in his care to be the best they
can be.

Under Paul’s leadership, the focus of the CGGS Junior School is to develop a community centred around collaboration, communication, cooperation, commitment, resilience, perseverance, honesty, tolerance, responsibility and trust.

”Schools have one of the most precious and instrumental roles in the community – educating young people. Parents trust us with the vital mission of not only caring for their children but helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and values that enable them to grow into purposeful contributors to society,” says Paul.

It will come as no surprise that one of the biggest highlights of his role is connecting with others at community events.

“I love our annual Grandparents and Special Friends events. I attend every year level’s event and connect with numerous members of families over a cup of tea and a biscuit.”

It goes without saying that Paul also gets great joy from seeing his students achieve their personal best, both in and out of the classroom and watching the girls pursue their passions and grow on the journey.

“As the leader of the Junior School, I believe it is important for girls to understand that both women and men are invested in their personal success. Girls need strong male role models in their lives and as Head of the Junior School,  I’m totally invested in the education of all our CGGS girls and ensuring it is the best it can be.”

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