Junior School


Junior School

October 22, 2020

Settling into Term 4

It has been wonderful to see all our Ormiston students from Early Learning 3 to Year 6 settle in so beautifully this term after an extensive period of time of remote learning at home. I would like to thank our class and specialist teachers for continuing to provide a very high quality of education at Camberwell Girls Grammar School and I look forward to seeing our students work towards doing their personal best for the remainder of the year at school.


Junior School Protocols

I would like to let parents know that we are continuing to take temperature checks each morning when our students arrive at Junior School. Each student is also required to use hand sanitiser before they play outside or go to their classroom. Hand hygiene is very important throughout the day and students are reminded to clean their hands at the end of recess and lunchtime, and of course before they eat and drink.

Throughout both phases of face to face learning this year, Camberwell Girls Grammar has employed an extra cleaner during the day to clean high volume areas around Ormiston. Both the Early Learning Centre, Mountfield building and the main Junior School building is thoroughly cleaned after student use. For instance, all classrooms are cleaned at recess and lunchtimes when students are outside playing and sports and play equipment on the campus are also cleaned each day after use.


Ormiston Student Council & Sustainability Squad

As a Junior School, we have elected to continue with the Semester One representatives for Student Council and Sustainability Squad in Term 4.  Here are the students who will be working with Craig Goodwin, Emma Hinchliffe and Ellie Zafarty this term on different projects within the school.

Ormiston School Council

Year 1- Neesha Navaneetharaja

Year 2- Annabelle Teh & Molly Iervasi

Year 3 – Lauren Tang & Sophie May Ronzani

Year 4- Jessica Wong & Rita Wong

Year 5- Jasmine Li & Chloe Lau

Year 6  – Rivya Nambi Subramaniyan

Our Ormiston School Captains from Semester One and Two will also be working with the Student Council this term. Our School Captains this year are Alyce Law, Angelique Quah, Anneka Sinnappu and Christina Weickhardt.

Sustainability Squad

Here are the Sustainability Squad members for the rest of the year:

Sustainability Leaders – Chloe Hall & Chloe Byers

Year 1- Yui Yu

Year 2- Estella Ouyang & Audrey Nemtsas

Year 3- Aaratrika Kadam & Ruth Whelan

Year 4- Nina Gan & Amy Yang

Year 5- Emily Foo & Annabelle Nemtsas

Year 6- Grace Wan


Science Talent Search

Due to the efforts of our 35 Year 5 and 6 Ormiston students who entered this year’s Science Talent Search, Camberwell Girls Grammar – Junior School has been awarded one of four Hugh McKnight Encouragement Awards for 2020, with our Senior School also being a recipient. This award recognises the high quality of entries submitted over the breadth of sections in the competition. This is a fabulous achievement and each student should be very proud of their efforts. Special thanks to the team of teachers who mentored the students, mostly remotely: Dr Charlotte Forwood, Ms Penny Dumsday and Mrs Gibson, as well as Ms Emma Hinchliffe and Mr Micah Wilkins who joined Dr Forwood as official judges. Thank you to the many parents who encouraged their children behind the scenes.

In addition to the team award, we have a number of students who received bursaries. These bursaries will be presented at a virtual ceremony in November.

Major Bursary

Elise Orme – Experimental Research: Does Bokashi Juice? Actizyme or water work faster to relieve a household pipe blockage? Elise has also been nominated to enter the National BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards for 2021.

Rivya Nambi Subramaniyan – Posters and Scientific Wall Charts: SOS: Save Our Ocean

Natasha Cameron and Aaliyah D’Rozario – Picture Story Book: My Ocean Cleaning Device

Minor Bursary

Usha Nadarajah – Experimental Research: What conditions are best for storing bread?

Overall, our students received 5 bursaries, 5 distinctions, 18 merits and 7 participation awards. Clearly, we have a group of talented budding scientists at CGGS and it is exciting to contemplate the explorations and ponderings they will engage with in the future.

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development

Hands-On Science and STEAM

Hands-on learning and experimentation are such important parts of learning about Science and the natural world. As part of their Inquiry during remote learning, Ormiston students grew seeds, made rockets and slime, let bread go mouldy and much more. To the parents who played such an important role supporting their child in these activities, an enormous thank you!

This term, it has been wonderful to see the students once again able to interact with equipment and each other as they learn, asking ‘I wonder what would happen if…?’ and discussing their thoughts and observations to make meaning of the world together. Year 6 students have been able to use the Senior School Science labs and equipment as part of their study of Chemistry, and Year 5’s took part in some activities to model the causes and effects of earthquakes while studying natural disasters. Year 4’s have created models of the Earth through time and Year 3 are looking at the Earth and its place in space.

Penny Dumsday
Science Teacher

Year 2

In Maths this week our focus was Mass. We discussed the terminology that relates to comparing the weight of different objects. The students then created their own balance scales by using a coat hanger, string and cups. They predicted which item would weigh more by comparing the two objects and then testing it out.

In B.R.A.V.E this week the students were introduced to the 24 different character strengths.  Discussions were had on character strengths that we believed we possess as well as character strengths that we felt we could improve on.

“I have a love of learning because I think learning is fun” – Serena

 “I have humour because I am funny and like talking to other people and making them laugh” – Elaine

“I think I could improve my bravery when I talk in front of people” – Estella

“I would like to improve on my self-regulation by controlling my emotions and remembering my belongings” – Alice H

 Ellie Zafarty & Mikaela Stanaway
Year 2 Class Teachers

Year 4

Angles, angles, angles! Straight angles, reflex, obtuse, acute have been investigated alongside equilateral, isosceles, scalene and right angle triangles in Year 4.

On return to school students learnt to estimate, classify and compare angles and apply reasoning skills. One activity required the students to write their names and measure the angles within. Students used a protractor and inquired about reflex angles as well. They also found angles within a triangle if it was in their name too!

Another activity involved students being given a jigsaw of angle pieces and they had to fit all eight pieces within a rectangle. There could be no overlap and gaps. This activity lead to much conversation, exploration and justification of their choices. It was brilliant to have students collaborating and problem solving together in the classroom once again.

Craig Goodwin & Jasvindar Gill
Year 4 Class Teachers

Library – Book Week Activities

Our return to on site learning has allowed us to enjoy wonderful Book Week celebrations together in the library and virtual author sessions to take place for some year levels. Last week, EL3 and EL4 enjoyed a virtual visit from author Mark Carthew who entertained the children with readings from his books, some singalongs and dancing. While Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 had a fantastic virtual session with author and illustrator Frane Lessac who shared her stories and taught the students how to draw amazing Australian animals.

The theme for this year’s Book Week is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds and all students have participated in activities based around this theme including scavenger hunts and creating their own curious creatures. Students have also read and explored a number of shortlisted titles from the Younger Reader, Picture Book and Nonfiction categories of the CBCA Book Awards.

In the coming weeks, Years 3 and 4 will have an opportunity to virtually meet and create with author Alex Miles, while Years 5 and 6 will spend a session with Mark Greenwood. The YABBA Award virtual ceremony is another exciting event taking place in October and will be an opportunity for students to see and listen to some more of their favourite authors.

Sally Spencer
Library Teacher

Footy/Sport Day

Today at Ormiston we celebrated all things sport! Students and teachers reflected on the Melbourne Vixen’s sensational premiership win and prepared for the AFL Grand Final by participating in a Sports and Footy Day at Junior School. It was fantastic to see our students come to school showing such team spirit and enthusiasm by donning their team’s colours. Some of the sports our students chose to celebrate were: netball, basketball, WAFL/AFL and soccer.

Throughout the day students participated in sports activities and a range of fun and thought-provoking Footy Maths challenges. Our Year 6 School and House leaders did a fantastic job of organising year level specific sports activities at lunchtime including: target throwing, skipping routines, shoot out, silent ball and bocce.

Students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed their special footy lunch orders prepared by Pinwheel. The donuts were a real hit!

A big thank you goes to Mrs Robottom, Mr Goodwin and Miss Kitsou for organising a day of sporting fun that activated our minds, bodies and hearts.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

I wish Ormiston families a restful long weekend.  A reminder it is a Public Holiday on Friday 23 October and we look forward to seeing all students back at Junior School on Monday 26 October.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School