Junior School


Junior School

December 10, 2019

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Supper

It was a marvellous evening on Friday 6 December for all our Year 6 students and families. Our end of Junior School celebration for these students was an opportunity for staff, students and the school community to say ‘Thank You’ for their contributions to Ormiston over many years. A special mention must go to five students who have been at the Junior School since Early Learning. These students have spent 8 to 9 years of their life at Ormiston which is a very significant amount of time. These students are:

> Elysia Wang (Early Learning 3)

> Deana Tang (Early Learning 3)

> Anneke Cook (Early Learning 3)

> Samantha Chua (Early Learning 4)

> Lucy Ciro (Early Learning 4)

Additionally, I would like to congratulate our Year 6 Class Teachers Nancy Robottom and Katrina Cheong for all their work in preparing the official Ceremony and supper activities. There was a considerable amount of work that went into this evening and I appreciate all of their efforts to ensure the evening went very smoothly. Similarly, I would like to thank the Year 5 students who joined the Ceremony as part of the Year 5 & 6 Vivace Choir. They were also involved in shaking hands of the Year 6 students which symbolised the handover of their leadership responsibilities at Junior School ready for 2020.

After the Ceremony, the Year 6 students and families were invited to the Lower Woodstock Building at Senior School to have supper with the school community. A highlight of this part of the evening was the Year 6 flash mob. The students put on a funky dance for their parents. I would like to thank Pinwheel & Co for their delicious food and Susannah Jepson, our Community Relationships Coordinator for organising a group of Year 5 parents to assist throughout the evening. The Year 5 parents were an incredible help in making the evening so successful, and I thank them for their assistance with food, drink and cleaning up at the end of the night. Thank you to the following Year 5 parents:

> Priya Rajendra

> Rhian Hall

> Tiva Souksavath

> Susan Wood

> Jean Tong

> Helen Yue

> Deljean Sandu

> Gina Li

> Titi Ton


Year 6 Graduation Luncheon

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a part of the annual Year 6 Graduation Luncheon in the Junior School Hall. A large group of Year 6 parents decorated the Hall using lots of vibrant colours, covering windows, doors and tables. The Year 6 Classroom Representatives and a small group of parents, with the help of the school, organised a lovely lunch for the Year 6 students to farewell them off to Year 7 at Senior School. The lunch was very successful with old grammarian Elisabeth Sandbach (2012) giving a very motivating speech about her school life at Ormiston and at Senior School while at the same time, motivating the girls to set their own personal goals for the future, and that anything is possible if you have dreams!

I would like to thank Vicky Wang and Cecilia Zhang for all their work in preparing the Graduation Lunch decorations. The Junior School Hall looked beautiful on the day. I would like to thank all of our Year 6 students for their efforts this year and particularly, during their last week at Ormiston. They have been an outstanding group of students.

Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Gift Giving Assembly

As part of our Service Learning program at Ormiston, all our Early Learning to Year 6 students were involved in our annual Christmas Gift Giving Service which finished with a special assembly last Thursday. Each class was encouraged to bring to school a gift for a baby, young child or teenager for Christmas. Jeanette Acland our Religious Education Teacher coordinated the service, and the school community had the opportunity to sing a range of Christmas carols and to learn more about the need for helping others at Christmas time. Thank you to all the students and families that placed a gift under our Ormiston Christmas tree in the Junior School Hall. Your help is making Christmas a much better time for families that struggle at this time of the year. Your generousity is very much appreciated.


Junior School Netball            

The CGGS netball season has come to end, this saw many improvements and great results throughout the year. The Year 3 Moonstones won their final match of the year, in the Spring Fling Finale. The Year 4 Garnets played their best game of the year, defeating Koonung Lightning 9 – 2. The Year 4 Rubies had a close game against KD Stardust but the opposition were too strong in the end. Both Year 5 teams were playing off for first position on the ladder, unfortunately both teams lost but they have had a wonderful season. Year 6 Topaz got off to a great start against Genazzano Ravillion, the CGGS team had many opportunities but were unlucky, and ended up going down by only one goal. Congratulations to all CGGS netballers on a fantastic year!

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach

I wish all our Ormiston families a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday break.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School