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Junior School

August 7, 2020

Remote Learning Update

I would like toexpress my thanks to our Ormiston parents for their continued support during remote learning in Term 3. As we have now moved to Stage 4 restrictions until the end of this term, nearly all our Foundation – Year 6 students will have been at home for the whole of their learning.

As a Junior School staff, we have been very grateful for the positive feedback that parents and students have been providing us this term. We understand that parents are finding remote learning very challenging at times, and I encourage families to speak with their child’s Class Teacher about ensuring a good balance between Seesaw tasks and family commitments at home.

Student/Staff Wellbeing Day

I would like to remind parents that this Friday 7 August is our Student/Staff Wellbeing Day.

Student Reports

Student reports will be available to parents on Friday 7 August. An email will be sent to Foundation – Year 6 families to let them know when reports will be released.

Learning Conversations

Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations will take place on Thursday 13 August. Parents are encouraged to log-in into Parent Lounge and secure a time.


Early Learning 3

A community of learners listen to each other and come together in teams to make sense of their mini world by using the adults around them to deepen their understanding of surrounding living and non-living things. Taking the views of capable children with their inquiring minds is a great way to position the collaboration of teachers and the wider community’s involvement to play a part that is mutually respectful in this process.

“This apple is plastic and it is not real! Someone bought it from the shop and put it here!”– Sophie

“This lemon is real, and it is going black!”– Chelsea

Eason was holding the apple from its stalk and said, “This is from the tree and I like the apple!”

“These are real, and they are dry now!” said Scarlett as she closely examined the mushrooms that are shrivelled up.

Immersed in close examination with magnifying glasses, these little learners are a delight to capture.

The children are constantly learning and sharing information as they collaborate with each other in a space where the environment has a purpose, linking to prior learning as well as what is current, engaging and challenging.

A balance between child-led and teacher-led spaces where spontaneous learning happens in an organic way is a joy, and that learning can spark in all of us as a community of learners.

Ramila Sadikeen
EL3 Class Teacher

Early Learning 4 Part-Time & Murrundindi

In EL4 part-time, we have been connecting our learning about sustainability with the Acknowledgement to Country that we sing in Early Learning. In a morning meeting, we thought about the words in the Acknowledgement to Country and what it says we should ‘care for’. The children decided that the different ways of ‘caring for country’ include caring for the land, water, sky, animals and people of all backgrounds. We brainstormed the different ways that we could ‘care for country’ and be ‘custodians of the land’.

On Tuesday, we had a Zoom meeting with Murrundindi and he helped the children understand how the Aboriginal people, as the traditional owners of Australia, care for the land. The children sang our ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ to Murrundindi and he sang a ‘Welcome to Country’ to the children in Woiwurrung language. Murrundindi spoke to the children about how the Aboriginal people call the land, Mother Earth and as such they treat the land with great respect. He listened to the children’s ideas for how they could help be ‘custodians of the land’ and spoke about the importance of putting our words into action.

100 Days of Foundation!

Our Foundation children celebrated 100 days of school on Wednesday. All children wore their 100th day tiara they had carefully decorated the previous day and they caught up on Zoom to celebrate.

Inspired by the letters people receive from the Queen for their 100th birthday, I prepared personalised letters for each girl to congratulate them on reaching 100 days of school.

Many of our daily activities were centred around the number 100. In true CGGS style, when asked what they would do if they had $100, many girls said they would give it to people who needed it. Living our motto of ‘Utilis in Ministerium’ from a young age! Congratulations to all our Foundation students on reaching this milestone! Even though we haven’t had 100 days together physically at school, they have made amazing progress and learned so much!

Year 2

This week we celebrated 100 days (roughly) of Year 2, with almost 50 of those days spent at home, doing online learning. As our spelling sound this week was ‘ar’ we decided to have a little party in our morning Zoom session. We continued to have party-themed activities throughout the day, which included drawing their own 100 days of Year 2, including adding sentences to describe the party. We also looked at some chance scenarios in our maths session and the students identified if they were certainor impossible. For example: You will see a crocodile at our party.

The students had such a fun day and enjoyed receiving their 100 days of Year 2 and 50 days of remote learning certificates!

Special thank you to Miss Kitsou for helping create the amazing certificates.

Ellie Zafarty & Mikaela Stanaway
Year 2 Class Teachers

Year 3

Our morning Zoom class meetings continue to be an important opportunity for students to share their experiences, talk about their feelings and connect with their classmates. This term, our BRAVE focus is ‘Positive Coping’ which is giving students the opportunity to explore a range of coping strategies to help them manage challenging emotions, such as feeling worried, nervous, frustrated or scared. Positive self-talk, labelling the feeling and breathing exercises are examples of skills that the Year 3 students have started to learn about. These types of strategies are particularly important at this time when regular routines and connections with friends, which often provide reassurance for students when they are feeling big emotions, are diminished.

Below are some reflections from the Year 3 students about positive coping skills:

“I use artwork to help me stop being scared. I draw the thing that I’m scared of and then add a cute or funny touch to it which makes me less scared or worried.”Shreya 3R

“I have been using one of the activities when I am sad or disappointed. I have used breathing exercises to calm me down.”Iris 3L

“I think it is important that we have a range of coping strategies because it helps our emotions calm down and helps our mind relax.”Lauren 3R

“When I feel frustrated I could jump on the trampoline. Another thing I could do is take some deep breaths.”Sienna 3L

“I would like to try doing yoga because I haven’t tried it before and it might help.” –Kathleen 3R

“I think it is important to have a wide range of ways to calm yourself down so that if one does not work you have other strategies.”– Ruth 3L

“I have used breathing exercises and it helped because it calmed me down and I felt relax. I also forgot about how disappointed I was.”– Amiya 3R

Helping students to learn a range of positive coping skills will allow them to develop and practise these skills and enable them to cope with future changes and challenges. We will continue to explore ways that students can access these strategies throughout the term.

Liz Ruffles and Rebecca Leondidis
Year 3 Class Teachers

Physical Education 

During these rapidly changing times, we have all had to show adaptability and our Ormiston students have risen to the challenge! Whilst remote learning cannot replicate the same energy and enthusiasm that our students bring to face-to-face Physical Education classes, they have been working hard to develop their skills in an online environment.

The focus for ELC and Foundation students has been on Fundamental Movement Skills such as throwing, catching, running, bouncing and striking. These are some of the most important skills for students to learn as they are the foundation to a variety of activities and sports.

The Year 1 and 2 students are completing a ‘Huff n Puff’ unit where they are completing a wide variety of cardiovascular fitness activities. Students are exploring how they feel after completing exercises such as skipping and aerobics. By thinking about how their body responds to exercise, students will understand that an increased heart rate and breathing rate is not only normal, but important for improved fitness and health and wellbeing.

Students in Years 3 and 4 are participating in a Dance unit where they are developing their movement skills and ability to perform choreography in time to music. They have enjoyed learning routines to Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ as well as some party favourites like the Nutbush.

Our Year 5 and 6 students are also completing a movement unit; however, the focus is on aerobics. Year 5 students are learning a routine of eight basic movements and progressing to transitioning effectively from one movement to another. Having had an introduction to aerobics last year, our Year 6 students are working on learning a more advanced routine. Both year levels are being given plenty of practice time and students are submitting videos weekly so their teacher can provide them with feedback on areas to improve.

In addition to their Physical Education classes, students are completing a daily Fitness Bingo challenge which has a range of activity suggestions such as skipping, going for a walk with an adult, playing outside and meditation. With the increase in screen time for all of us, it is so important now more than ever for students to be active everyday whether it is structured activity or simply just playing. Families are encouraged to join in as well!

Dot Georgiou & Liana Kitsou
Physical Education Teachers



It is wonderful to see our students continuing to read, access and connect to books using the resources available through our library website. The StoryBox Library provides access to fantastic stories being read aloud for children, the eBook collection is being widely used, and many students have reserved books online or via emails to Mrs Spencer. We are always happy to collate titles to be collected so please remember to contact us if you have any requests.

For the ELC children who are learning on site, there was great excitement as we read and explored several new board books and picture books we have recently added to the collection. These books are fun, engaging and full of bright images and illustrations which appeal to our younger readers and the children loved selecting titles to take home to share with their families.

I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School