Junior School


Junior School

March 19, 2021

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Swim Championships

Congratulations to the Ormiston students that participated at the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Swim Championships at Boroondara Sports Complex last week.  They all are to be commended in their outstanding achievement individually and as a team.

Cecilia Yang

Genevieve Khaw

Jasmine Xie

Anthea Vais

Olivia Yang

Chloe Lau

Jasmine Li


Listed below are the results from each swim event:

Open Medley Relay – Third Place
Cecilia Yang, Chloe Lau, Jasmine Li and Olivia Yang

Freestyle Relay – Third Place
Genevieve Khaw, Anthea Vais, Olivia Yang and Jasmine Xie

50 Metre Breaststroke – Second Place
Cecilia Yang

50 Metre Backstroke – Second Place
Olivia Yang

50 Metre Freestyle – Second Place
Olivia Yang


Only the first-placed swimmer or relay team in each race can move to the next level of competition which is the School Sport Victoria State Swim Championships. These students were recognised for their achievements at this week’s Junior School Assembly and we look forward to more personal best efforts in swimming in the future.

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA)

On Friday 19 March, Australian schools stand united in their communities to join the national conversation to help address bullying. The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is Australia’s key bullying prevention initiative, connecting schools and communities to find workable solutions to bullying and violence, and where schools are called to imagine a world free from bullying.

Across the School, students were involved in a different activity that raised awareness about bullying and demonstrated our students’ commitment to taking a stand against all forms of bullying.

The Junior School classes explored the importance of standing up to bullying and different age appropriate ways of taking action against bullying. Our Year 6 students also participated in the ‘Being an Upstander’ webinar run by the Office of the e-Safety commissioner to learn how to be upstanders themselves and recognise the harm that can be caused by cyberbullying.

To demonstrate CGGS’s commitment, the Junior School Student Council created posters and took photos to provide a platform to show our collective support and take action together in recognition that bullying prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

Foundation – Year 6 Child Safe Standards Workshops

Every year, our School Counsellors Beth Sarlos and Paula Kolivas present information to our Foundation – Year 6 students about the topic of Child Safe Standards. The slideshow promotes the safety of children and encourages them to ‘have a say’, especially on issues that are important to them or about decisions that affect their lives.

The presentation empowers each student at Ormiston to take charge of their own body and that everyone has the right to be safe and be protected from abuse. Both Counsellors discuss that no one should behave in a way that makes you feel unsafe or afraid, including anyone in your family, anyone at school or anywhere else in the community. Our students are strongly encouraged to tell a teacher or any adult if they feel unsafe.

Finally, our Junior School students learn that child safe standards is everyone’s responsibility. Adults at school must listen and respond to concerns of students, and if any staff member or student suspects abuse of any student or young person, they have a responsibility to report it, even if they are not sure.

I would like to thank Beth Sarlos and Paula Kolivas for their work in this very important area over many years at Junior School.

Early Learning 4 Part-Time – Working in the ELC Garden

The EL4 Part-time children love being outdoors in our playground and in nature. Exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress and increase attention spans. When children are in nature, all of their senses are activated. They see, hear, touch and even taste. During a morning meeting this week, the children used their senses to explore some different plants with different scents. They observed, touched and smelt lavender and a variety of potted herbs.

The EL4 Part-time children worked with Martin Conlon, our Head Gardner at CGGS, to plant the different scented plants.  As they worked side by side, Martin shared his knowledge about plants and gardening. The children were highly engaged and actively listened to Martin. They demonstrated dispositions for learning such as curiosity, confidence and enthusiasm by asking Martin a range of questions. He showed the children how to turn the soil, they added compost to the soil and learnt how to loosen the roots of the pot plants before planting them. After Martin had left, the children used their new skills and knowledge to plant the remaining herbs in a garden bed.

We are fortunate at CGGS to be part of a wider school community, who have additional knowledge and skills to share with the children. Our Early Learning community will continue to work with Martin on improving and taking care of our outdoor learning environment.

‘Experiences of relationships and participation in communities contribute to children’s belonging, being and becoming.’ – Early Years Learning Framework

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Teacher

Year 4

This term we explored about Digital Citizenship and how to stay safe online. The students identified strategies for keeping themselves safe online such as using age guidelines, keeping personal information private and how to deal with cyberbullying. This unit raised many interesting class discussions about online etiquette and the responsibilities we have as digital citizens.

As a summative task, the students were placed into groups and took on the role as teacher by teaching the Year 3 students about a specific topic related to digital citizenship. As a collective group, they planned, prepared resources followed by teaching a mini-lesson for the students.

Here are some comments from the Year 4 students of what they have learnt this term about Digital Citizenship:

“This term I learnt not to put your personal details online or you could get hacked” – Kathleen

“Something that I learnt this term is that even if a website looks trustworthy, it may not be” – Ruth

“I learnt how to stay safe online by asking a parent if that website is safe to go on” – Joyce

“I have learnt never to click on pop-ups that seem untrustworthy” – Ailey

Ellie Zarfaty & Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teachers

Year 5 Excursion – How do you organise a space excursion?

You Plan It!

On Monday 15 March, the Year 5 students went on an excursion to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) as part of their inquiry exploration focus: What is our place in space?

The students participated in two hands on programs called “Expedition to the M.A.R.S. Base” and “Size of Your Sol” programs and were engaged from the moment they walked into the complex.

The Expedition to Mars workshop involved students being part of Mission control where they observed the astronauts, working at the Mars Australian Research Station. The students used interactive software to monitor systems and the experiments being conducted by their peers. They had to use their ability to think calmly during a crisis of intergalactic proportions.

The Size of Your Sol workshop gave students a realistic feel for the relative size of the sun compared to the planets and also, in relation to their orbit. The students had to work co-operatively in small groups and use their measurement skills to find the diameter of each respective planet compared to the sun.

It was a truly memorable experience for students and staff. The posing of questions and the conversations amongst themselves, as well as with the staff at VSSEC, were exceptional.

What a great day!

Fiorella Soci & Craig Goodwin
Year 5 Class Teachers


It has been an incredibly exciting term in the Junior School Library as we have introduced a new library management system called Orbit. This engaging and colourful web-based system which can also be accessed from home, allows students to search and reserve selected books and resources, manage and track their borrowing and provides access to safe and age-appropriate online research resources such as World Book Online. Another very popular feature has been the integration of a large eBook and audio book collection which can be accessed both through the website and the Sora App.

Students from Years 3 – 6 have had the opportunity to investigate and explore Orbit throughout their library sessions and it has been wonderful to watch them quickly utilising all of the features and functions to support their reading and research.

We have also been fortunate to receive many visits from our library dog – Ivy this term. Ivy puts a smile on everyone’s faces and students across all year levels enjoy the opportunity to spend time quietly sitting and reading with her.

Sally Spencer
Library Teacher

Mountfield Maestros

As we welcome a new musical year at Ormiston, we celebrate the opportunity of once again coming together and breathing new life into the rooms and halls of Ormiston.

Last year we experienced our first Mountfield Maestros via video conference which proved to be not only a success but a charming variation to the art of performance.

With the uncertainty of these recent times, Mountfield Maestros once again took place via video conference and it was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic participants and hear musically engaging performances. The students celebrated the opportunity to share and showcase their performances to very appreciative audiences at both the Early Learning 4 – Year 3 session with Mrs Adams and the Year 4 – Year 6 session with Mrs Byrne. The diverse range of presentations illuminated the many and varied talents of our Ormiston musicians across all year levels.  Overall, 43 students participated in this popular school event.

We congratulate our students on the courage and confidence they displayed in presenting their selected pieces. Thank you to our Music leaders for helping with the event and to our music staff for enabling their students to build individual performance skills and encouraging them to explore ways to communicate their musical presentations.

Nichole Adams
Music Teacher & Violin & Viola Tutor

Physical Education

Throughout Term 1, Year 3 – 6 students have been undertaking an Athletics Unit in their Physical Education classes. The benefits of this are twofold with movement skills forming the basis of all activities and team sports which students will be involved in at CGGS this year.  The students are also being prepared for more discipline specific track and field events for the upcoming House Carnival.

Through a variety of warm-up games, activities and skill progressions, students have been developing greater agility, balance, speed and acceleration. The fundamental motor skills of jumping, leaping, skipping and hopping are also being covered. Students have particularly enjoyed the acceleration games and the mini hurdles which we look forward to seeing these developed new skills on display at the upcoming House Carnival.

Our specialist Athletics coaches from “Aussie Aths” have assisted our teaching staff in Years 5 & 6, bringing with them the current National U20 100m women’s champion. Hana has recently qualified to compete at the Junior World Championships to be held in July and is pictured here with some our students. Learning and being present which an elite athlete is certainly an inspirational treat!

Congratulations to all students on their willingness to be so involved and committed to their learning in each of the sessions and we encourage you to continually practice your skills throughout the year.

Nareen Robinson, Dot Georgiou, Kath Woolcock & Liana Kitsou
Physical Education Teachers