Junior School


Junior School

September 11, 2020

Thank You

We can all agree this year has been like no other. Demanding, yes, but also filled with so much diverse learning and discovery. I have been extremely impressed with how our school community has supported and helped each other this term. Our remote learning program, onsite supervision and face-to-face learning have all highlighted the importance of connections and relationships. The school community has impressed me with their ability to laugh, question and learn together not only in the virtualworld, but in different modes of learning as well.

Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to all our Ormiston families for their understanding and partnership as we navigate through this challenging time. As a school, we will continue to communicate with you regularly as we receive updates on the COVID-19 situation. These updates will continue to guide us in the type of teaching and learning that will take place in Term 4. We look forward to having our Early Learning 3 and 4 students back in their classrooms at the start of next term and Foundation – Year 6 will be ready to continue with remote learning in Week 1.

Finally, I would like to thank our Ormiston staff for all their continued outstanding work, dedication and commitment to their teaching throughout the pandemic. I am very proud of the way they have continued to improve their teaching during such an uncertain time. I know they are looking forward to a restful holiday break and will be ready for more challenges in Term 4.

Term 4 Long Service Leave – Fiona Gibson

I would like to let all Ormiston families know that Fiona Gibson, our Junior School Art Teacher, will take Long Service Leave in Term 4. Her replacement will be Nicole Burns who was a Student Teacher at Ormiston a number of years ago.

Nicole comes to Ormiston with a passion for Art and has just completed her role at Sacred Heart School in Kew as an Art Teacher for 12 months. Previously she has been a Class Teacher and Art Teacher in both Government and Catholic Schools in the local area and we look forward to working closely with Nicole across all year levels from Early Learning to Year 6.

We also wish Fiona Gibson all the best for her Long Service Leave.

I encourage all families to please make Nicole Burns feel welcome in Term 4

We look forward to all our students returning for the start of Term 4 and hope our Ormiston families have a safe and healthy holiday break.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


Early Learning 4 Part-Time

Early Learning offers a platform for children to develop oral language through social interactions with other children. Our morning meetings via Zoom have provided an opportunity for the children to engage with classmates and remain connected to their class. To ensure that the children were actively engaged in ‘speaking and listening’, the EL4 Part-time children have participated in ‘Share Time’ sessions. The children have been preparing short talks with their parents and then presented these to their friends. Through our ‘Share Time’ sessions, the children are learning that they have something worth sharing and that other people have something worth listening to.

The children have researched a topic they are interested in and planned how to express their ideas. Speaking in front of a small group has helped develop the children’s confidence and communication skills. The children in the audience have practiced listening to the ideas of others and asking questions based on what they have heard. Our topics have covered: ‘my favourite toy’, ‘something I’ve made’, ‘someone special in my family’ and ‘remote learning experience’.

Lilian Bishop
EL4 Part-Time Teacher

2020 Virtual Ormiston Art Show

This year we were unable to have our annual Ormiston Art Show however, instead our Early Learning – Year 6 were able to celebrate and visit the Art Show virtually. The virtual Art Show mainly comprised of artworks which were completed at school, in Term 1 and 2 and all students had the opportunity to see their art digitally.

There is a Padlet for each class. On each Padlet, there is a list of the artworks and each student has a collection. Students who joined our school in Term 3, have a selection of remote learning tasks.

Students have been encouraged to look at their own artwork and also students from other years levels, with family and friends. Scattered amongst the Padlets are some fun art related jokes. Enjoy admiring the talents and skills of our students.

Please click on the link below to access the Padlet.


Be inspired, ask questions and try new art ideas and most importantly, enjoy creating your own artwork.

Fiona Gibson
Art Teacher

Ormiston Creative Arts Day

On Thursday, Ormiston students participated in a variety of activities to celebrate the Arts. The theme of the day was – Joy through Colour to encourage our students to notice that “Joy through colour” and the Arts can bring to our lives.

Students provided musical performances, composed, created, drew, danced and acted. They engaged in story telling sessions, slow looking through art, nature art explorations with Google Voyager and the creation of a Centenary art installation. Students searched for the beauty of colour in nature, created colourful stop motion animated artworks, multimedia representations of art, music and drama. Teachers even joined in the fun by performing an amusing readers’ theatre in the afternoon. There was plenty to stimulate curiosity, inspire creativity and celebrate student talent.

Click the images below to expand.

Emma Hinchliffe and Charlotte Forwood

Ormiston Creative Arts Day: Music Performances

Students, staff and parents had the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a wide range of music, speech and drama performances throughout the Creative Arts Day. It was wonderful for the students to be able to connect with one another and share their love of performance. Many thanks to the Music Department for all their efforts in facilitating the performance platforms – it was a great way to end the term. It was also inspiring to see that, whilst we cannot be together at school, the performing arts can provide a strong connection for us to celebrate the joy of Music and Drama. Particular thanks to the Music staff who hosted the Zoom sessions – Nichole Adams, Penny Byrne, Kath Buckingham and Mat Duniam.

Kate Savige
Director of Music


Important Dates

We kindly ask Junior School families to note the following important dates:

Friday 11 September
Last day of Term 3

Monday 14 September – Friday 2 October
School holidays (no students at school)

Monday 5 October
Planned first day of Term 4

> Early Learning 3 and 4 students will be back to school with face-to-face learning

> Foundation – Year 6 will commence with remote learning from home