Leadership In Action

Leadership allows students to reach their full potential.

We recognise that leadership is an intangible quality that allows students to grow and reach their full potential. We celebrate the important role that women play as leaders within our global community and as such, we have a strong culture of leadership whereby all students are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership capacity.

The leadership program begins in Junior School when each class has a representative on the Student Council. In Year 6, all girls participate in a Leadership in Action program and have at least one specific leadership role during the year.


In the Senior School, Year 7- 10 students participate in formal leadership workshops as part of our program. Within this, students complete Leadership Modules that enable each girl cultivate their own leadership style, qualities and impact.

On completion of our Leadership in Action Program, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 can apply for significant School and House Leadership positions.

Program Goals

Program Goals

✚ Understand and create a personal model of good leadership

✚  Embrace a greater self-awareness and understanding of leadership

✚  Believe and understand that leadership can be learnt by anyone

✚  Actively seek leadership opportunities

✚  Learn and practise the skills required of effective leaders
Inspire students to use leadership roles in serving the School and community

✚  See the importance of leadership in the School and broader society

✚  Foster collaborative leadership practice

Mentor Program

The Camberwell Girls’ Mentor Program is a student led program that sees many of our Year 11 and 12 students working closely with Year 7 – 10 students to establish a respectful, safe, nurturing and encouraging environment that establishes deep connections and friendships.

Establish a safe and encouraging environment

Through fortnightly meetings, the Mentor Leaders deliver activities that ensure students feel valued, heard and are able to meet challenges and take on opportunities with a sense of resilience, support and optimism.

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