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Junior School

November 29, 2019

Foundation – Year 6 Orientation Morning

It was a pleasure to see our current students showing leadership skills in helping new students and families that visited Ormiston last week. Orientation morning was an excellent opportunity for the 2020 Foundation to Year 6 students to meet as a group and spend time with their new class friends and class teacher. During the morning, new families had the opportunity to learn more about the daily operations of the Junior School and to meet other new families and ask questions. We are welcoming 18 Early Learning students into Foundation in 2020 which is wonderful for the Ormiston community. This number is reflective of the high-quality program that we provide within our Early Learning Centre and Junior School. I look forward to seeing these students begin their next educational journey with us in Foundation next year.


Year 1 Incursion – Beekeeper

On Wednesday 27 November, the Year 1 students were fortunate to meet Des Peachman, a local beekeeper.

In preparation for his visit, the children have been locating and understanding facts about bee farms in their reading. Students have also been formulating questions to find out more information about bee farms. Some of the questions were:

> What do the bees do when the Queen dies?

> Do all of the bees have different patterns on their bodies, like a zebra?

> How long can bees live?

> How do bees make honey in the tummies?

Des taught us that bees can fly up to 5km away from their hives but this has an impact on their wings. As a result, their lifespan is about 6 weeks. The students also learnt that the hive makes new Queen cells – usually 3 to 5 cells – when the Queen dies. We were taught that bees take the nectar, regurgitate it, remove the water and put it in the cells in the hive.

Des also recommended that if ever we find a swarm or nest at home, there are always local bee keepers willing to come, mostly for free, to take them away. Des suggested contacting Swarm Patrol; don’t use Mortein! We’d rather preserve our helpful honey makers than have them killed!

The children had an opportunity to explore some of a beekeepers equipment and hold honeycomb. It was a tremendous opportunity to learn from an expert!

Year 3 and 4 ADANAC Camp

It was a pleasure joining the Years 3 and 4 students at camp ADANAC at Yarra Junction this week. The behaviour of both year groups was exemplary when participating in either outdoor activities or eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of the exciting activities included:

Year 3
> Flying fox                                           
> Low ropes course                              
> Archery                                              
> Canoeing                                           
> Trampolines
> Cage soccer           
> BRAVE – CGGS                                
> Basketball

Year 4
> Aqua ponding
> Disc golf
> Raft building
> Water trampoline
> Archery
> Hut building
> Table tennis

I would like to highlight the Year 3 students who were on their first ever camp at CGGS. Each student enjoyed the outdoor and indoor experiences and they especially loved the food for all snacks and meals. As with every camp, the students will help the class teachers review the camp program to ensure the activities provided were high quality and relevant to all students.

Foundation – Year 6 Choral and Instrumental Concert

Last Friday morning, our Foundation to Year 6 students were involved in our annual end of year Choral and Instrumental Concert. The concert was a huge success and the participation of every student in Ormiston from Foundation to Year 6 was a real highlight. This year we have had 103 students learn a musical instrument which is almost 50% of all our Foundation to Year 6 students. We also have excellent participation rates at the co-curricular level at Ormiston, with 87 Year 1 to Year 6 students actively involved in activities, and participation and enjoyment continue to be our key focuses.

I would like to thank the Music Department for organising the concert, particularly Directors of Music Kate Savige and Rohan Mack, Jane Scott our Music Administrator and our Junior School Music and Choir teachers Nichole Adams, Penny Byrne, Cathy Georgiev, Katrina Cheong and Marianne Rigby-Black. Additionally, I would like to thank the Year 5 and 6 Concert Band tutors Mat Duniam (percussion), Joseph Yu (trumpets), Stephanie Leslie (flutes), Mandy Lo (lower brass), Catherine Oxworth (clarinets) and Laura Tcheupdjian who teaches the Year 2 Super Strings program.

Early Learning Visit Year 6 Concert Band

The Early Learning children were invited to be audience members and listen to the Year 6 Concert Band. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and the children were immersed in and engaged with the music. They demonstrated their curiosity and interest when the Year 6 students shared their knowledge about their different instruments, in particular how they’re played, their names and the various parts. As the children watched the conductor, listened to the music and viewed how the instruments were played, they were focused and responsive participants. We are grateful that our youngest students had this opportunity to engage with members of our school community and celebrate the joy of music. We would like to thank members of the Year 6 Concert Band for their informative presentations and sharing their musical skills; and Mr Duniam and members of the Music Department for this wonderful opportunity. Below are some ELC student responses.

I liked the loud drums because it made a deep sound.”  – Alexandra

“I loved the trumpet because it makes a beautiful sound.” – Rubyrose

“The drum was my favourite because it makes boom, boom, boom. I love boom, boom, boom.” – Zara

“I liked the flute because it made a high sound.” – Leo

“The music made me feel happy.” – Calista

“It sounded like Coming Around the Mountain.” – Maddie

“The other one sounded like a wolf tiptoeing. It sounded like it wanted to eat something.” – Isabella-Rose

“I like the drum.” – Cathy

“It (the trombone) sounds like someone slipping.” – Lina

“I love the drum because it’s really loud.” – Natalie

“It (the music) made you feel excited and happy.” – Maddie

“I loved the flute because it’s high up (the pitch).” – Olivia

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 3 Teacher & Early Learning Team Leader

Oxford Australian Children’s Word of the Year

This year the students from Year 3 took part in the Oxford Australian Children’s Word of the Year writing competition. There were hundreds of entries from classrooms all over Australia and students were asked to create a piece of writing based on their own chosen word that meant something to them. All the Year 3 students worked with purpose and creativity to plan, draft, edit and publish some wonderful pieces of work.

One Year 3 student, Mo Lin Yu was an individual award winner in the Year 3 category. Mo Lin chose the word ‘bravery’ and wrote an engaging story about a girl in a ski race. Out of all the entries received by Oxford this year, ‘bravery’ was not only selected as the word of the year, but was also a key theme in entries across all age groups.

Congratulations to Mo Lin and all the Year 3 authors for their hard work and persistence.

Angela Columbine
Year 3 Class Teacher

Digital Wellbeing: ‘Tis the season to be scammed!

The 1st of December traditionally is when many Australians begin to think about bringing out their Christmas decorations and making homes look suitably festive. This date is now sandwiched between two events which are gaining more traction within Australia each year; these being Black Friday, today, quickly followed by ‘Cyber Monday’. Both events are designed to lure consumers into opening their wallets and purses. Whilst shoppers can attend their local shopping centres for greatly reduced prices, increasingly, Australians of all generations are taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping.

Unfortunately, the combination of the festive season and significant retail discounts provides the perfect environment for online scammers to take advantage of busy and perhaps unsuspecting consumers. The ACC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)  provides the service ScamWatch. ScamWatch presents helpful information on current scams as well as tips on how to avoid the disappointment of not receiving purchased goods online. The most common goods that scammers are attempting to ‘sell’ this season are shoes, smartphones and tickets to events.

Scamwatch recommends that you can shop safely and securely by:

> Being mindful of advertisements on social media as these are often used by scammers to direct you to fake online stores or websites

> Avoiding luxury goods that are being offered for very low prices

> Researching websites by checking reviews as well as the website’s information about their returns policies etc. Remember to look out for spelling errors and poor grammar

> Check for a URL that starts with ‘https’ and a closed padlock symbol when making online payments. Consider using a payment provider such as PayPal and avoid international funds transfers or electronic currency, such as Bitcoin

Scamwatch also recommends you share this information with friends and family. It is worth subscribing to email alerts about scams as these change on a regular basis. Register for these emails at the Scamwatch website: www.scamwatch.gov.au

Finally, whilst the festive season is about much more than gifts, the eSafetyCommissioner recognises the need for consumers to make informed decisions if they are considering buying technology for children and teenagers. You may find it helpful to spend a few minutes viewing key information on how to protect your family’s privacy and security if you are thinking of purchasing items such as wearable tech, smart toys or virtual reality technologies.

Paul Donohue and Felicity Carroll


Junior School Netball            

The Netball season is coming to end, the Ormiston students have been showing outstanding skills each week. The Year 2 students have been learning the rules and getting better at their shooting techniques. The Year 3 students understand the game and have been bonding together as a team. The Year 4 Rubies played one of their best games of netball last Friday afternoon, Rubies were very consistent and went for every ball. The Year 4 Garnets defeated KD Stargazers convincingly, the students moved the ball down the court beautifully. The Year 5 Opals defeated Ruyton Rockers 11-1, Opals have been strong in defence all season and transitioning the ball into the attack end to score. The Year 5 Jets are undefeated this Spring Season, Jets will be playing off for first position this coming Saturday. The Year 6 Topaz had a very close game against Strathy Stars, the CGGS team were unlucky with turnovers and ended up going down to them 5-6. Best of luck goes to all teams playing in the Spring Fling Finals this weekend.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach


I wish all Ormiston families a restful weekend and a wonderful evening of entertainment at the Carols at Camberwell concert this evening.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School