Nima Reddy

Inspiring Staff

Nima Reddy

Laboratory Technician

Science plays such an important part in our everyday living.

Nima Reddy discovered her love of science in high school. She still recalls the exact day and particular experiment that ignited her passion.

“I was mixing two solutions to form something totally different. It was truly fascinating and it quite literally set off a spark,” says Nima.

Combine a Bachelor of Science, years working for a leading pharmaceutical company and many experiments later, Nima returned to where it all began – the classroom. Only this time, she was on the other side of the bench.

Nima joined Camberwell Girls in 1998 as our Laboratory Technician. She made the move from industry to education because she wanted to share her love of science with students.

“Science plays such an important part in our everyday living. We all depend on different chemicals in our lives to survive. Science is both fun and challenging – never static. I really just wanted to share my passion,” says Nima with a grin.

Nima can always be seen in a white lab coat and goggles as a typical day involves trialling experiments, setting up experiments and then conducting experiments with a class.

“I strive to maintain functional laboratories at Camberwell Girls and therefore trial to investigate the absolute safest way of conducting an experiment,” says Nima.

She is also responsible for general care and maintenance of our science labs, replenishment of stocks including chemicals, solutions and equipment and caring for and feeding our animals, aquaria and plants.

Unpleasant odours, chemicals, dead animals, bacteria, skeletons, biological specimen and algae – it’s all just
part of a days work. “As long as I see the girls enjoy what they are doing then I’m happy,” she says.

Whilst Nima loves the hands-on and at times unpredictable side to her job, she also enjoys experiencing the changes that technology brings.

“I’ve loved connecting with scientists in different states and other parts of the world and bringing them into our classes thanks to the video conferencing facilities,” she says.

Nima believes that women in science are vital. “Research has proven that our brains function very differently to men. Women can therefore bring a new and fresh perspective. Combine the two, both men and women collaborating together – naturally the knowledge expands,” says Nima.

With women making up only a quarter of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workforce in Australia, Nima truly is a science role model and a highly passionate one at that.

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