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Junior School

August 28, 2020

Year 6R – Semester 2 Student Leadership Positions

Congratulations to the succeeding Year 6R students on their Leadership positions for this Semester, their final Semester at Ormiston before Senior School. As a school, we are very proud and excited to be working with these valued students.

Many thanks to Nancy Robottom – Year 6C Class Teacher – for organising the Leadership Assembly on Zoom, albeit a different method to how we usually conduct this event but to everyone’s credit and adaptability, the assembly went very well.

Here are the positions below:

Art: Sharon Tijoe, Larissa Ma & Cassandra Vu

Assembly & Events: Vrinda Dhir, Tiarni Siaw & Grace Wan

Digital: Zoe Lim & Mara Vais

Singleton – Isabelle Santoso

Schofield – Rivya Nambi Subramaniyan

Lawrence – Anika Selvaratnum

Taylor – Charlotte Hayes

Library: Amber Chia, Trinity Sideris & Maddie Wood

Music: Vivien Chang

School Captain: Anneka Sinnappu & Christina Weickhardt

Wellbeing: Amelie Greenbank & Lina Ooka

Sustainability: Chloe Byers & Chloe Hall

I would like to thank our Year 6C students for their Leadership in Semester One. I’m sure they will be happy to assist the above leaders for the remainder of this term and Term 4 if needed.


Year 1 Presentations

This term, Year 1 students have continued to develop their presentation and reading aloud skills as part of our Literacy program. Each week they plan, prepare and deliver a short presentation focusing on voice projection, fluency, expression and eye contact. It has been wonderful to see their skills continuing to flourish while they work remotely.

In recognition of National Science Week, the students either researched facts about oceans and marine life, or shared their favourite STEAM learning task. The budding young marine biologists and oceanographers were keen to share their knowledge about the five oceans of the World, interesting marine life facts, information about coral, the depth of the oceans and what percentage of Earth is covered by water.

Angela Columbine
Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 Update

This term in Year 2, the students have been learning about the senses of sight and sound throughout their Inquiry unit. This week the students were able to investigate the different sounds that they could create around their house. It was great to see them use their imagination to find different sounds using a blowing action, a shaking action, a scraping action and a hitting action.

During STEAM they created water xylophones using cups, water and a wooden spoon. It was wonderful to see all the girls playing pieces of music like ‘Hot Cross Buns’ using their xylophones. All the Year 2’s, Miss Zarfaty and Miss Stanaway have loved exploring the senses of sight and sound with brilliant STEAM activities each week – Thank you Ms Dumsday!

Mikaela Stanaway and Ellie Zafarty
Year 2 Class Teachers

Year 4 (Virtual) Excursion

What happens when you can’t attend an excursion? Well, we bring the excursion to you – virtually of course! On Friday 14 August, using Zoom and Google Earth, the Year 4’s embarked on a discovery of the ecosystem at Blackburn Lake. Ms Dumsday led and inspired the students to identify plant and animal species and apply their knowledge of the roles within a habitat. Students created scientific sketches of their findings and used their understanding of producers, consumers and decomposers to imagine what the cross-section of the lake would look like.

Jasvindar Gill & Craig Goodwin
Year 4 Class Teachers

Year 6

The Year 6 students have currently been exploring the question: How has migration impacted the lives of people in Australia today? The students have been viewing ‘What’s your story?’ resources from the Immigration Museum website and attempting to deduce details about a migrant’s life from photographs of special objects that they brought with them to Australia. The students completed the visible thinking routine ‘I see, I think, I wonder’ to help them to formulate their ideas. They then engaged in lively discussions, sharing their interpretations in Zoom break-out rooms.

In the final few weeks of Term 3, the Year 6 students are preparing a migrant monologue that shares the migration story of someone they know.

Nancy Robottom & Katrina Cheong
Year 6 Class Teachers



The Junior School Library has two Book Clubs which meet each Monday afternoon after school. Year 3 and 4 students meet with Mrs Spencer and Year 5 and 6 students meet with Ren Pennesi, our wonderful Library Assistant. 

Year 3 and 4 students: Book Club offers a place for book chat, a forum to discuss favourite authors and illustrators and an opportunity to share recent and popular reads with fellow students. Details, activities and examples from new books in the Library are shared as well as suggestions for future reading. It has been wonderful to see the students engaged and enthusiastically talking and sharing about their reading.

Year 5 and 6 students (The Book Ninjas): These students are in the process of creating their second novel project – a sequel to ‘The Search for Colour’ which they wrote last year. With support from Ren, each student is actively involved in the creative process, from planning, writing and illustrating. It is a fabulous collaborative project with the students all passionate and excited about working towards a shared piece of work.

Sally Spencer
Library Teacher



Year 4 – Biome Drawings

Year 4 students have been studying biomes as part of their Inquiry topic. In Art, the students chose a biome and then drew a detailed drawing, which was to include appropriate flora, fauna and abiotic items.

The students were also required to show the illusion of depth, using one or more horizon lines to show space and distance.

Year 6

In Literacy lessons the Year 6 students have been studying the picture story book, ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan. In Art the students then completed a series of lessons, relating to ‘The Arrival’, building upon and combining aspects of each lesson.

Imaginary ‘companion’ creatures

The students started by drawing an imaginary ‘companion creature’ which was to travel with them. The creature combined elements of other animals.

3D City Scape or 2D Drawings of City Scapes

The second Art lesson, the students chose to either build a city or draw a city, full of interesting shaped buildings.

The drawings were to be very detailed with shading to give the impression of 3-D. The students also drew maps of their cities.

In the final lesson, the students were required to add their companion creature, add a Banksy graffiti, add people and street signs.

Fiona Gibson
Art Teacher

I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School