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Ormiston Art Show

Another Outstanding Ormiston Art Show!

The Annual Ormiston Art Show is always a highlight of our Junior School calendar and this year was no exception!

On Wednesday 29 August, it was a delight to officially open the 2018 3-day exhibition, with over 1,200 pieces displayed throughout the Junior campus.

Every student from Early Learning – Year 6 had 5 or more pieces on display, works they had created throughout the year in their art classes. Junior School Art Teacher, Fiona Gibson truly went above and beyond to pull this year’s exhibition together. The variety and quality of work was outstanding and the Junior School was certainly buzzing with families and friends all coming to see the beautifully curated exhibition.

The youngest members of our community, the EL3 students all created beautiful felt pieces, using Aboriginal symbols they had previously learnt about in class. A fantastic way to intertwine the children’s classroom learning into their art classes. Our EL4 students reflected on a description of a giant they were read in class through the technique of grey led sketching. This exercise helped the children really explore their imagination.

Both our Foundation and Year 1 students read the picture story, ‘Beautiful Oops’ which detailed how to turn accidents or mistakes such as ripped paper, spilt paint or a smudge, into a ‘Beautiful Oops’ piece of art. The Year 2s took inspiration from traditional elder of the Wurundjeri-william clan and artist William Barak (1824 – 1903), by creating their own possum skin cloak designs out of paper.

The Year 3s were inspired by their learning of the Great Barrier Reef and created colourful paintings and clay works. The Year 4s experimented with black and white paper and pens to sketch bird and the Year 5s painted historical, Mountfield House in the style of famous artist, Howard Arkley. The Year 6s created easy carve rubber prints inspired by Charles Blackman.

A huge congratulations to all of our junior school artists, you should be incredibly proud. We also congratulate and thank Fiona Gibson for inspiring our girls and for creating such a wonderful 2018 Ormiston Art Show.

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