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New Foundation to Year 6 School Award

Starting this semester, the Junior School has made the decision to introduce a new whole school award called The Ormiston Spirit Award. This new award replaces the current Head of Junior School Award that every Foundation to Year 6 student receives during the year that mostly focused on academic performance.

In the future, The Ormiston Spirit Award will concentrate on our school values of Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Hope and Courage, and also relate to the way a student has demonstrated a Growth Mindset as part of their learning in class and/or during co-curricular activities.

Each student that receives this award will be given a certificate as well as a special Ormiston Spirit Award badge. This badge will be proudly worn by the student throughout next term and will be officially passed to a new student at the end of each term. Only selected students from each class and one student from a specialist subject will be considered for this new award.

Congratulations to these students:

Nicole Zhang, Rudra Senthosh, Rita Wong, Nina Gan

Year 1:
Emily Wong, Lotje Jenson, Scarlett Sim, Annabelle Nemtsas

Year 2:
Rida Cao, Aayzah Khan, Leah Lekakis, Larissa Ma

Year 3:
Aliyana Rajakulendran, Mia Van Damme, Zoe Bokas, Antonia Kokkinos

Year 4:
Hayley Price, Nancy Ma

Year 5:
Emma Jamieson, Anthea Gazis, Haripriya Pathmaraj, Scarlett Giang

Year 6:
Olivia Banitsiotis, Janice Wong, Stephanie Moussa, Olivia Florance

Ella Hiramatsu, Lexy Cooke, Genevieve Herbert, Isabelle Brisk


Year 2 – 6 – Strings Concert

It was a pleasure watching the Years 2 – 6 Strings Concert last week. I would like to congratulate everyone who participated during the evening. The standard of music was quite outstanding and it was wonderful to see our Year 2 students play their instrument as part of the Year 2 Super Strings program. I would like to thank Rohan Mack and his team of music tutors for all their work, particularly with the many music related co-curricular activities that Ormiston is able to provide for our students.


Year 5 Sovereign Hill Camp

When we come back from school holidays, the Year 5 students will be off to camp to Sovereign Hill for two nights and three days. They will head off to camp on Wednesday and come back on Friday during the first week back at school. I recommend for all Year 5 families to double check that their daughter has enough warm clothes for the duration of this camp as it can get quite cold at Sovereign Hill. I look forward to working closely with the Year 5 teachers and students throughout the camp.



I would like to let all families know that Heather Scarff our Foundation S class teacher will be on long service leave during the whole of Term 3. We wish her a safe and restful holiday with family and friends. Her replacement for Term 3 will be Rebecca Leondidis who was a past student of Camberwell Girls Grammar School. We wish her all the best and look forward to working with her throughout next term.


Year 2 – The Ocean Environment

The Year 2 students have been developing awareness of the effect humans have on the ocean environment. Having analysed two texts, named ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Free Willy’ in class, the students have been exploring real world issues. Discussions have taken place as a result, in which the students have investigated the impact humans have on the Great Barrier Reef, as well as on animals in captivity.

The students have understood that whilse humans can have a negative impact upon our environment there are those people who inspire change through their actions. Each child was able to select an issue that was important to them and selected a course of action, such as a persuasive poster or letter, to engage and educate a wider audience.

Year 2 is excited to share a small selection of their examples with you. We hope that these presentations, created by the students to communicate their ideas and messages, provoke your thinking and inspire you to make a difference.
~ Melissa Thomassen, Year 2T Class Teacher


EL3 – Year 6 Winter Warmth Appeal

The Ormiston community has once again rallied together in support of the Winter Warmth Appeal! For the past month, the Junior School hall has been bursting with boxes of food, toiletries and clothes to be donated to Anglicare Victoria. The efforts have prompted a wave of powerful conversations as the girls explore what it means to bring to life our School Motto Utilis In Ministerium – Useful in Service. For instance, in Year 1, the girls have explored how our time and skills are valuable resources that can be donated to those less fortunate. The students have been learning to finger knit and decided to create scarves to donate to the Appeal.

To conclude the Appeal, Reverend Creed, together with the Social Service leaders and class representatives, ran a special Service to bless the gifts and those who will be receiving them. To mark this momentous occasion, the students came decked out in their warmest pyjamas! The Service was a moving and positive celebration of how acts of love and giving can warm up the world.

We would like to thank all families for your very generous donations to and support of the Appeal.
~ Michelle Kalus, Year 1K Class Teacher


Early Learning 4 Part-Time – Play, Learn and Discover

This term the children from Early Learning 4 have been taking part in Play, Learn and Discover with the girls from Year 1. The program is about bringing children from different ages together where they build friendships and learn from each other in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Each of the Year 1 girls have one buddy and some have two. On Thursday afternoon the Year 1 girls come to the Early Learning Centre to play either inside or out in our playground. The EL4 children are enjoying it and look forward to their buddies visiting each week. At first, the Early Learning children picked an activity they wished to show and play with their buddy. Last week they let their Year 1 buddy choose where they wished to explore.

During the week, the children get very excited when they pass their buddies in the school. Sometimes during recess and lunch, the Year 1 girls will come up to the Early Learning fence and say hello and ask to come in and play with our girls and boys. Through play, the children are negotiating and finding things they both wish to do together. Many pictures are painted and drawings have been left in our classroom mail box for their buddies.  Next term we have decided to continue with the same classes to build on these fast developing friendships.

When asking the children what they liked about Play, Learn and Discover this is what some shared:

Charlotte: “I like playing with my buddy.

Marcus: “I like everything.”

Shreya: “I like discovering moths and butterflies with Chanel.”

Sophie-May: “I like drawing with my buddy.”

Kathleen: “I like doing painting with my buddy.’

Anthony: “Doing everything.”

Jade: “I like painting with my buddy.”

~ Debbie Lowden, Early Learning 4 Part-Time Class Teacher


Foundation – Animal Expo

On Friday last week we held the annual Australian Animal Expo in the Junior School Hall. The Foundation girls were all very excited to share what they had learnt about Australian animals this term. The older students, parents and staff who visited the Expo were very engaged and asked lots of questions. This allowed the Foundation girls to confidently demonstrate their great learning. They felt proud of their efforts and really appreciated the opportunity to exhibit their work to the school community.

“Lots of people came to me and asked me questions about the platypus. I enjoyed the Animal Expo.” Genevieve

“I had really good fun. It was exciting because it was my first time.” Nicole

“Lots of people said that I did a great job. I told them lots of information about koalas. I had a fun day.” Iphigeneia

“The Animal Expo was lots of fun. Lots of people came to my table. My Mummy came to my table. She loved it.” Zara

~ Selena Reedman, Foundation R Class Teacher


Grow Your Mind Day

It has been a sensational term in Year Six! Our driving question, How Do You Bring Big Ideas to Life? has filtered into all aspects of the curriculum.

It was a thought provoking question and immediately captured the girls thought and attention.

This particular inquiry has been a completely fresh and dynamic unit that we believe reflects the skills and dispositions that are becoming increasingly important in our world; creativity, teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit, etc. It also opened opportunities to focus on concepts related to financial literacy, economic reasoning and ethical consideration.

You may recall a few weeks ago in CamNews when Chloe Law wrote about our class business, Boot Aerobics. As you can imagine, so much was garnered out of that experience and from that, the girls were set the challenge to create their own small business with an investment of $30. However, in order to foster an even greater level of creativity, we gave the girls the following brief; In Week 9, we will host a ‘Grow Your Mind Day’ for the Junior School. Create a business, which provides a service or product to foster a growth mindset.

The innovative thinking and ideas that emerged were phenomenal; and, a very powerful example of how fluid and free young people are in their thinking, when given the opportunity. We also loved the way the girls didn’t accept limitations to their ideas but rather, found loopholes and alternative ways to ensure their big ideas could gain traction.

In the lead up to Grow Your Mind Day, the girls were taught how to create a business plan, conduct market research, interpret data and then work systematically to bring their business idea to life. Additionally, the girls were exposed to more progressive business terms such as crowd funding, social enterprise and social impact. Furthermore, collaborating with Young Australian of the Year, Kate Austin and Martha Perdikaris (Teri’s Mum) provided the girls with some incredible role models of women who have pursued their dreams and brought their big ideas to life!

Grow Your Mind Day created such a buzz of excitement throughout the school and the learning that emerged was very powerful. We are very grateful to our school community for participating in the day and Mrs Dunwoody, who turned out to be one of our best costumers!

After doing the Math’s, calculating the initial investment and then exploring profit margins, the students learnt that they had raised $645.50. All of the proceeds are being donated to an orphanage in Nepal that is owned and run by a group of 11 Nepalese women, capably lead by Anuska’s aunty.

Designing rigorous and joyful learning experiences that bolster creativity, critical thinking, innovation and resourcefulness is the direction our school are taking. It is does require very reflective thought but when you have girls, literally bounding into the classroom at 8.25am wanting to talk about their learning with you; It doesn’t get much better than that!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday.
~ Kate Giles and Katrina Cheong, Year 6 Class Teachers


Year 5 Evie Williams – Regional Cross Country Championships

For the first time ever, an Ormiston student was able to qualify for the Eastern Regional finals in cross country. Evie Williams attended the Eastern Metropolitan Regional (EMR) Cross Country Championships last week held at the Yarra Glen Racecourse. This level of competition represents the top 12 students of each division and is always very challenging. With a flat, fast course, the top 20 times were quick, with the first 12 qualifying for the School Sport Victoria State Championships. Evie ran a controlled race and finished well and is to be congratulated on her outstanding efforts throughout the season.
~ Nareen Robinson, Physical Education Teacher


I would like to wish all families a very restful holiday break with their daughters and sons. I look forward to seeing all students back at school on Tuesday 12 July 2016.

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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