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Junior School

November 6, 2020

2021 Foundation – Year 6 Orientation Morning

Our annual Foundation to Year 6 Orientation Morning session will take place as per advertised in the Junior School Diary – Tuesday 17 November 2020. This session will occur from 9.00am – 10.30am and each Ormiston student will spend this time with their 2021 class teacher and classmates.

At this stage, no new students to Ormiston will be able to join us for the morning session therefore we are planning to connect with the new students via video conference later that day or during the week.

If you have any questions about the 2021 Foundation – Year 6 Orientation Morning, please contact Paul Donohue Head of Junior School on donohuep@cggs.vic.edu.au.


Foundation Meteorologists!

Our Inquiry during this term has involved learning about the different types of weather we experience and thinking about the way this impacts on our lives. The students have been very interested in discovering what happens in extreme weather events.

They have also particularly enjoyed some weather-related craft activities. In the photos included below you can see the students expressing their creativity as they make paper snowflakes. They had to use trial and error and adjust their work to achieve the design they wanted. Unbeknown to the students, they were also working on their fine motor skills!

Selena Reedman
Foundation Teacher

Year 1

This term we have been exploring how our foods and fibres get from farms and factories to our houses. We have looked closely at specific foods and their farm to plate process. The students have identified some common key steps in the process including: growing, washing, packing, transporting and buying different foods. Some of the foods we have explored include: mushrooms, wheat, cheese, chocolate, apples and blueberries.

The students also learned to create their own simple flow charts to show the production process and began to learn when to use diamonds to show choices: for example if food can be sold in the same form it is grown in or if it goes to a factory to be changed or combined with different products.

Students are now interested in the factors that affect how well different foods grow. We looked closely at our school vegetable patch using the “See, Think, Wonder” thinking routine to identify challenges farmers might face when growing foods. The students made some interesting observations and are excited to be planting their own seeds in different conditions this week. By following the planting and growing process the students are hoping to find out:

> Why are there bees on some plants and not others?

> Why are there so many snails?

> Why do some plants have holes in them?

> Why do snails like eating plants and flowers?

> Why are some sprouts different colours?

> How do bees collect pollen?

Below are some thoughts of the students:

Olivia –“I learnt that apples can be used to make apple cider vinegar.”

Aarna –“Chocolate can be made at home instead of in a factory.”

Alessandra“Apples can be made into different things, such as apple cider, apple cider vinegar and apple juice.”

Ellie“It is interesting that chocolate comes from trees.”

Aanya“So many different machines used to process food like – apples, blueberries, chocolate and lollipops.”

Faye“I learnt that chocolate comes from cacao beans.”

Annabelle“I learnt that lollipops are made in a factory.”

We have been very impressed by the students’ curiosity and wonder, and the way they have embraced new learning experiences and opportunities.

Angela Columbine
Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 5 Virtual Author Visit

On Wednesday 4 November, Mark Greenwood, an award-winning children’s author met with the Year 5 students via a video call. Mark was at his house in Western Australia. He shared his journey about why and how he became an author. Mark Greenwood has written books such as “Simpson and his Donkey”, “Jandamarra” and “Moonwalkers”.

We learnt about Mark’s interest in rocks that eventually became a book titled “The Book of Stone”. Mark shared his fascination with history, especially Australian history. Mark talked about the History Mysteries series and explained how one single idea, thought, question, photograph – ‘ a treasure from the past’ – became the ‘seed’ that inspired these stories.

This was such an enjoyable and funny presentation. Mark Greenwood is an incredible inspiration for us to continue to write original, creative and exciting stories.

Fiorella Soci, Anjali de Quadros & Meagan Wilson
Year 5 Class Teachers

Virtual Author Visits

Although we were not able to have authors and illustrators visit us on site this term, students from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 have all enjoyed participating in wonderful virtual author visits over the last two weeks.

Alex Miles is the author of many popular middle grade series including “Geek Girls” and “Olive Black” and on Tuesday 27 October she spoke with students from Year 3 and 4. Alex described her writing processes and showed the students her journals where she documents her ideas and plans. Alex also introduced the students to a wonderful story brainstorming model to help with writers block and encouraged them to be persistent.

Mark Greenwood has written many amazing books about fascinating characters, stories and events from Australian history. Mark visited with Year 5 and 6 on Wednesday, 4 November and had the students enthralled with his tales about the last Tasmanian Tiger, lost diamonds and hidden treasure buried at sea. Mark also detailed to the students how he finds his story ideas, explained how he undertakes his extensive research and encouraged the students to always be curious.

Sally Spencer
Library Teacher

Mountfield Maestros Zoom Concert a HUGE success!

It was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic participants and hear musically engaging performances in the Music Mountfield Maestros Zoom Concert on Thursday 5 November. The students celebrated the opportunity to share and showcase their performances to very appreciative audiences at both the EL4-Year 3 session with Mrs Adams and the Year 4 – 6 session with Mrs Byrne.

The diverse range of presentations illuminated the many and varied talents of our Ormiston musicians across all year levels. We congratulate the students on the courage and confidence they displayed in presenting their selected pieces. We thank our music staff for enabling their students to build individual performance skills and for encouraging them to explore ways to communicate their musical presentations.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Year 1 Art Club

Art Club provides space and time for creative thought, the exploration of interests and talents, and a chance to simply spend time doing something you really enjoy. During the first two weeks of Art Club, Year 1 students have been exploring the art element of line. Students were introduced to street artist Keith Haring and used his work as inspiration for their own art making. They experimented with various lines and explored the water colour resist technique to create bright celebratory artworks using symbols to communicate love, happiness and friendship. Keith Haring is currently showing at the NGV. The exhibition can be viewed online via a virtual tour.

Nicole Burnes
Art Teacher

Colour Your Threads Day

On Wednesday we celebrated the “Colour your threads” initiative, in recognition of the incredible strength that the CGGS community has shown over the last year, and in celebration of World Positive Education Day. It was fantastic to see all our students brightening up the school by wearing colourful clothing and reflecting on what they have learnt to do or about themselves over what has been a challenging year. Students celebrated their learning and reflections across the school and shared something they are proud of themselves for doing or learning this year.

Thank you to our Year 6 Wellbeing leaders and Student Council representatives who wrote some colourful messages of strength and hope on the basketball court to remind everyone how fantastic they’ve been this year. Our Year 6 Wellbeing leaders also set up a challenging letter scavenger hunt around the playground for students to participate in throughout the day. It was great to see so many students work together to find the secret message: “Strong together!”

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School


I wish Ormiston families a restful weekend

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School