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Junior School

Foundation to Year 6 Junior School Reports

Next Friday 17 June, Junior School reports will be distributed to all families. This semester will be the last time these reports will be distributed in a hard copy format. For Semester Two at the end of the year, please note all Foundation to Year 6 reports will be available online for parents to view and print. This new School Policy aligns with Senior School reporting to parents. Senior School families have been able to view school reports online and have not received a hard copy for 12 months. More information in regards to Junior School reporting will be provided to all families in Semester Two.

Parent In-Conversation Series in Term 2

To build a connected Ormiston community, this term we have provided three In-Conversation Parent Workshops for parents. These provide parents with the opportunity to speak with staff about the future vision for Junior School in terms of curriculum, student wellbeing and the value of a balanced co-curricular program for Junior School children. The focus of these sessions was for parents to see the benefits of a growth mindset and understand how we are introducing it within the Junior School this year. I would like to thank Craig Goodwin our Deputy Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing) for presenting each of these sessions. Craig has been working closely with our Ormiston staff to implement this approach across our curriculum, alongside our Positive Education and RAVE programs. I also would like to thank our Principal Debbie Dunwoody for her participation in our third workshop last week. Many parents took the opportunity to speak with Debbie about a growth mindset and how we can use it both at school and at home. Please keep an eye out for new dates and topics for Term 3.
~ Paul Donohue


Ormiston Alive!

This week the School is alive and humming as we start preparations for our biennial production. This year our show is called Trouble! and is set in the leafy, green suburbs of a city we know well. The action takes place in a fictional school called Ormistonia. Trouble hits Ormistonia when a new principal Mr E takes over and changes the school. Mr E has very definite ideas about how girls should learn and behave. Alice and the Gang of 8 take it upon themselves to remedy the situation.

It is always so exciting to start this learning journey with the girls and see what develops. I love to see the characters jump from the page onto the stage. Often I see things that I never wrote about but are brought to life by the girl playing the character. This week we are auditioning the Year 5 and 6 girls for the main parts. They have been asked to learn a small piece of dialogue and sing Naughty from Matilda. Whilst everyone is nervous, each girl can be very proud of her efforts in displaying courage, creativity and joy.
~ Kath Buckingham


Evie runs into Regionals!

Last Thursday 2 June, Evie Williams (Year 5R) ran at the Boroondara Division Cross Country Carnival, held at Ruffey Park Lake in Doncaster. Known for being a tough uphill course she was understandably a little apprehensive, although she was well prepared with some training and recent runs at District and GSV under her belt. With a perfect start she settled into her rhythm quickly and maintained an impressive pace around the 2km course. Rounding the last corner, she came into view in 11th place and finished the race strongly in that position. This qualifies her to run at the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) carnival to be held on Tuesday 14 June at Yarra Glen Racecourse, Yarra Glen. An amazing achievement from Evie and the best cross country result we have had in recent years. We wish her the best of luck from all of us at Camberwell Girls!!
~ Nareen Robinson


Australian Animals visit Ormiston

Last Friday the Foundation students got up close and personal with a range of Australian animals. This fantastic incursion provided a wonderful opportunity to reinforce our learning about the features of animals and their needs for survival. We felt the scales of lizards, snakes and a crocodile, the feathers of a kookaburra and owl, the skin of a frog and the fur of a joey and echidna. We were all surprised at how much fur the echidna had and that its spines weren’t that spiky! Many of the Foundation girls demonstrated curiosity and a good deal of bravery when interacting with these creatures.
~ Selena Reedman &  Heather Scarff


Ormiston Library welcomes Children’s Storyteller, Author and Illustrator

Stories are to be shared and that’s what the students in Years 1-4 were treated with on Tuesday morning. British storyteller performer, Cat Weatherill had everyone enthralled with the theatrical telling of two stories – one of a princess from India who vanished from her castle bedroom and the other was a ghost story from Spain!

Varying her oral expression from quiet to loud, she had the audience on the edge of their seats! The girls were also involved and given opportunities to be ‘story detectives’ and tell what happened next, while also collectively creating a physical image of the ogre character. They learnt a short song that was incorporated into the ghost story too. What a wonderful morning of wonder and magic we shared with Cat Weatherill.

Years 4 – 6 students were thoroughly engaged with the vibrant energy of Belinda Murrell on Thursday morning. She is the author of 27 books, many of which have been shortlisted or won awards. The girls were most interested in the stories about her time-slip books. These stories hold a link to someone back in time, through a piece of jewellery. Belinda revealed the inspiration behind some of these books and the research she undertook for their characters and settings. Her most recent book, The Lost Sapphire is set in Hawthorn, on the banks of the Yarra.

Before being first published, Belinda began writing stories for her own children. She had the very good fortune of having the first manuscript she submitted, accepted by a publisher who offered her a contract to write a trilogy-The Sun Sword Trilogy.

Serena Geddes, illustrator of the Lulu Bell junior fiction book series also written by Belinda, was visiting too. She drew a stunning picture of a character from the series, Rosie, while Belinda was speaking. The transformation of this character appeared before our eyes during the session and was kindly donated to the library.
~ Jo Whiffen


Wishing you all a fabulous long weekend and we look forward to seeing you back at Ormiston on Tuesday morning.

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