Junior School


Junior School

February 5, 2021

Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2021 school year! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our families with whom we have had a long-term association with and to those families who have joined our Ormiston school community for the very first time.

A special welcome is extended to our new Early Learning 3 to Year 6 students who have all attended school this week and I would like to congratulate our Foundation students who have this week started their official first year of Primary schooling. I was delighted to see so many families and students with smiles on their faces on their first day of school.

New Foundation to Year 6 Ormiston Students

I would like to congratulate all of our new students who have settled in so quickly. At our Junior School Assembly next week, our Foundation to Year 6 students will receive their Ormiston badge. Our new students from Foundation to Year 6 are:


Caroline Chen, Anne Fu, Lena Li, Joelle Whelan & Jessica Yu

Year 1

Alice Lin

Year 3                                                                       

Matilda Collins, Annicle Li, Yoyo Zeng, Sabrina Zhao, Rava Liu, Angela Wu & Cecilia Yang

Year 4

Ellie Tsigounis, Alysa Zhang, Hanna Lindsay & Claire Nguyen

Year 5

Grace Chan, Hannah Law, Allison Stocker, Ann Brookes, Kealey Liew & Eshani Nagarajan

Year 6

Alina Johnson, Angel Li & Alex Kossaris


Ormiston Staffing for 2021

Here is our Ormiston Team for the start of this year:

Early Learning 3
Angela Follacchio & Effie Kitsiris

Early Learning 4 (Full Time)           
Ramila Sadikeen & Joanna Lee

Early Learning 4 (Part Time)          
Lilian Bishop

Relief Early Learning Assistant
Neroli Bowyer-Smyth

Selena Reedman

Year 1
Angela Columbine

Foundation & Year 1 Literacy & Numeracy Support
Annabelle Vivarini

Year 2
Mikaela Stanaway

Year 2 Literacy & Numeracy Teacher

Anjali de Quadros

Year 3
Rebecca Leondidis & Liz Ruffles

Year 4
Jasvindar Gill & Ellie Zarfaty

Year 5
Craig Goodwin & Fiorella Soci

Year 6
Katrina Cheong & Nancy Robottom

Fiona Gibson

Scarlett Zhang, Peipei Liu & Lin Zhang

Tafadzwa Gwamba

Sally Spencer

Nichole Adams & Penny Byrne

Jessica Huggett

Sport & Physical Education
Liana Kitsou, Dot Georgiou, Kath Woolcock & Nareen Robinson


Reverend Helen Creed


Penny Dumsday

Learning Enrichment

Lisa White, Anjali de Quadros, Michelle May (EAL) & Melissa Donelly (EAL)


Meet the Teacher Evening

I would like to thank all parents that joined our Foundation – Year 6 class teachers online via Zoom for their start of the year Meet the Teacher evening. It was an excellent opportunity for parents to receive information about their child’s year level program while at the same time, meet other parents. I strongly encourage parents to contact their child’s class teacher if they have any questions about the evening.


Weekly Junior School Assemblies

Our Junior School assemblies will begin next week (Week 2) on Wednesday mornings at 8.40am. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, parents are unable to join us at this stage at school. However, we hope to invite parents to our assemblies later this term.


Co-Curricular Activities

It is very exciting to start our co-curricular program next week at Ormiston. It has been nearly 12 months since our activities have been organised for our students to elect to participate. I encourage parents to keep a close eye on the Junior School Weekly for regular updates as we would like to expand the types of activities that we offer our students this year.



Each year level from Early Learning to Year 6 attend a fortnightly Chapel class held in our Chapel from Reverend Helen Creed. These sessions are a feature of our own unique student wellbeing program called BRAVE (Being Resilient and Valuing Everyone). These sessions started last week and take place on a Friday morning.

I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School