Junior School


Junior School

October 9, 2020

Welcome Back!

This week has been very exciting for our Early Learning students. The students have been actively engaged in their learning and there have been many opportunities for them to play and socialise together whether inside the classroom, or outside in the playground. I would like to sincerely thank our Early Learning staff for transitioning the students so seamlessly this week after a long period of time of remote learning.

Our Foundation – Year 6 students will be returning to Ormiston on Monday. Class and specialist teachers have been completing their remote learning program this week on Seesaw while at the same time, getting their classroom and resources ready for face-to-face learning activities next week.

Below are the Foundation – Year 6 student arrival and departure times starting on Monday 12 October.


Foundation – Year 2 /8.30am
Years 3 & 4 / 8.20am
Years 5 & 6 /8.10am

All parents are required to pick up their children using the Stop, Kiss and Drop procedure at the front of the school. Departure times are listed below.


Foundation /2.55pm
Year 1 /3.00pm
Year 2 / 3.05pm
Year 3 /3.10pm
Year 4 /3.15pm
Year 5 /3.20pm
Year 6 / 3.45pm 

From 3.20pm – 3.45pm Year 6 students and their sisters will be able to go outside in the playground and then get picked up by their parents at Stop, Kiss & Drop at 3.45pm.


Celebration of Sport Assembly

At Ormiston each year in Term 4, we organise a Celebration of Sport Assembly to recognise the efforts of students across different year levels. This special assembly will not take place this term because of COVID-19, however at our weekly Foundation – Year 6 assemblies we will hand out specific sporting certificates for students that were involved in school and community sporting events early in Term 1.

Additionally, each year at this assembly, we hand out a trophy and an award for the Ormiston Sportswoman of the Year. Unfortunately, we will not be able to complete this task due to limited sporting opportunities throughout the year. However, we hope our Junior School students may be able to participate in some non-contact training at some stage during Term 4 depending on the Victorian State Government guidelines.


Early Learning 3 Update

Easing back to school in Early Learning 3 after remote learning for many weeks has been such a joyous occasion for us all. The children could not believe that they were able to come back to school and they walked into Early Learning Centre with beaming smiles and plenty of confidence.

Here is what some children had to say about being back at school:

Chelsea said, “I happy to see my friends I like playing with Eason and I like doing puzzles.”

Jayden said, “Me like playing with blocks and Lego.”

Sophie said, “I am so happy to play outside with my friends and I like going to Music.”

Ryan said, “I like seeing all my friends and playing with them with playdough and building with blocks and sitting on the mat.”

Melanie said, “I like playing outside and playing with Iris and seeing all the pictures of our families on the wall.”

Eason said, “I like playing with blocks and building things with Jayden.”

Scarlett said, “I am excited to play in the home corner and to see Kimi from EL4 and to see Sophie and Azalea back.”

We all look forward to a dynamic Term 4 in Early Learning 3.

Ramila Sadikeen
Early Learning 3 Class Teacher

Early Learning 4 Full-Time Update

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude in Early Learning 4 (Full Time)

This week it was wonderful to see the Early Learning 4 (Full Time) children return to school. They were very excited to reconnect with their peers after remote learning and spending time at home during the holidays. Throughout the week there were many opportunities for the children to engage with each other, both in the classroom and garden.

In the classroom we shared stories about the character strength gratitude and dialogued about those things that we are thankful for and are good in our lives. We wondered about the words ‘grateful’ and the positive emotion ‘gratitude.’

Calista and Rubyrose expressed their understandings:

“Grateful means that you be grateful that you have toys. In some parts of the world little kids don’t have toys.” – Calista

“My daddy said that you have to be grateful for what we have – for everything.” – Rubyrose

We paused to notice and appreciate the things in our lives both at home and school that we need to be grateful for, such as, family, friends, a house to live, food, clean water; and things from nature such as butterflies, flowers and rainbows. During our afternoon reflection time, we have been thinking about the day and expressing gratitude (thankfulness) to each other for positive actions and thoughtful acts of kindness that have been experienced both in the classroom and garden.

The children are currently expressing things they are grateful for through drawing and dialogue. We will be compiling these into A Gratitude Story that we look forward to sharing with you.

By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, the children are experiencing positive emotions and feelings of happiness and this is important for their wellbeing.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 4 Class Teacher

Early Learning 4 Part-Time

The Early Learning 4 (Part Time) children returned to the Early Learning Centre, excited to see their friends and educators and eager to explore new experiences. A group interest emerged from a book we started reading called ‘Mr Archimedes Bath’ by Pamela Allen.

In the book Mr Archimedes has a bath with a kangaroo, wombat and a goat. He is furious that the water keeps overflowing and blames each of the animals. We decided to explore the problem in the book using a tub of water and plastic toys to represent the characters in the book. The children helped act out the story and shared their theories about why the water rose. Through participating in teacher guided investigations, children learn how to participate in simple inquiry cycles. They explore, wonder, raise questions, share ideas and engage in deeper explorations.

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Class Teacher

I wish our Ormiston families a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing all our Foundation – Year 6 students bright and early Monday morning ready for face to face learning back at Junior School.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School