Junior School


Every student has the potential to be a leader and each semester, Year 6 students and specific students from Year 1 to Year 6 have the opportunity to put themselves forward for formal leadership positions within Ormiston. Congratulations to these leaders who were awarded the following positions for Semester One:

School Captains / Felicity Vanin and Annaliese Le

Art Leaders / Stephanie Moussa and Kei Valerio

Music Leaders / Alexandra Zhang, Micah Tan and Genevieve Herbert

House Leaders
Lawrence – Angeline D’Leong
Taylor – Megan Kuo
Singleton – Aimee Zhang
Schofield – Stamatia Stathopoulos

Social Service Leaders / Anuska Pokharel and Jessica Nguyen

Library Leaders / Happy Wen and Jessica Lee

Maths Leaders / Ella Hiramatsu and Haripriya Pathmiraj

Sports Leaders / Emma Jamieson and Angelina Bosco

Environment Leaders / Lily Diaz and Eve Williams

Junior School Student Council

Year 1K / Audrey Westwood
Year 1J / Isla Stronell
Year 2T / Usha Nadarajah
Year 2G / Anneka Sinnappu
Year 3H / Zoe Bokas
Year 3C / Elysia Wang
Year 4 / Anneke Bray
Year 5B / Anthea Gazis
Year 5R / Olivia Petrakis
Year 6G /Susannah Lutze

The Social Service Leaders and School Captains will lead the Student Council with Ms Kalus and Mr Goodwin.


This year is the Year of Monkey. Monkey ranks ninth position in the Chinese Zodiac and monkeys are clever, cheerful and energetic by nature and usually represent flexibility. The Chinese New Year is called Chun Jie, which means Spring Festival. As the most important and ceremonious traditional festival in China, the celebrations last for 15 days and the Lantern Festival is the conclusion of the celebration. Chinese people celebrate a year of hard work, have a reunion with family and wish for a lucky and prosperous coming year. How did the CGGS girls celebrate the Festival? By tradition, the girls learnt Chinese New Year customs and traditions through class discussions and then designed Chinese New Year posters to show their understanding about the festival. They also engaged in some interesting cultural activities, such as paper cutting, lantern and red envelopes making. The student’s understanding of the Chinese New Year was consolidated by watching and interacting with the lively Lion Dance performance.
Written by PeiPei Liu, Junior School Chinese Teacher


In EL3, the start to the year has been spent building connections. The children with their new environment and with one another; teachers with children; and families with teachers.

For our youngest members of the community, coming from home and family life into a ‘big school’ can be quite daunting. However, as we allow the children time and space to adjust to their surroundings, we can observe a surge in confidence as the group find their ‘feet’ and place within their new learning community. For some children this looks like working alongside a ‘friend’ at the same task, for another eating their lunch independently, or for someone else sharing their ideas at mat time. We understand that each child is achieving their own milestones and we are celebrating everyone’s progress during this huge transition into school life.
Written by Melissa Field, Early Learning 3 Teacher                                                                                                                         


Last Tuesday the children in EL4 part-time celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. We looked at the ingredients and the equipment that we needed to measure and mix. We even used red napkins as we were also celebrating Chinese New Year.

Cooking opens up many doors for the children to learn. They helped each other by holding the equipment and taking it in turns using both fine and gross motor skills. Cooking also exposes them to science, maths, and English. At the end of our cooking, the children helped clean up before enjoying their pancakes together. The toppings that were chosen included lemon and sugar, jam and vegemite.

At the end of the week when sharing the things we had enjoyed doing at school pancakes was the favourite activity. The children were excited and gave several suggestions of other things we could make in the future

Marcus / “Pizza”

Ved / “Chocolate ice-cream”

Jade / “Chocolate pudding”

Hopefully this is the beginning of a year full of discovery in the kitchen. The whole Early Learning Centre will be looking at legumes as 2016 is the Year of the Legume. It would be great to grow our own and then cook with them. Children are more likely to try something new when they have been part of the process.

Written by Mrs Debbie Lowden, Early Learning 4 Teacher (Part Time)


Within our program we want children to have a strong sense of identity and we provide rich authentic experiences that reflect the children’s social worlds. We value and encourage the children and families to share aspects of their culture with the Early Learning community. Recently, through stories and photographs, families shared how they celebrated Chinese New Year. Conversations occurred between teachers and families and photographs of children and families celebrating Chinese New Year were emailed to teachers to provoke and support discussions within the classroom. The children were also provided with the opportunity to share their photographs and knowledge about the importance of this celebration in their lives.

There was much excitement and emotion as the children went to the Senior School to watch the traditional Chinese dance of the lion. Although seeing the lion so close was quite confronting for some children, many children were captivated by the beating drums and the agility of the lion and its various movements. When we returned to our classroom, the children were provided with an opportunity to reflect and share their learning from this experience. Some children expressed their thinking and made meaning through the creative art of drawing. It’s important to note that the communication and expression of thinking through drawing is reflective of their disposition to use language in more than one form. Literacy incorporates a range of modes of communication – and visual arts being one of these languages. We also discussed how the people under the lion had to work together as a team to make it move; identified different percussion instruments; and discussed the significance of this dance within Chinese culture.

The photographs and clips from this experience were used to create an iMovie and this has been used as a tool for further reflection within our classroom.

Lucinda / It was awesome! They were playing the drums.

Jai / It was so fun. The lion was fantastic because they were moving the lion.

Alyssa /  I liked the girls mask because she tapped my head with a fan.

Khushi / I did hear the music. The drum and the cymbals. I did hear the cymbals.

Amiya / I liked the girl fanning the dragon.

Ashley / The lion opening its mouth was good and the lion dance was fantastic!

Phoebe /  The dragon shaking.

Ailey / I liked the fluff when I touched it. It was fluffy.

Hudson /  I liked when the lion he stretched up.

Sienna / I liked when they changed and when they quickly went out and the other one went in.

It is through these types of experiences that children are exposed to and learn about culture, diversity, acceptance and inclusion.

Written by Ms Angela Follacchio Early Learning 4 Teacher (Full Time)



Monday 15 February was a beautiful sunny day at the Boroondara Sports Complex, where 13 Ormiston girls competed in 50m swimming races. Many of the girls have had a year of swimming training under their belt. Peter Kitney, Head Swimming Coach, was particularly pleased with the diving and stroke technique of our girls. It was an extremely successful day with many PB’s and ribbons to show off the girls’ efforts. Ormiston had our best ever finish with a fourth place on the day!

There were 24 girls competing in each event and 11 teams in the relay events. Our excellent results are listed below;

9/10 year olds
Emily Price / 3rd 50m Free & 50m Back & 2nd Free relay
Matilda Chan /  8th 50m Free & 5th 50m Back & 2nd Free relay
Sofia Sanfillipo / 7th Breaststroke & 2nd Free relay
Ava Lillehagen / 6th Breastroke & 2nd Free relay

11 year olds
Jasmine Wan / 13th 50m Free, 6th 50m Breastroke, & 5th Free relay
Scarlett Giang / 4th 50m Back, 5th 50m Fly, 5th Free relay, & 3rd Medley relay
Olivia Jones /  9th 50m Free, 7th 50m Breastroke & 5th free relay
Emma Jamieson / 11th 50m Back & 5th Free relay

12/13 year olds
Juliana Chandrasekara / 3rd Back & 2nd 50m Breaststroke, 1st Free relay, & 3rd Medley relay
Olivia Banitsiotis / 3rd 50m Free, 3rd 50m Fly, 1st Free relay, & 3rd Medley relay
Olivia Rigopolous / 7th 50m Free & 9th 50m Breaststroke, 1st Free relay, & 3rd Medley relay
Felicity Vanin / 12th 50m Back & 1st Free relay

Many thanks to Angelina Bosco for her tremendous support and encouragement of the girls in her role as swimming emergency and Ormiston Sports leader.

We would also like to thank the Giang and Wan families for their enthusiastic support of all swimmers at the carnival. It is truly a community event when the parents attend.

We wish the 9/10 and 12/13 Freestyle relay teams and Juliana Chandrasekara in 50m breaststroke, the best of luck at the forthcoming Divisional Swimming Carnival on Monday 29 February. The girls had to finish in the top two to progress to the divisional level. Well done swimmers!

Written by Mrs Kerry O’ Callaghan and Mrs Robinson, Junior School PE Teachers


To further develop student’s knowledge and understanding of habitats and the importance of living and non-living things, Year 3 embarked on a trip to Werribee Zoo.

For many students this was their first experience of the Open Range Zoo and they relished the opportunity to view animals in habitats that closely mirrored their natural surroundings and venture behind the scenes to explore how zoo keepers use enrichment strategies to nourish and stimulate different species. Some key highlights of the day were going on a safari tour, viewing critically endangered animals and having an up close encounter with four of the zoo’s meerkats. To gain a greater appreciation of how to identify and classify living and non-living things students also participated in a zoo-led workshop and took time to sketch and label exhibits and observe key features of different animal’s habitats. Students thoroughly enjoyed the day and left the zoo eager to use their learning to support endangered animals through participation in the “They’re calling on you” program, which encourages people to recycle mobile phones to protect Gorilla habitats. If you have an old and unused mobile phone that you would like to recycle, please drop it in to the Year 3 classrooms.

Written by Emma Hinchliffe and Angela Columbine, Year 3 Teachers


On Wednesday 24 February Ms Clancy will be leaving us for twelve months to have her baby. Ms Clancy’s position of Junior School Administration Coordinator will be taken up by Mrs Susannah Jepson. We wish Ms Clancy all the best for her first baby and please take the time to introduce yourself to Mrs Jepson at Reception in the coming weeks.


What are you going to do with your old unwanted brown school shoes?  Why not donate them!  There will be a box outside Reception for you to place your unwanted brown school shoes.  It doesn’t matter what condition.  Why?  The Senior School Art Department has some artistic plans for them, we want hundreds….. Thanks in advance! Please drop off your brown shoes at Junior School Reception.

Written by Mrs Melissa Campbell, Senior School Art Teacher

I wish all Ormiston families a relaxing weekend.
Mr Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School