Junior School


Junior School

August 21, 2020

Early Learning 3 are on Zoom!

The children of EL 3 are truly a community of learners. They are embracing multiple and diverse ways of learning which has been displayed when the children entered their first Zoom classroom session followed by partaking in our Seesaw online platform activities.

The children navigated their way on screen by first acknowledging the country to help increase their awareness of the plants, birds and animals and people of all cultural backgrounds.

The focus on nature and virtues such as kindness have continued to play a dominant role in the lives of the EL3 children as they settle into remote learning and Zoom meetings.

On Zoom, we read a story called “Kindness makes you strong” followed by Iris and Scarlet making cards for their friends. The cards say how much they miss their own friends, while Jayden sorted leaves in pairs, Chelsea noticed different leaves in the environment, Angus joined in with action songs and made the sound of the wind.

A highlight during remote learning was when the EL 3 and EL 4 Part-Time students observed together ‘The acknowledgement of Country’ via Zoom with Murrundindi and they continued to work together on their path to building a community of learners.

Ramila Sadikeen
EL 3 Classroom Teacher

Early Learning 4 Full-Time

During Remote Learning, the Early Learning 4 (Full Time) children have used digital technologies for purposeful communication, to gain understandings about wonderings, to document learning, to share a skill or interest and to maintain relationships with peers and teachers.

In the same way that children learn to share and collaborate within the classroom, children are learning how to take turns, listen to peers and teachers, work towards shared goals and contribute to discussions – through their engagement with digital technologies. These are important social behaviours that children require to actively participate with others in digital contexts, for example, during our daily small group Zoom meetings.

Our recent engagement with digital technologies have provided many learning opportunities for the children, for example:

Through Zoom, we connected with Murrundindi to learn about ochre as well as Wurundjeri symbols and the meaning of ‘Elder’. The children used ochre, provided by Annette Sax (Taungurung) to paint Wurundjeri symbols.

During a class Zoom meeting, some of the children shared their creations and Alex showed us an astronaut helmet that she created from recycled materials at home. Through Google, we connected with Storytime from Space and listened to the story ‘If I were an astronaut’ read by an astronaut on the International Space Station.

Through WebEx, we connected with Rebecca from the Wurundjeri Council and she shared stories and artefacts to celebrate National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day.

We connected with Bec, a teacher from Healesville Sanctuary and participated in Wurundjeri Way – a webinar that focused on Australian animals and their homes. The children also listened to a Dreamtime Story and learnt more words in Woiwurrung language.

We advocate for and understand the importance of children having a balance of digital and non-digital experiences both within the classroom and at home. For optimal health and wellbeing, the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines recommends screen time limits for children – this link provides further information.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 4 Full Time Teacher

Early Learning 4 Part-Time are Scientists!

This week in EL4 Part-Time, the children have been participating in Science Week experiences. The theme of Science Week this year is Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our oceans. The children have been conducting science experiments at home such as cooking and making an ocean in a bottle. They have been challenged to make a sea creature (real or imagined) using recycled materials. They can enter their sea creature in a Science Week competition.

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Teacher

Foundation – the comedians!

Ordinarily in Foundation, students would share Talk Time with the class every week. Whilst there is no longer a live audience, the Foundation students are still working on their presentation skills by creating a short video on different topics. They are focusing on speaking in full sentences, articulating their words clearly and making eye-contact by looking at the device that is filming them. These presentation skills are so important as the students will use them right throughout their schooling and for the rest of their lives.

Last week was very light-hearted as the students shared some of their favourite jokes. It was amazing to see that some of our youngest presenters could have such good comic timing! This week the students presented about their favourite free time activity at home. Reading, playing board games and playing with Lego are big hits with this Foundation cohort!

Selena Reedman
Foundation Teacher

Year 3

The Year 3 students have been working hard across all areas of the curriculum. They are confidently using the Seesaw platform to independently share their learning and demonstrate their understandings. Our current focus in writing is the use of persuasive devices to advertise products and services. We have been exploring a range of advertisement types, such as billboards, posters and television commercials and the different ways they persuade their audiences. Students have begun to identify a range of devices such as rhetorical questions, humour and jingles.

Last week the Year 3’s chose a toy product from their home. They brainstormed adjectives, slogans, facts and features to describe their product before using a storyboard to plan a television commercial to advertise it. Students then shared their completed commercials with a classmate and gave constructive feedback to each other. Their innovative and creative commercials demonstrated their knowledge of how a wide range of persuasive devices can be used to influence audiences to buy products.

Liz Ruffles & Rebecca Leondidis
Year 3 Class Teachers


CGGS presents ‘We’ve Got MORE Talent!’

In Music this week, it was time for sharing more Camberwell Girls COVID Creations. In ‘We’ve Got Talent’ we saw some incredible videos of our girls recording some of their talents from musicians, artists, magicians, trampoliners and even fast runners. So, we thought it was time to do it all over again. ELC to Year 3’s were invited to take part in our Term 3 Activity – ‘’We’ve Got MORE Talent”.

Once again students uploaded videos demonstrating one of the many talents that they have.

We had Singers, Gymnasts, Dancers, Pianists, Violinists, Comedians, Roller skaters, Artists and creative Lego builders – to name a few.

The talents and skills of our students are incredibly impressive and, despite the challenges we are all facing with remote learning, it is clear to see the students are artistically thriving. Never before has it been more important for our wellbeing to take some time away from our screens and allow ourselves to slow down and be in the moment.

In our creative moment this week, the students did exactly that and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Keep an eye on the CGGS social media platforms for some talent videos throughout next week!


Years 4, 5 and 6

The students have continued to enjoy working in Song-Maker in the chrome Music Lab. They have created a percussion accompaniment to enhance a given folk song.  Many of the students have taken up extension options and challenged themselves, creating stunning variations to their folk song theme. The Seesaw activities have provided opportunities to learn further creative tools available to them in this program including increasing the number of bars and splitting the beat. Song-Maker continues to be used to enhance students Kodaly based learning of music reading, writing, performing and creating.

They have been encouraged to continue using their sight singing school course to further develop their musical skills as an extension activity.

It is fabulous to see our students increasingly able to use strategies to learn independently and to work at their own level.

This week we commence our music history investigation. The music selected to begin is Mozart’s Horn Concerto No 4.

Below are two links if you want to hear examples of variations composed by students using the theme of the folk song ‘Ding Dong Digi Didi Dong’.



Nichole Adams & Penny Byrne
Music Teachers



One exciting thing to come out of remote learning has been the STEAM Ahead club. We started in Term 2 as a way to allow keen students to explore Science/STEAM topics in more depth and in a holistic way. The first topic we looked at was Marine Science, with the help of our Senior School dolphin expert, Dr Sue Mason. Students enjoyed learning about local marine animals and we were lucky to be able to share their final models of ocean ecosystems at school.

This term we have been investigating microbiology, starting with yeast and breadmaking and moving on to mould and decomposition. It has been inspiring to see the careful observations and experiments that club members have been able to carry out at home. Hearing the students share their thoughts and energy in our Zoom meetings is a highlight of the week!

Ms Penny Dumsday (Science Teacher) & Mrs Annabelle Vivarini (Literacy & Numeracy Teacher)

I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School