Lauren Law

Inspiring Educator

Lauren Law

Head of Sport
Physical Education & Health Teacher

I want every Camberwell girl to find a sport she loves.

Before becoming a teacher, every job Lauren Law had was related to Physical Education. A swim teacher for many years, a netball coordinator and also a professional sports coach running clinics in schools.

“Becoming a PE teacher felt so right and was such an obvious choice for me,” says Lauren, who holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from Deakin University.

She joined Camberwell Girls in 2014 as our Head of Sport – a perfect role for Lauren who has been a Premier League Hockey player for 10 years and recently started playing AFL.

Primarily, she oversees the School’s Sports Program and is responsible for its development, as well as student participation.

“I want every Camberwell girl to be able to find a sport she loves,” says Lauren.

In order to meet this objective, Lauren had to grow the School’s offering. In her time, she has introduced new sports including diving, AFL, triathlon and 5-a-side-soccer. As a result, the School currently has record participation in our Sports Program.

“It is great to see so many girls involved, from those who have played for many years to others who are trying something for the first time. It’s always rewarding to watch the girls work hard to meet and exceed their potential,” she says.

Lauren often speaks to the girls about the large number of sports that she has tried… with varying levels of success. As a sports teacher, the list is long but a great example is her latest competitive sport, AFL.

“I was terrible at kicking and whoever I was kicking with would get a workout from chasing the ball. After hours of practice on the weekend and after work, I have improved and recently played my first few games.”

Lauren has learnt firsthand the benefits of being involved in team sports.

“When you join a team or club you become part of a supportive community of like-minded people. I have met so many amazing people of all ages through hockey and more recently through footy. There are also many inspiring role models to learn from such as experienced players and coaches,” she says.

With this in mind, Lauren, a role model herself, has also worked on developing our coaching program which sees older students coach and mentor younger teams. Currently, we have 12 current students and five former students in coaching roles.

As the number of girls involved in sport at Camberwell Girls has increased, so to has our sporting profile. Although Lauren is quick to remind us, that it’s about the experience and the skills gained. “Winning is a bonus,” she says.

Whilst she currently trains six times a week for hockey and AFL, we do think she’s one to watch in women’s AFL. Her father played for North Melbourne in the 80s and was responsible for helping her improve her kicking.

“I’ve played in two hockey premierships, I guess it would be nice to add some AFL premierships to the list too and who knows, maybe play professionally,” she says.

We’re more than confident that you will achieve this Lauren!

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